The Top Ten Heroclix I Own


Jordan Wright's Top Ten Marvel Heroclix I Own


10.)Thing Exp. Clobberin' Time 110 points
He is one of my best clix because he is one of my only good close-combat figures. He's got 17 defense with Invulnerability and Charge. Even though he only has 9 attack, he gets the job done.


9.) Cyclops Vet. Ultimates 69
He is a good ranged combat figure. He has Running Shot with 8 range, 2 targets, and 4 damage. He gets really bad down his dial though so he's only #9.


8.)Spider-man Vet. Ultimates 58
He is a good overall figure. Starting out with 17 defense with Willpower and Leap/Climb plus the Spider-man team ability, he can move around very freely. He can do 4 clicks with his  Superstrength so he comes in at #8


7.)Nebula Vet. Critical Mass 76
She starts off strong with 11 attack with Incapacitate, 2 damage with RCE, 17 defense with Mastermind, and 10 range with two targets, she's great. She keeps most of this for a few clicks and then goes down, bad, losing everything but Incapacitate.


6.)Punisher Exp. Ultimates 65
To put it simply, he is just good. With his combination of abilities (Stealth, Smoke Cloud,
Willpower, RCE, Running Shot, Toughness, and Outwit) and good stats, he just rocks.


5.)Thor Exp. Clobberin' Time 144
Well, he is just plain strong. The lowest his attack gets is 8, he has Superstrength for 7 out
of his 9 clicks of life, he can pretty much dominate.


4.)Mandarin Exp. Universe 133
With his 10 range and Mind Control he can annoy the heck out of your opponents. He has also got Incapacitate but you shouldn't need it unless he has already lost Mind control.


3.)Captain America Exp. Ultimates 89
The first thing I said when I saw this figure was WOW!!. They actually made  him good this time (no offense to the Infinity Challenge one) He has everything. Charge, Impervious, Exploit Weaknesses, Leap/Climb, Combat Reflexes, Outwit, Defend, and Flurry. He has (count em)
10 different powers throughout his dial. The lowest his attack gets is 8. The lowest his
damage gets is 2 (with Flurry) He is just awesome. Plus he has the Ultimates ability and
6 range.


2.)Iron Man Unique Ultimates 144
This Iron Man is great. He has Impervious with 16 defense,  4 damage, Running Shot with 12
 movement, and 10 attack with Energy Explosion. He gets Charge, Invulnerability, Toughness
Pulse Wave and Superstrength. With the Ultimates ability plus his 8 range and two targets
he can hit those annoying Stealth figures easy. He is strong and very good.


Well, who can beat Thing, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Nebula, Punisher, Thor, Mandarin, Captain
America, and Iron Man? Well I'll tell you who can


The best Heroclix I own is
1.)Hulk Unique Ultimates.
Yes, everyone, Hulk is the winner. I mean look at his stats, every slot filled with a power,
except for his activation click. Every slot. His lowest damage value (other than activation
click) is 3. And that is for 1 click. Ever other click his damage is 4 or more. His lowest
attack is 10. His highest is 13. His best click he has 13 attack with Superstrength, 17
defense with Impervious, 10 movement with Leap/climb and a whopping 6 clicks of
damage with Battle Fury. He is Awesome.

Jordan Wright

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