From: Scott Klep

10- LE OWAW Superman HT: Lets face it, as such an expensive click Sup is hard to build a team around- and leadership troughout his whole dial is useless.  But with the ability to fly, hypersonic, 8 range, superman team ability- clix on clix he is the best.  OWAW can hands down destroy any other single heroclix- and for that he gets mention. HYPERSONIC to soar after you attack zero range brusiers- HYPERSONIC in and out to keep out of range of ten range fighters.  Clix on clix they should never even get an attack off- and if you blow it- there is always DC impervious.
9- U Thanos IC: Another brusier that get mention just because his incredible numbers. Hard to hit, can move anywhere, can hit at distance, and will pretty much always hit.  Those are good things to have in a clix.  Problems- Though he will hit automatically- he will only hit for 1 click and 2 later, on another invulnerable clix.  If you know he is coming, it is very easy to build a stopping force (outwit can ruin your day)- but if you don't - then look out.  I got mine out of a box that someone else had OPEN AND NOT BOUGHT!!!  I saw an open booster at EB, out of curiousity i checked what was in it and held on tight when I saw the son of Titan!!
8- R Invisible Girl CT: What can i say- 18 defense and possible 20 to teammates. Cheap. Best support character out there. period.
7- E White Queen CT: For 80 points this clix is quite good. Her little better than average stats are highlighted by some great powers.  Psychic Blast two clix of damage through dredded invulnerability, mind control cheaper clix, leadership to help your team, and super-senses to top off her 16 defense.  Strong enough to cause you foe problems, cheap enough to build a force around.
6- U Wasp IC: The ultimate taxi!!! With avenger team ability she moves for free, 19 defense is going to keep her in the game for awhile, and if she has nothing else to do- with an 8 attack she has a possiblility of incapacitating TWO opponents! How can you go wrong for a mere 44 points?
5- V She-Hulk CT: For 120 points, she can rival any close combat character in the game.  Charge attack for five spaces, 11 attack with superstrenth to add to an already impressive 4 clix of damage. She-Hulk can put the hurt on, and with a 17 defense with invulerability, she is not going to get hurt quick.  I prefer the ranged combat experts, but my friend is an avid She-Hulk clix fan. She has hurt me enough times that i have to give her mention.
4- V Dr. Strange IC: Here is a guy I have never even seen mentioned- but I love this clix! Being a relative unknown it is hard to plan against all the powers he gets.  He is a little expensive at 87 points, but cheap enough to not be a huge threat right off the bat.  Under-estimate Strage and you will have problems.  HE IS A LONG RANGE CHARACTER! With a range of ten he can do 4 clix and has a 19 defense, with phasing. Hurt or push him and he gets enhancement. Then he can help with barrier, telekenisis, and SUPPORT! Need to suicide him?- He gets pulse-wave. Want to keep him? he gets a clix of probability control.  When I use him, he usually does get KOed (opponents stasrt seeing him as a big threat when he gets support), but my team wins.  A trade off, i guess. But he keeps the other guy guessing. 
3- E Ultron IC: Another stat hog, Ultron also boasts some other great abilities. Great movement, Super GREAT attack- starting at 13 and bottoming out at TEN!  With 18 defense and invulnerability he is hard to hit, and with 10 range you can usually find some hindering terrain to get a 19 defense. Three damage straight up ain't bad, but what makes Ulron great is one of my favorite abilities- explosion! With two arrows he can target adjacent characters, and with enhancements or perplex- skys the limit on damage to multiple clix on one attack! Not to metion Doom team ability- all this for a realativly cheap 139!
2- U Nightcrawler CT: The ELF, with hypersonic, an 18 defense, and super-senses- This clix IS SO HARD TO HIT! Limited only by the fact the 2 clix of damage doesnt hurt invulnerable and terrain has the possiblity of slowing him down, is off-set by the fact he is only 83 points.  Nightcrawler is so easy to build a force with and has so many uses.  Slow down and tie up invulnerable bruisers while others blast them from range, hit and run support characters out of there good powers clix, or staight up attack for 2 clix anyone else!  X-men team ability isnt the best, but when it does come in handy- it is HUGE!  This is actually my favorite HeroClix, but there are two clix who stand in his way.
1- VETERAN DR. DOOM CT: In a 300 or more point force, bar-none- the BEST CLIX in the game!!! Why? The first clix on Dooms dial! Then just hit him once! Nope- MASTERMIND!! (watch out for outwit) Use mastermind correctly and by the time your support is gone- whats left of your foe will have a near impossible time finishing you off! First of all with an 18 defense and mastermind, they will have to roll high even to hit your support, but can Doom dish out enough damage before he is finally hit? Point number two - PERPLEX. Up Dooms already impressive running shot from 4 to 5 for greater mobility and first strike- yes, up Doom's range to stay just ouside a 10 range attacker to hit for 3 clix- YES,  straight up raise his clix of damage to 4- OH YES! Up his explosion damage to 2 and target two adjacent character for 4 clix of damage each, and 2 to anyone next to them- GRAVEY! And lets face it, with a 12 attack- he will hit! With Doom team ability and getting powers like, invulnerablity, willpower, and outwit deeper in his dial, Doom rounds out quite nicely.  Only problem, at 198 points, in a 200 point game Dr. Doom becomes mortal!
Grand PRIZE- VETERAN THOR CT: Where Doom lacks, Thor does not! Use his range not to get tied up early and this guy can take down a 200 point force by himself!  And at 187 points, you can even have room for a medic. Other than that he is similar to Doom, substitute super-strength for explosion (not as good against multiples, but great againt one guy), switch mastermind for invulnerability, and subtract one from his defense and add it to damage. No perplex, and a little worse powers are off-set by the fact that his stats drop pretty slowly, so it will take more than one good hit to really hurt him. That being said, makes him the all-around best clix in the game!

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