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Reader's Top 10 Heroclix

By theJoker13 (Josh Bercaw)

Here is a list of my top ten 3rd stringers for 50 points or less. Enjoy!


10. V Lockjaw-38


Ah, the most common fig to be found in Heroclix tournaments. 14 speed w/PT, plus 3 DaV (DaV=damage value) The ultimate taxi.


9. R Mandroid Armor-28


The cheapest TKer to date yet. Perfect for flinging your squads into the fray. Gotta love ‘em!


8. E Trapster-48


I don’t see him used that much, but he can be really effective. He has Perplex, Barrier, L/C and Incapacitate. Only prob. Is that he’s got only an 8 AV. Still, when all else fails, you can always use him as bait!


7. V Hand Ninja-17 (BCF Version)


Oh look, my H. Ninja gave 6 Damage to your Thor! Stealth+ BCF+ Hydra TA. What can u hate about this guy? He makes a great bait or clean-up piece, but I always prefer him to support my figs with his Hydra TA. You can’t go wrong with this nasty dude.


6. V Bullseye-43 (IC Version)


Usually a staple among Heroclix fans, Bullseye can snipe someone 10 squares away w/an 11 AV for 3 Damage. Ouch!


5. Silver Samurai-40


10 speed value w/PT. Yikes! 11 AV w/BCF. Double Yikes! All for 40 points. I like to charge SS into the fray immediately, and hopefully, attack next turn. But if I miss, and my opponent is focusing his figs on a 40 point 3rd stringer, that’s a good thing! I can move my other guys into position.


4. E Black Panther-36


Stealth + Outwit is probably one of the most lethal combos in the game. This little guy has saved my behind on several occasions. He also has BCF, making him more dangerous and unpredictable.


3. V Cyclops-40  (DR Version)     


Cyclops has 10 range, 10 Av, can do 3 damage, and possesses a 17 DV from range? Watch out for this guy. He can put a hurtin’ on Thor, or even Thanos!


2. U Mystique-52 (AW Version)


Alright, so she’s 52 points. So what! This blue chick has got PB, Shape Change, Stealth, and when she gets hit, RCE + Willpower, enabling her to deal 4 damage in an attack!

All I can say is wow.


Ahem, drumroll please…..


Numero Uno is…


#1. V Storm-40 (DR Version)


10 speed w/Stealth + 2 DaV. w/RCE + 8 Range + 10 AV = I can shoot you for 4 damage, but you can’t shoot me. Ha! Even if she does get hit, she keeps a steady 9 attack throughout her entire dial, ending in an 8 AV. Can u say broken?? If you use her (and why shouldn’t u?) I recommend keeping a fig with the X-Men TA around so she can heal. (R Multiple Man comes to mind.)  Or, give her Nanobots. Yeah, she is the only 3rd stringer I recommend giving Nanobots to. Try to keep her around. U won’t be disappointed! I know, most of you probably think V Havok is the best 3rd stringer, but Storm is slightly better, since she is cheaper, and has Stealth. Plus, I don’t have Havok. ‘Nuff said!


P.S. I would really appreciate it if you could post this and/or my other posting I sent u guys called my top 15 most lethal (or deadly?) figures I have, ASAP. I followed all the guidelines’ writing them, too.


P.P.S. I love your website, and I check the postings every day. Remember, a clix a day keeps the gloom away! Till next time, people. Toodles!


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