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Reader's Top 10 Heroclix
Top 10 HeroClix of 2008 - Joker13

Today I will give you all a top ten list of the 2008 figures. Enjoy!


# 10 E Spider-man 50


Not only is he a spidey ally, but he has 3 Dav (damage value), and he can use flurry, and

Give the target an action token instead of the second attack! All for 50 points. A steal.


# 9 U Nick Fury 100


The ability to have Perplex, Outwit, and Leadership all at once should not be overlooked.

Fury has stealth for his first click, w/11 AV, plus LMD, which lets him use Mastermind

And reduce Dav by 2. (However, he is whisked away from the battle, which can be good or bad.)

For 100 points, Nick Fury can easily hold his own with the best of them. A great figure.


# 8 R Question 37


Whoa. Outwit and Perplex? For 37 points?! Talk about the deal of the century. And she’s got

Stealth. There’s no question about it. She is a must have, especially for tournaments.


# 7 V Clown Prince of Crime 150


Can u say annoying? This clown can come back to haunt you up to 4 times! And his powers are

Overall well placed. I think he definitely earns his spot on this list.


# 6 E The Thing 100


Wow. He can remove action tokens on characters who share key words with him, has a

ton of life, an 18 defense w/Invulnerability, has a great attack of 10, and can pick fights with

the big dogs. A great brick for 100 points.


# 5 U Super Skrull: Illuminate 250


It would take me way to long to describe this fig. In sum: He has pretty much all the

Powers of the Illuminate, and he is a skrull on opponents turns, and a wild card on your

Turns. Not to mention tons of Perplex, and Iron Defense for 4 clicks. Put Fortitude on him

And your friends will hate you.


# 4 U Doom 249


The Mystic TA. Indomitable. Can outwit all of an opponents powers 6 squares or less.

Regeneration. And Psychic Blast. Need I go on? Oh, and one more thing. If he rolls doubles,

You’re in big trouble. Look up his dial on the Heroclix website. He’s a beast.


# 3 U Gamora 73


She is almost as powerful as Karnak is! With Charge, 18 DV/w/Willpower, 11 Attack, plus BCF,

She can tear an enemy to shreds. And she is very affordable at 73 points. I would try to avoid

Close combat with her at all cost, and try to snipe her from range.


#2 U Zoom 130


His speed power says it all. He can use Flurry while making HSS attacks. Not to mention

His PC, 11 Av, plus Super Senses. Pump him up with feats, and you’re all set. ‘Nuff said. (You can

read about my experience with this fig on the tips and strategies’ section.)


And Finally, #1……


This was a really hard decision to make…


# 1 U Namor 150


He is a perfect Primary attacker in 300 point games. Flurry + Charge, Flight,

And Regeneration on water terrain makes Namor truly the king of the seas. And,

Quite possibly, of Heroclix.


By theJoker13

(Josh Bercaw)


A clix a day keeps the gloom away!

Till next time, folks!

(Please, no hate mail.)


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