Top Ten HeroClix I own - Justin

Here are my ten best heroclix.

10. Colossus(E) - He's like a weaker version of the Hulk, because his strength never increases but his damage goes from 2 to 3 to 4.  He also gains super strength, charge and invulnerability.
9. Bullseye(E) - He has a pretty decent strength of ten, but has ranged combat expert for 4 clicks, and has a range attack with 2 attacks.
8. Captain America(E) - his stats are ok, but he has leadership, stealth, and energy shield/deflection.  He's also a member of the avengers.
7. Elektra(U) - attack of 11 with blade, claw, and fang, and she has two attacks.  Only has a range of 4 though.
6. Black Adam(E) - Has good stats, flier, member of JSA, and so many superpowers.
5. Taskmaster(V) - 6 attack range with two attacks, 12 strength with blade, claw, fang, good defense and speed, and he gets different superpowers when he clicks.
4. Wonder Woman(V) - great stats, member of the JLA, flier, has a lot of different powers, and only has two clicks of death.  She's great for carrying someone closer to an opponent, and having them both attack for only two actions, even though she gets pushed.
3. Iceman(V) - Flier, he has an 8 attack range with 2 attacks, and he has ranged combat expert with decent stats.
2. Cyclops(V) - great guy to put in front and have charge, he has an attack range of ten with 3 attacks, ranged combat expert which lets him deal out 4 clicks of damage, and running shot which lets him move and attack with one action.
1. Nightmare(U) - he has a 14 attack, 18 defense, invulnerability, gets toughness later on, and only has two clicks of death.  He has 0 range, so it would be better if he was carried.

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