Top10 Heroclix


Hi, my name is Jerry, and i've only been playing Heroclix for about a month, but i have a great collection for a beginner, many of you may think that some of the clix in this list are not in the right order, but, oh well. for each click i do, i will do their first click stats and their super powers, if i don't know them, i'll put a (unknown). So without any further ado; here is my top ten.


10: Spiderman (Veteran)- 10,11,16,2. Leap/Climb, Super Strength, Super Senses, Incapacitate, Outwit, 2 Unknowns with 1 four ranged attack, well, i like this click because he's only 88 points and i usually use a 300+ point team, so he fits easily on any team. he has a nice array of abilities. with Leap/Climb, Super S., and S. Senses through his first 4 clicks. plus he has 4 range.


9: Dr. Doom (Veteran)- 8,12,18,3. Mastermind, Energy Explosion, Perplex, Incapacitate, Toughness, Outwit, Willpower. with 2 ten ranged attacks. well, first and foremost, he costs 198 points. which is very bad, but he's worth it, if your going to build a team, build one around him.


8: Flash (Veteran)- 11,10,17,1. Hypersonic Speed, Outwit, Super Senses, Force Blast. he only costs 82 points, so like Spiderman, he will fit easily onto most teams, but he'll have to get up close to do any damage.


7:Ultron (Rookie)- 10,12,17,3. Energy Explosion, Toughness, and 2 ten ranged attacks. he costs 111 points, which is not bad at all for what you get, it will take a while for him to get taken down. with a 10 range, he can hit from a good distance.


6:Firelord (Veteran)- 12,13,18,3. Energy Explosion, RCE, Barrier, Energy Shield/Deflection. he costs a wee 97 points. and anybody who doesnt use him is not in the right mind. The down side is that his stats go down FAST.


5: Bullseye (Veteran)- 6,11,16,1. Energy Shield, RCE. only 43 points, woah, there is only one click i have that is a better cheapo, Quicksilver.but, anyways, he is good, 'nuff said.


4: Quicksilver (Veteran)-14,9,16,2. Energy Shield. only 28 points, WOW, there is no reason why u should'nt use him.


3:OWAW Superman (LE)-11,11,16,3. Hypersonic Speed, Impervious, Super Strength, Leadership, Toughness, Force Blast. Do i really need to describe him?


2: Thanos (Unique)-12,13,18,3. Tougness. No need to describe him either.


1: Green Lantern (Veteran)-12,11,18,2. Willpower, RCE, Barrier, he is my ultimate favorite click, i have never lost with him, (only played 2 games, but by the looks of it, he'll be winning for a lot more games to come) he is a beat-stick. build a team around him, and that's all i can say about him, he is monstrous, and he should win.



Well, there u go, it's not the best, but it's good.