Subject: michaels top 10 heroclix they need to make
Michael's top 10 heroclix they need to make

Mr. Freeze -  they need to make him because hes one of the few batman villains they have not made plus he would look really neat. If they do make this they will probably make him a unique just because of his powers of ice.
Two-Face- This is one of the few batman villains they do not make as a heroclix... if they were to make it i doubt there would be a unique on this one.
Spawn- this guy needs to be a unique when it comes out and it better not look like a pile of mush.
Venom- They needed to make him on day 1... probably unique
Brainiac 13- NOw i knwo what u r saying... they already make him, well they need to make a unique that is true to the comic and look like the original braniac
Static - ok some of you are thinking who am i talking about..  Well im talking about.. Static Shock. Static shock is a comic and it would be great
Megaman - megaman is a comic book too...but i have mixed emotions about it... my friend thinks it would be cool..
bruce wayne - they make wolverine as logan so why not bruce wayne
mary jane watson - Hey she could beat up a paramedic real bad
Clark Kent - he would be able to fight have powers and would probably be a unique