From: michale jhonason

The Top 10 X-Men

I made this list in about 10 minutes, so there might be some decent figures i missed or parts you'll disagree with.  After making this list, ive come to the conclusion that there really arent that many good x men.  All of these are the vet forms (or unique)

10.  Storm...when you first look at this figure, youll probably come to the conclusion that she isnt very good.  And your pretty much right, but there arent that many x men.  Shes basically a range attacker w/range abilities.  Only 6 health...her attack starts at 10, with energy explosion(offenisve range), defense is energy explosion(defensive to range), and damage is 2 with ranged combat expert(more offensive range.  Her stats decrease pretty quickly, and she has no other abilitys.  The combat expert is two click only...why did i put her on this list anyways? Well on to the next one...

9. Gambit...a lot like Storm, but better defense and has stealth+perplex.  You should be able to do some damage with the combat xpert, and use stealth and shield to stay alive for a while, anyways.

8. Professor X...he has leadership for all his 7 clicks, which is an ability that i have a new respect for.  His damage is...0, and stays that way.  He has defense of 16 for 2, and can share it, but you wont be using that much.  Incapacitate and the good defense will hopefully give you some chances to use mind control, and this guys range is 10.  Put the professor somewhere far from battle, and keep rolling those dice for leadership.  Then when you get enemies close enough, start mind controlling.  Mind control and leaderhsip...thats why he's here.

7. Magneto...he also has leadership for all of his 7 clicks.  Defense at 16 and then 15, with energy shield to protect him from range.  When people come close, break out the teleknesis.  He has 3 damage for 1 click, though his attack is 9.

6. Rouge...shes alright.  Basically, she has abilities that will let her live for a while and pull of some hit and run moves.  Charge is like running shot for melee.  Move 10 squares, and hit for 3 damage.  You get 3 damage for 3 clicks.  And one my favorite abilities, invuln, she gets for 1 click w/15 defense.  Most characters cant hit for more than 2 damage once they've been hit a few times.  And to get back up to the invuln click, she has steal energy.  And theres always the 3 toughness clicks after invuln. 

5. Beast...i really like the charge ability.  Hes got it for 4, and after that leap/climb.  His damage is 3 for 2 clicks with perplex.  Defense is 17 for 1 and 16 for 2, with toughness.  Hes alot like rouge.  If you play him(big if), youll be using him for his charge, and definately not the support he gets for his last 2 clicks for some reason. 

4.  Cyclops...the big range guy for the x men.  His speed is only 6, but hes got running shot, and range of 10 with(bum bum bum)3 RANGE ATTACKS.  And what makes this really good is the range combat expert.  This means he can attack up to 3 guys, and you get to add 2 damage to the low multiple shot damage.  Nice, but you wont be attacking 3 guys that much.  Still, he can do some serious range damage.

3.  Colossus...its a shame this guy was barely in the movie.  I like him for the reasons i liked beast, but hes much better.  Much better.  Invuln for 4 clicks, and toughness for the last 5.  Only 3 charge, but for those same 3 clicks he has 4 damage.  And theres also the super strength.  Rush opponent, deal 4 damage, throw stuff and repeat.  Unfortunately, he has a terrible first click like most of these big guys and hes somewhat expensive.

2.  Wolverine...its the blades and claws that i really like.  A possibility of 6 damage...geez.  Battle fury, stealth, toughness, regeneration when hes in trouble.  The graet die roller.  This guy is cool. 

1.  Nightcrawler, of course.  This guy gets more play than all of these guys combined, for the obvious reasons.  You move really fast, deal decent damage, have great defense, and can even avoid being hit altogether.  Hypersonic speed is simply amazing.  Run 14 squares across the board and hit someone...and for the last 2 clicks of 7, you get phasing...this guy wont be standing still for long.