Top Ten Supporting Actors (Clix)

Most of these figures newer plays tend to overlook or donít even look at. These figures are the unsung heroes of most teams out there.

10. R/E/V Destiny

Whatís better than having a Probability Controller who is cheap, free movement and super senses. I have seen her work wonders on teams and most of the time is one of my first targets I go for.

9. LE Electra

Very underrated and overlooked by people. My friend won her, looked at her points and thought she sucked; but you have to look at the dial. Stealth, 8 range, 3 damage, hydra team, all for 17 points, now thatís a piece to have. She has 3 damage for 2 clicks so donít be afraid to push her with a medic near by.

8. R/E/V Doombot

These guys are great, particularly the veteran version. They all have energy explosion, experienced and veteran have toughness, and the veteran has leadership. You get all this for under than 40 points. Not to mention the Minions of Doom wildcard ability. Can anyone say free movement taxis?

7. E Wasp

This I believe is the second best taxi in the game. This girl has 18 defense, 8 movement, and free movement for a very cheap cost. Seriously overlooked by some.

6. R/E Black Panther

Need some outwit, look no further than R or E Black Panther, thatís if you can find him. Both his R and E have stealth and outwit. The dilemma is what do you need, someone to give your wildcards free movement and cheap, then go with the rookie version. Do you need a cheap attacker with stealth and B/C/F, then go with the experienced version.

5. E Black Cat

A much better Prob Controller than destiny in my opinion. She canít get tied down for starters with leap and climb. She has a respectable attack and damage to go on the offense but only four range (Donít try to put her in to combat let it come to you). She also has the wildcard ability, need and extra Shield, Hydra, or just some free movement with her. She can run around on the rooftops and get in to a safe position to Prob Control for you thatís why I would pick her over Destiny.

4. R Vulture

If I were doing a Top Ten Underrated list this guy would get my vote for number one. His stats and dial are nothing to rant and rave about. This guy is the hardest working guy in heroclix. For 15 points you get the cheapest taxi in the game, which is why I think he is the best taxi. You can get an extra 8 movement for one of your characters for only 15 points.

3. R Invisible Girl

This girl is just amazing. Copy and paste this link for your explanation

PS Iím General Zev

2. R/E Con Artist

One of the best supporting pieces in the game, and in some ways the firelord of support pieces (Broken?!?!?!!). Lets see 11, 12, or 16 points for perplex. You have to push them or take one click of damage for them to get it. Also perplex can be stacked and it is better than Shield because it wonít cost you an action to boost your guy or girlís damage. You can perplex anything on the dial also at your leisure with out using one of your actions. Broken? That is for you to decide and discuss as a new topic besides Firelord this and Firelord that.

1. The Academy Award goes to R/E/V Paramedic

The Cheapest medic in the game with the highest attack as well but that is only for the experience and veteran versions. 8, 10, 12 points take your pick on how many points you need to fill still. No team ability here but a cheap medic all around and one of the few pieces on this list not underrated.

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