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Reader's Top 10 Heroclix
10 Worst Heroclix Sets by Mennisor

If you read my 10 best list you'll know the criteria I set my standards on.

Can't stress this enough, just my opinion. Dont take this to seriously.

10. Icons - I really did not want this set on the list. Icons have some great pieces ( Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Blackfire ), but only 54 pieces. Lazy! Plus one of the most useless Batmans ever. ( Starter set excluded.) Crying shame actually, had a lot of potential only to literally fall short.

9. Secret Invasion - I liked this idea for a theme, I really wanted to like it, but there is almost nothing here worth using. Every piece has a equal or better in some other set. sure there are some pieces that could be useful if you build the right team around it, I suggest E-bay

8. Collateral Damage - "Weak" is a good word for this set. Weak characters, waek numbers, weak uniques. So many of these pieces have powers that seem to be there just to raise the point cost, and other have useful powers but no numbers to support them. It would be more upsetting if there was a character that was a fan favorite anywhere. Like I said, "Weak"-

7. Avengers - I'll admit I am not a fan of the new format, but this goes beyond lame. I mean wasn't special powers supose to help your character? Some of these powers are worse than earthbound or Force Blast. And after all this time you'ld think thay would sculpt them better ( Capt. America looks like a Bazooka Joe figure.) Plus the Abomination is the worst piece ever.

6. & 5. Xplosion & Critical Mass - With these two sets I always felt like Wizkids just phoned it in. I mean it felt like no effort was made what-so-ever. Pieces are ether over priced or under priced, theams are weak, and thay have the worst sculpted characters of any other set. Sure it's not all bad, Xplosion has some great supports ( Con Artist, Paramedic, Hand Ninja ) and C.Mass has some great uniques ( Captain Marvel, Terrax, Dormammu ) But in the end your left asking yourself, " How many Elektras do you really need ? "

4. Sinister - The worst character line-up ever. Yo Wizkids, if you're going to focus on villans at least get some villains we might actually care about. And with the exception of a few, most of these pieces aren't worth playing. Even the uniques are pathetic. The only thing endearing about this set is the first class sculpting done, but thats not nearly enough.

3. & 2. Marvel Universe & Batman: Alpha - I'm not sure these should be considered sets. Thare more like a lame excuse of money grabbing reject sets.Universe is just bits and pieces of three previous sets and Batman: Alpha used old Batman sculpts then made them unusable with any other set by changing the rules and powers. Why did they even bother ? 

1.Hypertime - The absolute worst. Never has thare been such a huge collection of worthless pieces. Should of been ashamed of themselfs for what they did to Superman.This set is so bad it's easier to tell you about the good ( V.Nightwing, E.Flash, U.Flash ) thats it, out of 130 pieces I can only see three worth using, and that was when the set came out. Never has the gaming world had such anticipation only to be met with such disappointment

Well thats the list but here's a few dishonorable mentions

Fantastic Forces - Because giants do not rock.

Days of future past & 2099 collectors sets - Can you beleave these are hard to find ? Why ?

Arkham Asylum - Who are most of these characters and why should I care ?

Giants - Because giants do not rock.

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