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1.20.04 - The Top Ten Current Super Powers

What separates the game of Herolcix (and any other clix game) from others such as Chess, it the Super Powers.  Today, I'll list what I think are the top ten most useful powers in the game, and a few that are just to make the dial look pretty (meaning they're bad).  These are just my opinions, of course.  Maybe you like some different ones, and that's cool.  It just depends on your style of play (and what powers seem to kick your butt)

10.  Running Shot:  Let me tell you, this power just BARELY edged out Mind Control, which probably would have made the list if it still gave an action to the controlled figure.  Running Shot is better than charge most of the time, and when combined with powers such as Incapacitate and Energy Explosion, can me lethal.  It's also just as good on figures such as Silver Surfer, who have good attack and damage values.

9.  Probability Control:  If there is a bigger butt saving power in this game, I haven't herd of it.  In a game decided by dice, being able to re-roll them is just broken.  Whether it's a botched attack or healing attempt, or if you're opponent needs a high roll to hit a target, their is not better power to have with you.

8.  Support:  Some people might say that Support should be the number one power.  But while it is awesome, no doubt, it isn't Necessary to win.  Many other powers and strategies make Support not an issue.  But still, the ability to heal a character is great, and their should be at least one medic on every team if the rules of the game will allow it.

7.  Blades/Claws/Fangs:  BCF may be the ultimate figure killing power.  The ability to do up to 6 clicks of damage in one shot is just awesome.  Backed up with an Outwiter to turn of troublesome defensive powers and a Probability Controller to help prevent those one's and two's, BCF is a brutal power.  Especially with Flurry.  * Evil grin *

6.  Hypersonic Speed:  This power is just a bit too much.  Not only do you get to move without stopping next to opposing figures, but you don't have to break away.  AND you can attack, close or ranged combat, at ANY TIME during your movement.  AND you can make that close combat Hypersonic Speed attack.  When on a flyer, it's completely awesome.  If that flyer has Super Strength, it's downright brokeness.

5.  Perplex:  Adding one to any value may not seem like much, but when you can stack the effect as much as you want, things get ugly fast.  Hey!   Because of my 8 con artists, my Mandarin now has 15 range, 12 attack and 7 damage!  It's sick, these possibilities.

4.  Impervious:  This power truly is sick.  It makes hitting whoever has it next to imposable to damage.  Only Outwit and Psychic Blast can help out against the monsters toting this power.

3.  Ranged Combat Expert:  Close Combat Expert is great, but at ranged it's lethal.  2 extra damage turns wimps like hawkeye into people who can fight, and people who can fight like Firelord sick monsters of destruction.  Outwit their Impervious and whump, 5 damage to Superman.  It's like shooting civilians on video games; you know it's wrong, yet it feels so...RIGHT!!!

2.  Outwit:  Yes, good ole' Outwit.  Anything your opponents can do or defend, you can turn off and then smack them.  Need I say more?

1.  Stealth:  That's right, stealth grabs the number one spot.  The main reason it it so good is their is really only two ways to get a stealth figure:  base it and hope it doesn't break away, or use the Superman Ally TA.  Although, when the Outwiter has Leap/Climb (like Batman) things just get sick.  Outwit doesn't have to be combo'ed with other powers; it's broken all by it's lonesome.

And now, a few decorative powers.

Barrier:  It just doesn't seem to do anything.  Put up a wall for one turn, wow.  Your opponent will just sit in stealth until it's down, and you've wasted an action.

Battle Fury:  While it does protect against mind control, I know I'D rather be able to carry spiral around, wouldn't you?  Since all the battle fury figs are slow on their own, it means that you'll have to use TK if you don't want them to get eaten by ranged attackers.

Smoke Cloud:  Now, it is nice to be able to create hindering terrain to hide in, but it is only temporary and a good player can use his tree objects and surrounding hindering terrain effectively enough to where you won't need to create your own.

Well, that about wraps things up here.  Now, again, these are my opinions, and with lists I know they can sometimes collide with others.  But itt's all good, and if the rules change again, so can this list.  So until next time, peace, prosperity and good die rolls to all.


Brian Stevenson


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