this is my list of the 1-11 list of my favorite and some of the most powerful heroclix that I know of not including their point cost just their strengths and powers.

Number 11- my number ten heroclix is the arch enemy of one of the top heros of all time and that character is Venom I have been waitin for this heroclix for a long time and now that I have seen his stats I am impressed by his perplex,outwit, and regeneration,and super strength plus this character only costs 84 points and if you have this character you should play him end of story.

Number 10- my number nine character is elektra she has almost all of my favorite abilites in one character she has perplex, blades claws and fangs, super senses, and mind control also her stats are awesome she is the queen of heroclix.

Number 9- my number 8 charcter is the phasing green lanturen he is a ranged combat machine he can get anywhere with his phasing and flight plus he can carry anyone with his lanturen team ability also he has telikinesis so he can toss around heroclix or weapons plus he has an arsonal of defensive abilities like impervious, invelnerabily, toughness, energy shield deflection, and willpower that means he will be around for awhile also he has ranged combat expert for all but his last two clicks the summary of this story is that he is the ranged combat king.

Number 8- my number 7 heroclix is terrax this character is very balanced he can damage you from range or up close and personal his stats are amazing plus he has running shot the best ranged ability, then he has blades claws and fangs one of the best close combat abilities, then he has all of the damage reducing abilities and his damage is 3 for almost the whole dial he is a tank good from range but will run over you up close.

Number 7- my number six heroclix is samandahl rey he is a combination of power and cleverness he has many abilities but his most important ones are super strength, mind control, telikiniesis, outwit, toughness,impervieouse,barrier,support, and incapacitate he is one of those characters that is ready for any problem also he is the only character in Indy heroclix that has support plus he has the crossgen team ability this character is too good you just have to try him out for youself you wont be sorry.

Number 6- my nuber five heroclix is one of the greatest old school heros of all time captain marvel this is a great figure and gives you a great look at some of his powers he has a 12 speed with 2 clicks of running shot, he has a 11 attack with super strenght for 7 clicks of his 10 click life span, he has a 17 defense with invulnerabilty for 3 clicks and toughness for the rest of his life, then he has a damage of 3 with ranged combat expert for 4 clicks and the real surprise is that he has outwit for 3 clicks this is a monster of a figure that can fight evenly with any character in the game even superman did I mention he has a 10 range.

Number 5- my number 4 character is the enemy of all things alive in the indy universe and that character is judge death this in my mind is the best close combat figuse in the game he has it all stealth, phasing, blades claws and fangs, invulnerability, toughness, impervious, regeneration, and he has battle fury on top of his 3 damage for all of his 11 click life span this is the one true close combat monster of the indy universe.

Number 4- my number three character in heroclix is the martian manhunter he is should be the best if he had outwit but he comes in at number 3 he has the perfect balance of stealth and power and perplex he has stealth, phasing, super strength, impervious, invulnerability, toughness, and perplex with a range of 6 and a speed of 10 a attack of 10 a defense of 16 and a damage of 3 for his whole life span he is the heart of any team because he is that good and can take on all challengers.

Number 3- my number three character is the ruler of a whole planet the might darksied he is a king that wants to rule the battle field and with his powers he just might do it his powers are mind control, phycic blast, super stength, impervious, toughness, outwit, and ranged combat expert he is almost totally unstoppable and can only be stoped by the most powerful plyer on your enemies team or by getting double or even triple teamed he is the king of the field.

Number 2- my number 2 heroclix is Despero he is the man even better than darksied because of his better stats he is the perfect mix of brains and power he has a starting speed of 12 with leaping and climbing, he has a attack of 12 with phycic blats and then super stength, then he has a defense of 17 with impervious then toughness, then he has a damage of 4 which means every time he attacks he will hit for 4 clicks of damage all I have to say about ths character is that when you see him you either get help or run but even them he can catch you with his 12 speed he is pure and simple a monster.

Number 1- And here is the king of all heroclix and the winner is Amazo he has every one of the best powers in the game and when he is at his peak he is the best character in the game and cannot be stopped by any heroclix made this far.

if you want to email me about tournaments in Maryland or if you have any of these characters and you want to trade or sell these characters email me and we can work out a deal. please no hate mail thank you.