From: Joseph Argerich
Subject: My Top Ten
I saw all these top tens and thought I would finally put the true top ten on.
10. Taskmaster (Any) - This guy is one of the few that can do it all for a good amount of points.
9. Bullseye (V) - Sure hes not gonna last long but for 43 points, he's got an attack of 11 and 10 range and can do 3 clicks with his RCE, hes an awesome piece and like Strange he can attract Attention.
8. Vision (U) - Phasing, Super Strength, Invulnerabilty flight and a range of 10, oh yeah and he moves for free. A steal for 112 points.
7. Dr.Strange (E) - Just to damn good to pass up, he does everything and he attracts everyones attention and might be the second or third guy in your force.
6. Brainiac (V) - Definatly a leader of any force for 133 points. Mind Control 10 range, he can do 4 clicks with his RCE and an attack of 11 for 2 clicks not to mention Impervious.
5. Nightcrawler (U) - Goes anywhere, Does anything, Low damage only disability.
4. Batman (E) - WOW!!! he shouldn't be legal for 92 points, Leap/Climb, Incapicitate, Willpower, Outwit with three damage for 2 clicks then CCE for 4 clicks and the Batman team Ability gives him stealth, I've used this guy plenty of times, I dont think hes ever been hit.
3. Firelord (Any) - 5 clicks of damage 11-13 attack for under 100 points, enough said.
2. Superman (LE) - Hypersonic Speed with a movement of 11, Super Strength, Impervious, Leadership. The Hypersonic Speed with the 8 Range gives a total of 19 Range for 3 clicks, is that wrong or what.
1. Incredible Hulk (V) - Perhaps no one has named him because they havn't played with him. In every game I play with this guy hes incredible, people don't wanna hit him because they're scared to (can you blame them), you do small damage with 10 Range guys and get rid of anyones medics and by the time its time to throw down, Hulks ready to go and man can he do some clicks.