Subject: Top Ten Non-Gameplay Tips
10. This Is A Test: Heavily test your team before you enter a tournament.
9. Remember To Memorize: Study your clix so that you know the best way to use them. Also memorize the PAC so that you aren't constantly checking back to it.
8. Time To Get An Egg Timer: Since the games are often timed, you should carry some sort of timer with you. I use an egg timer, because the ringing is loud and recognizable. Also, it's cheaper than a stopwatch.
7. I Tend To Carry A d10: Carry a ten-sided die. It can count what round or turn you're on.
6. Starter Set, Don't Leave Home Without It: Always take all the components from the starter set, because your opponent might not.
5. Takin' Tokens: Tokens are very important, but also very confusing. Always have different kinds of tokens for the different actions. I used to use three different colours of M&Ms minis, but if you can't resist eating them, like me, I took some craft sticks, cut them to very small pieces, and labeled them M (movement), C (close combat), and R (ranged attack).
4. Rulers Rule: Bring a ruler with you. If you are making a ranged attack, bring a ruler. After all, your target might not be measurable by distance through squares.
3. Extra! Extra! Don't Forget About It!: You may lose an important click, drop a die, or worse. The important thing to do is to have a backup plan. I carry six dice with me, and have three different teams.
2. Don't Run In Blind: Find out as much about what kind of match you are going into as far before the match as possible. There is nothing worse than going to a 200 point tournament with your 300 point dream team.
1. Tackle The Storage Issue: Get a tackle box for your clix. I use one that has a couple shelves for the clix, and a non-sectioned bottom for papers, maps, etcetera.
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