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From: D. Forest [mailto:dforest@adelphia.net]
Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2005 5:54 PM

Subject: Drews Top Ten Heroclix

I have been collecting heroclix for quite a while. My top ten guys who have won me a few tourneys are:

10.) Blade (V) from Mutant Mayhem. For 42 points, Blade has stealth, blades/claws/fangs, and willpower. He is a must have heroclix.

9.) Captain America (E) from Universe. Captain America has Leadership, Stealth, and Energy Shield/Deflection all for 46 points.

8.) Supergirl (V) from Unleashed. Supergirl costs a highly expensive 148 points. The only reason I like her is for her Super Strength, Running Shot, and Impervious. She has a range of 6.

7.) Bane (R) from Hypertime. For only 61 points, Bane has Close Combat Expert, Toughness, and Super Strength for most of his clix. Hes an overall good heroclix.

6.) Aquaman (E) from Icons. Aquaman is a pretty good heroclix. With a point value of 56, he has Super Strength, Toughness, and Leadership. Also a range of 4.

5.) Black Knight (V) from Fantastic Forces. With a 77 point value, Black Knight has Charge, Toughness, and Exploit Weakness. I always use him.

4.) Ghost Rider (V) from Fantastic Forces. Ghost Rider has a point value of 102 points. I think he's worth it for Running Shot, Invulnerbility, and Psychic Blast. A range of 8.

3.) The General (U) from Unleashed. The General costs 176 points. He has Charge, Super Strength, Close Combat Expert, and Impervious. A range of 8.

2.) Green Lantern (E) from Unleashed. Green Lantern is not just one of my favorite superheroes, but one of my favorite heroclix. Although he has a point value of 125 points, he has Running Shot, Willpower, Long Range Combat Expert, and Telekinesis. Also has a range of 10!

1.) Hulk (U) from Ultimates. One of the best heroclix. With a point value of 182 points, Hulk goes up to 6 damage. The leader of my team!

Any questions about my top ten, email me at DPFkilla@Yahoo.com. Please no harassing or swearing.

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