My Top Ten Most Powerful Figures

Will Rooks –

(This list does not include Limited Edition figures)


10.       Veteran Blastaar (Clobberin Time) – 138 points

Does a starting click with Speed of 8, Attack of 8, Defense of 17, and Damage of 2 sound imposing?  Well not really and that’s why those who aren’t familiar with Blastaar would think I’m crazy for putting him on this list.  But for those uneducated about this monster of mayhem from the Negative Zone Blastaar just keeps getting stronger up until his 5th click.  So how does Speed of 10, Attack of 12, Defense of 19, and Damage of 4 sound, combined with a 10 Range?  This guy is seriously scary on 6 of his 9 clicks.  Once he gets to click number 5 he will be menace to deal with. Be careful though because with only Toughness if he takes a big hit early he might skip right past his best stats.   Otherwise this guy can wreak some serious havoc!


9.         Unique Nightmare (Infinity Challenge) – 163 points

            Nightmare is the only Unique I have pulled from Infinity Challenge and ironically I did it after Universe came out and I found a couple of boosters still on sale.  Nightmare is truly a nightmare to play against.  His starting Attack of 14 is higher than even Thanos starts with and ranks as one of the highest in the game. With a Speed of 10, Defense of 18 (with 3 clicks of Invulnerability), and Damage of 3 he can get to you in a hurry, do some serious damage, and avoid taking many hits in return.  With Incapacitate he can put your guy to sleep without even blinking.  His major flaw that prevents him from getting serious playtime is complete lack of range.  This means he has to get next to your figure to hurt them and a couple of good Ranged Combat Experts could be his downfall. To help he has one of the rarest powers in the game in Enhancement. Remember with the new rules you can enhance RCE by +1 damage so set your own RCE figure next to him and pump up their damage for free.  I haven’t used Nightmare in a game yet, but I would love to throw him across the board and watch my opponent run for his life.  


8.         Veteran Green Lantern (Unleashed) – 165 points

            One of the most powerful Green Lanterns in the DC world now becomes one of the most powerful Heroclix in the game.   At 165 points Hal Jordan was one of the top prized possessions in the Unleashed expansion set.  With his combination of a Range of 10, Speed of 12, and Running Shot he has an effective range of 16 squares!  With his starting Attack of 11 he has an good chance of hitting anything in that range. His downfall is his natural Damage is only 2 throughout his dial so he is limited as to how much damage he can do with Running Shot.  Still with Willpower he can now run forward for 2 Damage and then the very next turn slap you for 4 more.  I’ll take that.   His starting Defense of 18 will make him a hard figure to hit which makes up for not having any damage reducing powers.  Throw in Telekinesis and later Barrier and this guy is one of the most versatile figures on this list. 


7.         Veteran Ulik (Critical Mass) – 147 points

            Perhaps a surprise pick for some people Ulik has the potential to be a destructive tour-de-force all by himself.  Even though he only comes in at 147 points he has the perfect combination of powers and stats for a close combat leviathon.  Try this on for size.  Starting Speed of 10, Attack of 11, Defense of 17, and Damage of 4.  Now throw in Charge, Super Strength, Invulnerability, and Close Combat Expert.  This guy can Charge from 5 squares away and plaster you for 6 clicks and there is almost nothing you can do about it.  If you Outwit his Super Strength then he will come at you with CCE. If you Outwit CCE then he just has to pick up a Heavy Object.  He keeps his Damage of 4 for 3 clicks and the combo of Super Strength and CCE for 7.   His Defense stays relatively solid and he keeps Invulnerability for 4 clicks.  His last few clicks of life he drops off pretty quickly, but by that point Ulik should have smashed the major competition into the ground and be left to roam freely around the board picking on the little guys.


6.         Veteran Black Adam (Unleashed) – 150 points

            If most Hypersonic Speed figures can be compared to a Cheetah, using their quick speed to slowly wear down an opponent, then Black Adam would have to be compared to a T-Rex.  This guy along with some of the Uniques in Unleashed reinvented how devastating Hypersonic Speed can be on a higher point figure.  Coming in at 150 points this guy is truly astounding.  While the Flash has 1 click of Damage and Nightcrawler 2, this guy has a starting natural 3 Damage along with Super Strength and Close Combat Expert.  Like Ulik unless you have 2 Outwitters you can’t turn off both powers. Black Adam with his Hypersonic move of 11 and Attack of 11 can pick up an item, run over and bash you for 4 or 5 clicks and then move away forcing you to Charge after him or try to take him out with ranged combat figures.  Black Adam has a relatively low Defense starting at only 15, but even if you can land a hit he has 3 clicks of Impervious to deflect those blows with.  His effectiveness really drops off once he loses Hypersonic Speed, but for his first four clicks he will rule the game.


5.         Unique Hulk (Ultimates) – 182 points

            Some Heroclix versions of Hulk have been good and some have been far less than good. The Rookie version of Infinity Challenge is one of the most frustrating and most disappointing figures I have ever tried to play with.  But the Ultimate version of the Hulk takes the cake as probably the most fear inspiring version yet.  He does take a click to “Hulk up”, but unlike his previous versions he goes straight from Bruce Banner to really pissed. His first click he already has an Attack of 10, and Damage of 4.  As his dial grows this guy peaks at his 6th click with 10 Speed, 13 Attack, 17 Defense with Impervious, and a whopping 6 damage plus Super Strength.  My god!  He has the ability to do 8 clicks of damage, which can KO a lot of figures in a single blow.   And the best thing about this version of Hulk is he has 3 clicks of Impervious sandwhiched between 4 clicks of Invulnerability. The funny thing is that this guy also has one of the best team abilities in the Ultimates, but he has no use for it.  Still it will work nice for wild cards like the Spidey Team.  I am dying to play this guy especially against my buddy who pulled The General and laughed as he beat me up with him.  Hulk will smash The General.


4.         Veteran Thor (Clobberin Time) – 187 points

            Everyone has become enamored with the Ultimates version of Thor and for good reason. Had I pulled him he would definitely be sitting on this list probably at this very spot.  But the new Thor doesn’t diminish what an unbelievable destructive force the Clobberin Time Thor was.  Lets summarize.  Speed of 8 with Running Shot for 3 clicks and Range of 10, Attack of 12 that doesn’t drop below 10 until his 8th click, starting Defense of 17 with 5 clicks of Invulnerability, and 4 Damage for 3 clicks with Super Strength.  I consider Thor to be the idiot mans Heroclix.  Whether you fire away with ranged shots or move in for close combat you can’t go wrong.  Thor will smash anything that gets in the way of his mighty hammer.  In truth I always like to use Running Shot as long as possible and do damage from a distance forcing my opponent to try to move into contact with him.   This guy was the whole reason I started collecting Clobberin Time and it took me over 20 boosters to pull my first one.  


3.         Unique Thanos (Universe) – 185 points

            When Infinity Challenge first came out Thanos was considered arguably the most powerful Heroclix in the game.   Even with all the expansions and new powers introduced mention the word Thanos and instantly a sense of dread comes over your opponent.  This guy isn’t loaded with a lot of powers and isn’t the most versatile figure in the game, but he does one thing and one thing well. He hits people.  And I mean he hits everyone. His starting Attack of 13 would be awesome enough as it is, but take a few licks of damage and that jumps to 15!   That means he only needs a 4 to hit Invisible Woman.   His Attack doesn’t even drop below 10 until his 10th click. Other than some LE’s there isn’t a figures Defense stat that will worry this guy.  With his 10 Range and a starting Speed of 12 he commands fear and respect over a large swath of the board. His Damage is kinda dual sided, because it does go up to 4 clicks on his third dial, but on his 6th click it drops to 2 and stays there. I lost my first game with him because one of the remaining figures had Impervious and I couldn’t hurt him. Overall though this guy’s attack is the best in the game and is almost too powerful. They could have shaved it down a little bit and still he would rarely miss. Besides you think rolling double 1s is painful? Watch your opponent laugh at you if you ever do that with this guy. 


2.         Unique Dormammu (Critical Mass) – 206 points

            I have affectionately come to call him Dur-Moo-Moo and my opponents laugh as I tell them to fear the wrath of Dur-Moo-Moo. Then I pull him out and they see this little bitty guy with a glowing head that looks like a pumpkin. As my opponent leisurely strolls his figures across the board Dormammu strikes inflicting his unblockable destructive might on his most mightiest figures crushing their will to live. Mu ha ha ha! Fear Dur-Moo-Moo!  Anyway I knew nothing of this figure when I pulled him and my jaw dropped when I saw 206 points.  What makes him so deadly? A starting Attack of 12 is nice, and a Range of 10 is very nice. Damage of 3 is pretty good, but throw in 10 clicks of Physic Blast and good god man! No figure is safe from Dormammu.  Now add 4 clicks of Invulnerability, 7 clicks of Toughness (which means he has 11 clicks of health) and to top it off he gets 6 clicks of Outwit later on his dial.  The only problem is for 206 points he doesn’t play well with others and is like the Kobe Bryant of Heroclix.  If you put him on your team you will have nothing but scrubs to surround him with. Still throw in some Telekinesis, Barrier, Quake, or Force Blast to prevent Dormammu from getting swarmed and he will rule with his iron fist and pumpkin looking orange flame head.



1.         Veteran Dr. Doom (Clobberin Time) – 198 points

            So who could possibly be more powerful then Thanos, more terrifying then Dormammu, more nasty then Hulk, and more destructive then Thor?  Well none other then a villain so powerful and so dangerous that it takes a whole team to try to defy him.   Coming in as the most powerful figure in my collection is none other then the Veteran Dr. Doom himself.  He has a combination of powers and stats that are just ungodly powerful and combined with the right figures make him nigh unstoppable.  To start he has Running Shot combined with Flight, a Range of 8, 2 ranged attacks, a starting Attack of 12 and 3 Damage.  Now throw in Perplex and that Damage can go to 4, or Range can go to 9.   He has the capability to target one foe, or even two, or use Energy Explosion to take out pesky groups.  And that is not all!  Later on his dial he gets Outwit to strike at your opponents weaknesses with and Incapacitate to slow up your opponents. Lets also not forget his defensive characteristics.  A starting Defense of 18 is very nice and Mastermind works well with his myriad of Doombots.  Throw the Damage to them and keep Dr. Doom on his top clicks where he is most destructive. Even after he loses Mastermind he gains Invulnerability, and then Toughness. Finally at the end he has Willpower which makes his Incapacitate and two ranged attacks even more damaging.  He can literally go down firing away.  Throw in his Minions of Doom team ability and suddenly the options grow even higher. Use SHIELD with his Doombots and pump up his Damage.  Use Sinister Syndicate and his Doombots can use his Attack.  Hydra? Can you say Attack of 13, 14, or 15 at Range?  This guy takes a little more finesse to use then Thanos, or Thor, but if used correctly you can make a team with him and just one or two other figures and he will be hard to beat.