Subject: This the top best in the marvel world.
10:Beast(E,V)  The ability to perplex is one of my personal Favorites.  Not only that but with 3 or 4 clicks and a level under 100, Beast is a must for any 400 point teams.

9:Xavior(V)  The professor has a mind control that almost never misses. For only 89 points he has an ATK of 11. The best piece for a true X-Men fan.

8:Sheild medic(any)  Not only can it heal you it can also use the lending ability to boost your damage.  So instead of 3 clicks you could have 4,5,or even 6 clicks.

7:Black Cat(E,V) The more improved Destiny has PC and, unlike Destiny, can do some clicks.

6: Thor(any)  The God of Thunder has the ability to do 4 clicks of damage to anyone 10 Spaces away up to a 12 atk. Pack the mighty Invulnerability with a 17 DEF He's a keeper

5:Ironman(E)  Coming in at 161 points Ironman is a must have.  With an attack of 9 this  iron beast can do 5 clicks with Ranged Expert.  A defense of 17 and invulnerability. Can you say victory!

4:Invisible Girl(R)  This girl can Make everyone beside her have a 18 defense and some could even have 20.  All of the best players I've seen use her.  Combined with Stealth all you need to do is put her on something and surround her with a couple of 18s.

3:Ultron(E) Ultron has 139 points so he can be used any time. So combine that multi-shot Explosion With lending from a Shield and somtimes 4 people will be hit for 5 clicks in the same turn.  I'm still having nightmares about when it happened to me.  With a DEF of 17 and Invulner ability Ultron is one of the best.

2: Dr.Doom(E,V) Doom comes  with the wildcard status so you can lend to him.  Maybe a little bit more powerful than Ultron,  Doom (E) Has 163 pts while the Veteran has a whooping 298. And it is all worth it. With Multi-shot bombs he can do the same combo as Ulron but better.

1: Thanos(U) Thanos is the best marvel piece out right now.  He has 189 pts and only one click of Death!!  He has Invulnerability for 9 clicks than Regeneration for 2.  An attack of 13 and a defense of 18 he is the true king of Titans.