Subject: top ten list
This is Jimmy and here is my list is from all sets and I hope you like them .      

10.Mandarin vet. has a range of twelve and mind control his points are a lot but worth it.

9.Darseid (unique) with outwit and mind control plus impervious and later in the dial becoming range combat expert he proves he is hard to kill.

8.Mr.Fixit (unique) nothing special about him he is just the coolest looking clix.

7.Firelord exp. cheap + 5 damage = butt whopin.

 6.Doombot vet. at 38 points with leadership not to mention his team wild card ability is by far the best taxi.

5.Invisable girl rook. she shares her 18 defense with everyone what a giver.

4.Taskmaster exp.and vet. unbelievable bldes claws and fangs plus the exp. has mastermind.

3.Thanos (unique) an attack of 15 ya I said 15 by the way thats after he gets hit.

2.Nightcrawler (unique) hypersonic with super senses with 2 damage and he costed me 40 bucks ouch.

1.Doomsday vet. I don't know what it is about him he is death he killed Superman and he kills everyone i play against.