From: First Lensman
Subject: Top 10 most Overrated pieces
Here is my top 10 list of pieces in which you are charged too many points:
10. Ironman V - Not as bad as the Experienced Ironman but this figure should only be around 175 points. I personally have a problem with a disabled guy in a mechanized suit being in the Superman range of power. Superman would bend this guy into a pretzel.
9. Joker V - For such a minor upgrade going from the Experienced to the Veteran, you are not getting much. The whole run of Jokers are, dare I say it, a joke.
8. Cyclops E - First click he gets Running Shot and Energy Shield, big deal. Under the new rules his two lighting bolts are only good on his first click. He can't be enhanced. So, really he is a one target character who is not speedy at all. Give me the Green Arrow Veteran for 50 -- a much, much better piece for the points.
7. Cyclops R - Let me reiterate: Green Arrow V for 50 points -- GOOD!!!, Cyclops R for 55, BAD!!!
6. Thing R - Overpriced because the first click doesn't have a speed of 8 nor a 4 damage. I'd rather have Hercules E for 67 points to get the speed of 8 and 4 damage.
5. Ironman E - Jumps from R 117 points to 161 points here. The new multiple target rules pushes him closer to his point value, but I still don't see him as being really worth any more than 150 points.
4. Crimson Dynamo R - All of them are overpriced. The E & V would have been tied for #11. A 16 defense and a 3 damage on the first click would have saved this clix.
3. Dr. Doom R - Short range attack is no good. Incapacitate and Toughness should have been at the beginning of the dial. That he has to carry around a thug in order to mastermind damage to them means that he costs the team even more points.
Should only be worth around 100 points.
2. Superman R - Missing 3 damage as well as a 17 or 18 defense the first couple of clicks. I am not too fond of Superman's range combat only being 1 bolt for a distance of 6 either. In my mind, all this would downgrade him into the 135 point range.
1. Ultron V - Way, Way too many points for this character. The new multiple target rules helps him. But, there IS a reason everyone plays the Experienced version.