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HeroClix News, Tips, Comics, & More

Jonathan Chapman - Top 10 Lists

Top 35 Wildcard Figures (Rated)
Mary Jane Watson (Pog) - cheap/abusable in multiples
V Dr. Strange (FF) - a great offense/def piece
REV Taskmaster - low points with great offense
U Peter Parker (Ult) - great stats with incap up front
V Spiderman (Ult) - great powers, stealth really helps
Exp Spiderman (Starter) - great attack for points
REV Jinx - PC, Psyblast, Phasing.. just an amazing piece
E Black Cat - great mobility, harasser
Drake Burroughs - great damage w/ RS
REV Wildfire - great damage w/ RS, secondary attacker
Prometheus - nice defense but needs stealth
V Spiderman (CM) - great variety of options
V Spiderman (MM) - great variety of options
V Cloak - Poison, great tie-up/harasser piece
V Silver Sable - MM with great attack and powers
V Dagger - RS + PsyBlast and SS, needs stealth
V Iron Fist - amazing attack with different options
V Hellboy - changes from range to close combat
U Hellboy - nice stats with lots of powers
R Submariner - long useful dial with decent stats
EV Annihilus - costly but with great stats
Spiral - flurry/BCF with nice stats for points
E Rasputin - great secondary attacker
V Daredevil - fragile once hit but nice package
Nyeun Chun Ti - great offense figure
REV Persuader - great offense figure
REV Doombot - great taxi w/ options
Clint Barton - great harasser
E Ultron - great offense/defense but costly
U Hulk (CM) - great offense but costly
Manticore - nice variety of powers
Positron - support with 17 defense w/ options
REV Live Wire - great point filler, taxi w/ options
E Firestar - poor stats for points w/ poison
R Brainiac 5 - poor offense but w/ outwit

Top 35 Range-Focused Figures (Ranked)
REV Firelord - amazing power + def. for points
KC Green Lantern - KC TA, 20 Defense, RS, high att/dmg
Amazo - Trickshot target, HSS + high att/dmg
V Green Lantern - Nice Defense, GL TA, RS, TK
U Thor (Ultimates) - amazing for points
V Superman (Icons) - amazing up-front stats (high cost)
EV Green Arrow - multi-target incap + nice attack + RCE
V Mandarin - 12 range with MC, great stats
EV Ghost Rider (FF) - PsyBlast + RS, great stats
Dr. Doom (FF) - WC, RS + PW, Nova Blast Target
U Brainiac (Icons) - RS + PW w/ 5 dmg, Nova Blast target
U Iron Man (Ultimates) - amazign for points
U Phoenix (Ultimates) - RS + PW
U Magneto (Ultimates) - great offense for points w/ imperv.
U Magneto (Zorn Sendaway) - nice att/dmg w/ TK
V Dr. Strange (Infinity) - WC with lots of powers
Vet Havok - 4 dmg, 16 + ESD def.
V Hawkeye (FF) - transporter, TBolt target, good powers
Black Queen (MM) - RS + Psyblast, 16 def w/ ESD
RE Blackfire - nice attack, multi-target w/ high dmg
V Nightwing - mult-target incap, stunning blow target
E Pyro - great defense + barrier + RCE
EV Boomerang - EE with multi-target
V TO Morrow - nice offense piece
EV Bullseye - cheap ranged threat
V Green Goblin (FF) - good damage w/ nice powers
V Human Torch (FF) - good damage w/ RS, FF Feat target
EV Obsidian - nice att., psy-blast, phasing
Alex Summers - good dmg/att/def for points
R Sinestro - great powers for points
REV Dagger - RS + Psyblast, SS
V Moonstar - RS + Psyblast (a tad bit expensive)
LE Annihilus - RS + PW
EV Blizzard - RS + PW
E Cyclops (Ultimates) - 4 damage with RS

Top 10 Incap Figures (Ranked)
EV Green Arrow - high att., multi-target
V Nightwing - outwit, multi-target, stunning blow target
V Black Widow (Ultimates) - anti-stealth, stunning blow target
Peter Parker (Ult.) - WC, great powers
LE Mr. Freeze - TA lender, multi-use
EV Mr. Freeze - great utility figure
V Paramedon Scout - taxi + harasser
V Parademon Warrior - cheap harasser
U Ant-Man - high-defense tie-up
Akemi - flurry, TA lender

Top 10 TK Figures (Ranked)
R Jean Grey - pushable with ESD
REV Johnny Alpha - great offense and stealth
U Magneto (Ultimates) - great offense
Clarice Ferguson - well-rounded w/ nice powers
Sinestro of Korugar - nice secondary attacker
REV Songbird - TBolts target, nice well-rounded
Moondragon - hard to use but well-rounded
EV Jade - nice secondary attacker
E Fatality - nice secondary attacker
RE Mandroid Armor - Shield TA, cheapest TK

Top 16 Outwit Figures (Ranked)

RE Black Panther - BCF/Free Movement + Stealth
E Batman (Icon Starter) - TA + great attacker
Deathstroke - nice offense, steath, EE, and WP
REV Lobster Johnson - WC, nice attack/dmg, Stealth
V Nightwing - outwit, multi-target, Stunning Blow target
REV Batman (Legacy) - different yet all amazing
E Batman (HT) - nice secondary attacker
V Flash (HT) - nice secondary attacker
V Abbey Chase - SS/DG combo, nice harasser
REV Batman (Icons) - nice for well-rounded teams
Frank Castle - nice for secondary attacker
RV Dr. Strange (FF) - great variety of powers
Prometheus - good for WC abuse, nice def.
Red Robin - nice secondary attacker, TA lender
V Beast (Ultimates) - nice variety of powers
EV Punisher - plays well but easily destroyed

Top 15 HSS Figures (Ranked)

Amazo - Still so very good with Trickshot Feat
V Superman (Icons) - expensive but very effective
EV Black Adam - HSS w/ SS = 5 Damage Threat
KC Flash - 20 defense and Outwit w/ KC TA
Prof. Zoom - good powers/attack/defense
U The Flash (Icons) - 19 defense w/ quake
Nightcrawler (CT) - still nice for points
E Northstar - TBolts Feat increases value
E Impulse - Armor Piercing makes better
Kid Flash - nice defense w/ perplex
EV Flash (HT) - good attack/defense w/ outwit
Kurt Wagner - a little expensive
EV Jesse Quick - good attack/defense
V Jolt - activation click hurts, but TBolts helps
LE Shazam - a little too expensive

Top 25 Utility Figures (Unranked by Category)

(6) Support

REV Paramedic - best cost-to-stats ratio for medic
R Easy Company Medic - great for DC universe
EV Checkmate Medic - medic w/ options, harasser
R Intergang Medic - outwit TA medic
Jane Foster - willpower medic, hard to find
Xorn - high att., medic for high-cost games

(5) Defense (Support/Barrier)

Sue Storm - stealth, barrier / FF Feat Abuse
R Invis. Girl - inexpensive 18 def. w/ support
Positron - Support + WC w/ options
V Avalanche - PW + Barrier with nice range
REV Pyro - pushable barrier + Nice Damage/Attack

(6) Mobility (TK/Taxi)

R Jean Grey - ESD
REV Lockjaw - Harasser/Super-Taxi
R Songbird - TBolt + Nice Damage
R Mandroid Armor - Shield TA
E Wasp (Starter) - GL w/ TBolts
R Polaris - 4 Damage

(3) PC
R Jinx - Mobile with PsyBlast
R Domino - stealthed harasser w/ SS
RV Destiny - Free Movement

(5) Misc
The Red Hood - Enhancement/Harasser
R U-Men - Enhancement/MM Fodder/Harasser
R Moloid - Tie-Up/Harasser
R Con Arist - cheap Perplex
Oracle - ICWO Card, TA, Outwit/Perplex

Honorable Mentions:

Alicia Masters - great tie-up with Sue Storm
Jarvis - 9 pts for any TA but no other use
Hydra Medics - Hydra TA + support (def. too low)
Shield Medic - Shield TA + support (def. too low)
Booster Gold - higher defenses make him less useful
Rok Vulture - mere-taxi's are no longer viable
R Avalanche - 4 range really stifles his use

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