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From: Broden Hamilton [mailto:brodenhamilton@hotmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2006 2:45 PM

Top ten figs that I have - Broden

10. Jean grey (r)- telekinesis is still one of the most important powers. I wouldn't use someone without range without it.

9. Bullseye (v)- Old one since I haven't seen the new one. Still a cheap long-ranged Bad Mother. A little too cheap to add trick shot on though.

8. Hawkeye (FF vet)- Transporting ability is cool and it's too bad no one else caught on with it because I did. For those who like lockjaw more, put him here

7. Count Nefaria- The easier to obtain "Amazo" type before they gave every superman HSS.

6. Spymaster- any one'll be good. Can't wait for the new shield sniper which is just a cheap version of his dial.

5. Medic- (any) because you need it.

4. Black Panther (R or E)-Stealth & Outwit= Nasty 3. Green Lantern Kingdom Come- B/c his price on ebay is going up. His dial is good too.

2. Conartist- Cheap perplex.

1. Havok (V)- because he does four damage without add-ons and is 44 points.

No figure touches him


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