List of my 10 personal faves


10. Hulk - v - Infinity Challenge - after a few clicks Hulk get mad !, point him in the dirction of the oposition and with some good dice throws Hulk cleans house.


9. Firlord - v - Infinity challenge -for his points - 97, Firlord is indespensible to any team, decent damage on his first few clicks aswell


8. Dr.Strange - v -infinity challenge - Amazing support player, the only thing i have aginst his is that you cant use him on the same team as Nightmare.


7. Wolverine - v - infinity challenge - 2 words -bezerker rage, or blades fangs and claws, a walking death machine.


6. Elektra - u - infinity challenge - like the line in Unbreakable, there are 2 types of supervillans, the one who fights you with his mind and the one who fights you with his body. like wolverine get elekta into the thick of things and she proves herself useful, some people probally wont agree but i think shes an underated player.


5. Bullseye - v -infinity challenge - Another underated clix, decnet shooting and damage for 43pts hes a steal compared to cyclops (78pts)


4. Magneto - v - infinity challenge - Another must have for me, good defence, shooting and he can fly, sometimes hes my last man standing and can win a game


3. Thanos - u - infonity challenge - Without a doubt my fave shooter, this guy has it all, line him up with magento and firelord and its an exectution squad for the oposition.


2. Beta Ray Bill - u - Critical mass -  i like the model and i think the guys underated, good defence, attack and damage


1. Ulik - v - critical mass - i couldnt imagine not having this guy, you may not agree but i prefer him to the hulk, this guy can kick ass and them some, just a walking death machine.


Greg, Chilli_zepher@yahoo.co.uk