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HeroClix News, Tips, Comics, & More

by Cramcompany


Today I’m straying away from my reviews and making my own top eleven list.  Why eleven and not 10?  Because I’m indecisive so leave me alone! 

This top Eleven list is about the best heroclix ever made.  This does not mean the most expensive or the most deadly.  A good example is Con Artist is a lot better then Gladiator even though Con Artist is would be destroyed by him.  I’m included the released Fantastic Forces Characters as well.


  1. Amazo U Trick shot with Amazo is the ultimate in cheese team.  Hyper Sonic Speed, Impervious with a 17, Ranged Combat Expert and Super strength all for 195.  Usually expensive characters like this are not worth it, but he is so hard to hit. Even if you can fine a way to deal him damage he will gain plascitity or phasing and run away to be healed.  This all leads up to you winning and you opponent crying.
  1.  Johnny Alpha V The best of the support telekinesis characters.  He has an insane attack of 11 and his team ability can boost it by one.  He of course has telekinesis most of his dial, but he also has stealth.  He has an 8 range and hits for three.  Even if you can see him you still have to deal with a 16 defense that has super senses through most of the dial.
  1. Jinx The best well rounded figure in the game and the ultimate secondary attacker/support piece.  She has probability control, psychic blast and phasing to start.  She has 6 very strong clicks and her defense stays high the entire time.  Her range of 8 and pulse wave near the middle of her dial come in handy very frequently.  The icing on the cake for this character is wildcard team ability which has limitless possibilities.
  1.  KC Green Lantern:  In general I’m not a big fan of the big expensive characters, but KC Green Lantern is the exception. Weighing in at an under-costed 225 the lantern has a 20 defense.  Something that only unusable characters used to have.  He will hit you for 6 clicks and he will do it turn after turn with willpower.  Big characters major flaws is having to push to kill a character.  Green and mighty never has to push and doesn’t lose a step all the way down the dial.
  1. Havok V He is the Ultimate cheap attacker.  The veteran is only 44 points and hits for 4 clicks.  With energy shield deflection he is an 18 to shoot at. He has a respectable 8 range and energy explosion that makes you change how you set up your figures.  His leadership on his starting click can be very useful for a small team.  Near the end of his dial he gains pulse wave which basically is just like giving everyone the middle finger before he dies.
  1. Sue Storm LE. She is the Ultimate in Defense Pieces. 19 defense and the Fantastic Four Team Ability is gold.  With the new card that is available to change team abilities it means that all your wild cards and Fantastic Four Team Members will have 19 defense no matter where they are on the board.
  1. Black Adam V or E  Everyone knows that super strength and Hyper Sonic Speed is the Ultimate Combo and Black Adam is the cheapest figure with it.  He swings in and hits for 6 clicks then runs away like a little girl so you can’t hit him.  Black Adam leaves you with few options.  You just have to chase him.
  1.  Jane Foster LE:  But she is just a paramedic all she can do is heal!  Yes and healing is the tide turner in any game.  How often do you push a character so you can hit your opponents that extra few clicks.  If you’re at the brink of losing and suddenly you have a brand new healed Firelord, you can win.  It’s that simple.  A successful heal is the best.  Often though you have to make that tough choice with your healer, do I push her?  Do I go for broke knowing that it will be harder to heal the following turns?  Jane Foster has willpower and willpower on a medic is simple perfect.
  1. Ultimate Thor:  186 points of pure brick.  He hits for five pretty much all the way to the last click.  He has a low defense yes, but he has damage reducing abilities and ten clicks that make him live way longer then you’d want him too.  His 10 range and two targets with running shot on a ten speed gives him the first attack most of the time and when he attacks you’re character usually becomes worthless.  Oh and did I mention his lowest attack is an 8 and for only 1 click, usually he is hovering around 12.
  1. (tied for first)Con Artist R  The hooker is always useful.  Perplex is arguably the best ability in the game.  For 11 points and two power actions you get perplex.  She has to be the most overally used figure in the game and with good cause.
  1. (tied for first) Firelord Is there anybody better? No, he is the best ever made.  Every version of him is under-costed by at least 60 points.  All of them are under 100 points and hit for 5 clicks.  His veteran has a speed of 12, attack of 13, defense of 18.  He has barrier for most of his dial and energy explosion for the fun of it.  He has a long dial of ten clicks and nearly everyone of them is great.  At the end his defense is so low that anybody can heal him.  Firelord is the king of them all and the only Heroclick to ever warrant banning from tournaments.



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