From: Mills Cartwright []
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 12:49 AM
Subject: Top Ten List - Mark
Hey guys!  My name is Mark and I decided to post my opinions on the top ten marvel heroclix.  Here it goes :
10) Wasp (U) - Ok this is a great taxi!  Pretty cheap piece who can move for free with the avenger ability.  I'm a BIG fan of taxi's who can move for free and this one is probably my favorite.  Add in leadership, a ranged attack, and an awesome defense and you have a great addition to your force.
9) Spiral - 56 points is not too bad for this piece.  What makes Spiral great is the combination of Flurry and Blades/Claws/Fangs. That kind of offense is enough to take down almost anyone. She can do loads of damage in a hurry if used correctly.  And don't forget about the Doom team ability.
8) Cyclops (V) - This guy is a personal favorite of mine and I just cant leave him off this list.  Cyclops can do some real nice damage from long range.  Attack of 11 and damage of 2 with range combat expert to make it 4.  He has energy shield deflection with a defense of 15, but I love to use Rookie Invisible Girl's Defend and put her next to Cyclops to raise his defense to 20!  (Great combo)  His X-Men team ability will help him heal and stick around for a while.  And any other pieces that have abilities which can compliment his damage or attack are also great to use with him. (Examples: Shield Team Ability, Perplex, etc.)  A great piece which has served me well.
7) Human Torch (V) - I completely underestimated this guy when I first looked at his dial.  Movement of 10 with running shot, range of 10, attack of 10, energy shield deflection, and 3 damage to start off with.  He can carry other pieces, do great damage, and most of all he LOVES to have Rookie Invisible Girl next to him to raise his defense to 18. :)  Combine that with energy shield deflection and you've got yourself a 20 defense!  Human Torch can be very effective in the right force.  Very underrated heroclick that causes me trouble every time.
6) Bullseye (V) - A great ranged attacker at a very nice cost of 43 points!  Starting attack of 11 is excellent and ranged combat expert raises that damage.  Defense of 16 with Energy shield deflection is also nice.  A nice, cheap piece who can do some damage and give you the advantage you need for victory.
5) Thanos - Ok sure he is probably one of the best if not THE best piece in the game, but I rarely see him used.  He has awesome stats completely down the dial and is a 200 point machine all by himself. However that many points doesn't leave much room for the rest of your team.  I think a quality opposing force with larger numbers could easily defeat this guy. But still a great piece worth trying for obvious reasons.
4) Invisible Girl (R) - AWESOME piece which is sometimes overlooked.  Rookie Invisible Girl is THE best team player in the world of heroclix in my opinion. Her Defend ability allows all pieces adjacent to her to share her defense of 18.  There are soooooooo many pieces that can benefit from this ability.  A defense of 18 is often very difficult to hit.  She can turn many pieces into defensive forces and can cause frustration for your opponent.  37 points with Stealth and even Barrier farther down on her dial as well.  But of course the key with Invisible Girl is to keep her at the peak of her dial in order to share her defense with friendly figures.  You gotta love this figure!!!
3) Nightcrawler - Nightcrawler can give your force A LOT of advantages during battle.  His hypersonic speed and awesome movement are definitely a nuisance!  Use a cheap taxi such as Vulture, Wasp, or Doombot to carry him across the map.  Nightcrawler comboed with a flyer can easily take out your opponents medic within the first few turns.  And if you have any characters with Perplex in your force it will be even easier to take out opposing figures.  Nightcrawler also has a defense of 18 with Super Senses so it wont exactly be a walk in the park for the opponent to take him out.  So what we've got here is a piece with a nice mix of offense and defense, a ridiculous movement, and not to mention the X-Men ability.  Nightcrawler = Incredible.  Consider yourself lucky if you have this hard to find figure in your collection.
2) Dr. Doom (V) - Ok in my opinion what makes Dr. Doom great is his Mastermind ability.  But first lets go over his stats.  18 defense to start with, 12 attack with Energy Explosion, 3 damage with Perplex, movement of 8 with Running Shot, and Doom team ability.  He also gains leadership, outwit, invulnerability, toughness, incapacitate, and willpower later on.  Ok now lets talk about this Mastermind ability.  If you're fortune enough to get through his 18 defense, he can easily deflect the damage onto adjacent friendly characters with his Mastermind ability.  Surround him with some figures who can take some damage and be sure to have some medics handy. If played correctly Doom can wear down your opponent while taking little or no damage himself.  Dr. Doom and some carefully placed minions are a force to be reckoned with.  He has a high cost but he is worth trying to build a force around.  He is a one man army in himself with an impressive supply of abilities to tear through opponents. 
1) Ultron (E) - Ultron is a TANK!  Best piece in the game in my opinion.  139 points is high but a tad cheaper than your other big guns such as Thanos, Hulk, etc.  His attack starts at 13 and doesn't get any lower than 10 on his entire dial.  That's good enough to hit almost anyone most of the time.  He has excellent movement and can fly.  His defense starts at 18 with invulnerability.  And he gets invulnerability and toughness for a few clicks which will keep him around.  He can deal good damage and he also has energy explosion.  The Doom team ability only adds to his already impressive resume.  Why number one?  3 reasons in my opinion.  1. His high attack value can score you a hit almost every time, and he can continue to give you good odds during his entire dial.  If a certain figure is giving you problems, this guy can probably wear it down.  2. The Doom team ability can give not only him but also your force a great advantage if you have some useful abilities on your team.  3. The 139 points makes him just a little more playable than the other big pieces and this will help when building a force. Numero Uno!
Ok there ya have it.  I hope that maybe some of my opinions and strategies can be of some use to anyone who reads this.  Especially if anyone reading this is new to the game.  Hope ya liked my top ten list!  Peace out!  :)

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