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Marvel/D.C. Top 10 Underrated Powers
This is a list of the top 10 powers I based them on their usefulness and ability to be used in battle:

10.) Energy/Shield Deflection - This power allows your character to add 2 to his/her defense when attacked from a range, most people would shrug this power off as stupid because it doesn't reduce damage done, wrong, how about all? Those 2 extra numbers may save you from being blasted to ashes by Firelord or crushed under a car chucked by Thor.

9.) Smoke Cloud - POOF! Ever seen those old comics where the bad guy will throw down a canister of smoke and get away Scott-free because the heroes can't see him? That is exactly what this power does, stops the ranged people from shooting and cuts movement short when ran through, watch out though! It can be flown over.

8.) Energy Explosion - Hate those annoying turtle groups where people use the grouped powers to make you hurt? Well no more! With the new, innovative, exciting energy explosion, you can slice and dice your way through those annoying turtles! Team any EE character up with a couple S. H. E. I. L. D.  characters, and you can deliver 2 clicks or even 3 clicks to your target and any adjacent characters!

7.) Battle Fury - Read this on the PAC card, right away you'll notice this character can't be carried, and you'll immediately want to skip over these characters and find someone else who can be carried, but look closer, this character can't be Mind controlled, which means you can run this character with any one and not have to worry about them turning face and dicing' up your characters. Cool huh?

6.) Poison - Oooh, sounds sinister doesn't it? Well it is. Dare your opponent's to make base contact with you then slowly pick them off delivering an extra click of damage every turn… neat-o isn't it?

5.) Leadership - I know, sounds ridiculous, people are like chh, that aint underrated, but next time you visit your local game store for tournament, look around you, you'll see little to none of this and where it is, its often neglected or forgotten about, its one freaking dice roll at the beginning of your turn to get an extra action, who knows, you may need that action to save yourself, or clench the game.

4.) Psychic Blast - A hugely underestimated power, with this your opponent can say good-bye to such powers as Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness, and Super senses, can you say Ouch?

3.) Incapacitate - Luck not going your way in the match? Need an extra turn so you can put your plans into action? But what if a Bruiser threatens to annihilate your team? Well, hesitate no longer! Have an incapacitater run up and stop ol' Brucey Banner or Doomsday from squashing you…for one turn that is.

2.) Mind control - A personal favorite of mine, turn your opponent's greatest character against them and then have them bash there leader's skull in, not only that, it also acts as an incapacitate which drops it right in over Incapacitate. That lil' bit of being able to use your opponent's strategy against them what makes this power so awesome.

1.) Force Blast - Whaaa? Yes I know, sounds insane, but this power is good, way to good, go on, read the PAC, you'll see. *Sits down and twiddles thumbs for a minute* you done? Good. Yeah, just a little perplex will send your foe flying into a wall or better, off a building, heck, you don't even need perplex, this works pretty good on its own. Imagine this, you got a hurt Basher, lets say oh… an, ol' blue eyed, It's Clobberin time Basher and your trying to heal him but at the same time Doc Samson is threatening to charge in with a soda machine in hand and bash Thing or your paramedic over the head for eight clicks, not good huh? Now imagine you got Blue Beetle sitting there with his eight range, and he takes aim at Doc Samson and then Force Blasts him back two spaces into a wall or off a building instantly making Doc Samson lose his charge and his threat appeal. Cool huh?

There you have it a comprehensive field-tested list of the top ten underrated powers this game has to offer.

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