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HeroClix News, Tips, Comics, & More

From: Broden Hamilton
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 12:51 PM

Top Ten Reasons Heroclix should have more consistency in releasing dial stats - Broden Hamilton

10. So I can find out if they have finally made my favorite comic book character. (Darkhawk and Sleepwalker anyone? Can I get a Slayback? Wha,

9. Because saving them until the release date is just lazy.

8. To make sure your order of that brick is worth it. (sinister= Mockingbird, Spider-man and Shield sniper and absolutely nothing else)

7. To see if the entire line is just going downhill and just buy Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the 360 with my hard earned $60.

6. Finding out if I really need to put my Green Lantern KC on ebay or if I can live without electricity in my apartment for another week.

5. Because each day I have only hotmail, myspace and facebook that have daily updates anymore.

4. Because I have no girlfriend and need something to comfort me.

3. Because I'm addicted.

2. Because there is no surprise since I buy all my figures off of ebay.
Why? I bought ten packages of Icons and all I wanted was either Brainiac, V

Darkseid, V Superman or Flash and didn't get any and realized I could have just bought them from an online store or ebay with the money I ultimately got 10 Cheetahs for.

1. Because that just means they DUMP out a ton of stats at once, which just kills it for me. They're reasoning is anticipation, but where's the anticipation in getting something all at once?

broden hamilton
--The world is yours.


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