Top 10 Powers- Jake Foskuhl


My top ten powers are as followed:


10. Incapacitate- I still think this is a helpful and useful ability. I prefer using people who only have it, though- I won't have my 180 point fig use it unless absolutly nessecary.


9. Super Senses- This is a handy and useful ability that is abundant and quite nifty.


8. Barrier- This can be super helpful when pinning Outwitters or messing with your opponent's strategy. It is highly underrated, however.


7. Psycic Blast- Also, very underrated and not many people have it. It's incredible that so few people have it.


6. Pulse Wave- A click of unreducable damabe within half of the figure's range? This is a great ability that I truly favor, and it is still kind of underrated.


5. Running Shot- Being able to move and attack is just good. Period.


4. Mind Control- Awesome ability. Especially when your friend named Nick uses it to have your Wolverine attack your Magneto for 4 clicks of unavoidable damage. Seroiusly, the posibilities are vast and powerful.


3. Blades/Claws/Fangs- Frightening potential. "Look, my 17 point Hand Ninja did 6 clicks to your Hulk!" One to six damage is awesone for low-point figures, though not for figures over 100 points.


2. Outwit- Though I don't like it, it's nessecary and useful to win. Canceling an opponent's Impervious, Mind Control, or Invunability is really, really good.


AAAAANNNDDDDD.............1. is............................


Probability Control- No matter what you say, I think this power is the best. I mean, I roll horribly as it is, so this handy power allways saves me. "Critical Miss? Whew! Probability Control!". This is my favorite ability. Hands down.


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