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From: Broden Hamilton [mailto:brodenhamilton@hotmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2006 4:14 PM

Subject: 10 list

The top ten worst heroclix. The ultimate loser list. - Broden

10. Hobgoblin- Pretty much all the goblins stinks. This one stinks extra bad. Even the starter set version stinks. How about BCF for the razor bats? No, you just get incapacitate.

9. Parallax - I totally thought we were going to see a HSS green lantern without the telekinesis. This is THE overpriced figure of over priced figures. my do decently one on one, but against a team he would get  slaughtered. 270 points for 17 defense??? 8 range????

8. Batman Icons- He isn't that bad, but after legacy batman rockin' so much house, you have to wonder why the price stayed the same for lower numbers on the dial.

7. Raven Icons- I laugh when I see people use her because you can get all the same powers for the same price with two or three other figs. Low dial numbers too.

6. Giants- Pretty much any giant. It's like, hey! Isn't it cool that you can hit me even when there are people between us? No, no it's not.

5.Clayface- Any of them. Just pick one and it's overpriced.

4. Beetle- I had high hopes. His attack numbers crushed them. why do I care about psychic blast when it's on the end of the dial with low damage?

3. Jessica Jones- It's like, 50 points for a con artist with toughness.

2. Kang- He's old and can time-travel, but how do you use that in heroclix? HSS?

1. Ultron- I get the feeling he should be a bad mother, but nothing on his dial makes me believe it.


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