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Reader's Top 10 Heroclix

Gary V's Top 10 Team clix. Plus the list that did not make the Ten.
March 21, 2007

Here we have a list of my favorite clix to use when I play my budz. You may wan't to read this because this list is diverse. Every clix on this top ten i have i have played and i have won games.
10. Black Panther Expierenced- This clix is not only the best version but also a monster. The stealth, outwit, and blades claws on the first click is not only a awesome combo but the 16 D is a little nice cherry on the sunday. 36 points this click has been used on my team alot. Hes usually the comback guy when I lose, I team him with a costly click KC supes KC Shazam or thanos and when the heavy hitters die hes the one to come out swingin.
9 Con Artist, Xplosion- The simple looking fig. At first you'll think female thug/lackey. But the REV is wonderful, 11 for the R and she has perplex on the second click. First turn move her, second turn push her, and attack with your hypersonic or running shot person.
8 Veteran Venom, from Critical Mass- This click is Vintage Venom. The 10 with leap climb, 11 with super strength, and 16 D with toughness shows that he takes the lickings and keeps clicking. The perplex with 2 damage is a little shaky. I think he shoulda had 3 damage but hey this click is a golden oldy and should be tested.
7 U Carnage, Ultimates- This is the same as Venom but insted of the super strength he has blades claws, and incap after some damge is done. This clix is to be feared as when he gets in your face, the damage done to your opponent can accumulate fast. Run him with Venom to make the Symbiote combo a gruesome two some. Perplex is nice and handy if you think his Atk is low.
6 Kc Flash, Legacy- Well hes number 6 because I don't use him all that much cause people tend to wine about him. But use him! Make your friends mad cause you wont hit this monster. This is possibly the nastiest, and broken click ever. 150 points this flash is. He has 15 movement with hypersonic speed. 12 attack and 20 defence, the 2 damage with outwit is nice. Ontop of everything you base him you have to roll cause of the KC ability. Not only can you not hit him, its hard to base him. The 20 D makes it hard to hit, unless you're U Thanos from Infinty. This is a cheese clix and you know what who cares lol :-P.
5. U Iron Man, from Ultimates- Run hide its Ultimate Iron Man!! But can you hide from the U team? Ok this click is shakey, but number 5 for many reasons. His 12 speed with running shot is great. The 8 range is ok, I guess the lower his firepower. His 10 ATK with Energy Explosion is good. You can do a click to a party on the map. The 16 D with impervious is also wonderful as Iron Man can avoid damage done to him. Down the dial he gets worse but you can always scream MEDIC!
4. REV Super Man, Icons- Ok the name Super Man should have everyone sayin. OH GREAT. Not only does the yellow touch par with that of Ultimates Thor. The Blue touches par with Gladiator and other heavy hitters. But more down the line you have the red. This Super Man is possibly the best version other than KC supes. 13 movement with HS and the 10 range 5 damage and 12 atk screams mollywhop or curb stomp. Super Man team lets you know you have no where to run. I pulled all of these verisons in the same day played them and you can't go wrong with any of the three.
3 U Thanos, Super Nova- "I am Thanos of Titan fear my power as I level the cosmos."            This click is possibly the most done right click marvel has produced!Besides the power cosmic making him unable to take pushing damage, and his power not being able to be countered. His powers alone on the dial scream HES A BEAST!!! The 9 movement with phasing is terrible but he makes up for it with range and damage. The 13 atk with P Blast is great not only does Impervious and such not work he has 4 damage. Ontop of the atk he has 18 D with Impervious, which is awesome the outwit is a nice icing on the cake, say hes fighting supes do the 4 damge and outwit his hypersonic so he cant attack and run away.
2 U korvac, Super Nova- Why is korvac number 2 you may be screaming. Well the power cosmic and he's Thanos junior. Hes 212, not as costly as Thanos and you can run support to help him. His 12 movement with phasing is great cause not only is he flying but you can get away with the 12 movement. His 10 atk with P blast is great because your defence modifyers won't do nothing. 17 D with Impervious is great aswell. Then we come to 4 damage with outwit, you can do the damage with P Blast and then outwit your big threat1 Be it hypersonic, RCE, or CCE. Korvac shouldn't be taken lightly.
1- Silver Surfer Veteran Super Nova- This clix is not only 265 but its worth every pretty penny. When I pulled this outa my first super nova pack I freaked to see its power.12 Move ment with RS, 10 ATK with Energy Explosion and 18 D with invuln. The Power Cosmic is great because you can push and push, The 4 damage is another nice additon with the ten range you cant go wrong. This clix is awesome and I'd recomend to use him as he's really really good. Throw on perplexers and you can have your self a beefy surfer. Down the dial he gets better eventually he gets hypersonic and P Blast. Sufer is a great fig i'd recomend to use him when ever you can.
Other clixs that are top par but got cut from the list. Sorry for no explinations. Once again I do have all of these clix played them and they are very good.
Super Man, KC.
Shazam, KC.
Iron Man Vet, From Xplosion.
Venom, LE Sinister.
Doom, LE Super Nova.
Hulk, U Ultimates.
I hope you enjoyed this little top ten. Thank you for reading.
Please feel free to email me! Hate mail, flame mail or trash talk i don't care if you want to be a child go right ahead. Its your choice whether or not to be civil. I don't mind criticism i don't mind pointers. Heck i'll share combos if you share em. My email is Gnar_Kill@sbcglobal.net dont email me about trades I'm sorry but online trades are not something i trust. Please don't email me chain letters or sales. Don't email me about your new message boards. I did this top ten for clix players and for Pojo.com.  If this top ten appears anywhere else other than pojo please contact me! This is only for Pojo!



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