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Reader's Top 10 Heroclix
Top 10 Dangerous Figures - Owlman166


Hello, fellow clixer's; Just thought I'd send you guys a list of my top ten

most dangerous figures that I have, as well as a few honerable mentions. Let's

get started...


11. Dr. Doom (V) Clobberin' Time 198


One of the classics, Doc here is a finesse piece. His first 2 clicks are incredible, with a speed of 8 w/running shot, attack 12 with Energy Ex, defense 18 with Mastermind, and damage 3 with Perplex.  Unfortionately, his glass jaw prevents him from quite making the top ten., he crumples like tin foil. Still, if you can manage to keep him on his top clicks, he can be one of the most dangerous figs on the board.


10.) Black Bolt (U) Sinister 166


My personal favorite Marvel hero, he is tremendously underpowered here, yet incredibly over-priced as well. Though I must admit, he has a significant damage output, and I have used him  to good effect, as he starts with Running Shot, Pulse Wave, and Perplex, granting an 11 AV. However, his measly 17 defense (without damage reducers) means one good hit will send him to useless ville. Unless you're lucky enough to land on your last click, in which case you can go out with a nuclear explosion. (You are using Nova Blast, right?) 


9.) The Joker (E) 85


Ah, good 'ol Joker. Even today, this guy still brings the funny, in the hands of an experienced player. (And a little dice luck, as well.) My favorite villain, Experienced Joker (by far the best of the three) is the ultimate finesse piece. The keys to playing the Legacy Jokers are relatively simple, yet no easy task: Memorize their dials. Once you accomplish that, they become a nightmare to deal with. This stratagy enables you to predict Joker's next click(s). For example, Joker is at full health, and Ult. Thor is about to clobber him. In a high point game, that's fine with me. I know exactly what click I'll be landing on, and I'll be able to return the favor next turn! (E) Joker's first click is why he makes the list: 10,9,18,2 with L/C, Poison, Combat Reflex's (granting a 20 defense!), and Exploit Weakness. With Armor Piercing, Joker can seriously put a dent in just about anybody. Even if he does get hit,(and there's a good chance he will) he can always go out with a BANG... 


8.) Dormammu (U) Critical Mas 206


This guy's a ranged  beast! 11 clicks of health, combined with 10 clicks of PB, and 6 clicks of Outwit, and a starting 12 AV = Holy freakin' Heroclix, Batman! Properly supported, Dormy here can rule the board with his pumpkin looking flame head. I know. I've done it. He's my favorite old-fashioned heavy hitter, and will always have a special place in my heart.


7.) Zoom (U) Arkham Asylum 130


Wow. He says, "I'll Make you BETTTTTER, and that's just what he does. He can zip around the field, smack you twice, and runaway. Give him ICWO, Nanobots, and/or Armor Piercing and your all set. With an 11 AV, Prob. Control, and Flurry, the chances are...He won't miss! By far, the best secondary attacker in the game, close-combat wise. 


6.) Dr. Strange (V) Secret Invasion 149 


Best sniper piece in the game. 33% chance at double Perplex, and his trait, "Eye of Agamotto" with a 10 range/double shot makes my jaw drop. Can you say OHMYGOSH?! And, he's a wildcard! Place Bombastic Bagman in front of him, as a meat shield, and he becomes the ultimate cheese piece... Nuff' said.


5) Hulk (U) Ultimates 182 


Once you get past the activation click, HULK SMASH! This version of Hulk is famous for really being the first to immediately power up, once pushed. The Infinity Challenge version's are the most frustrating and hair-pulling model's I've ever played with, but this grey monster takes beats 'em all. However, he needs either a taxi, or some TK in order to really make him shine. By the way, he was the first character in the game to possess a natural 6 damage, not including Galactus. 


4) Karnak (U) Supernova 79


Watch out, he's gotta big green head, and he's not afraid to use it! This is the Persuader that people order when they're on a diet. He packs the same punch, except he's about 50 points cheaper. I have to admit, I've probably KO'd more figures with Karnak than with any of my other figs. I used to have Lockjaw carry Karnak (With Protected) up too my opponent's heavy hitter, so that Lockjaw's blocking line of sight. Now, the opponent has a choice. Either risk a 50-50 chance of breaking away, or they can attack Lockjaw, wasting an action. Next turn, Karnak maneuvers around Lockjaw (thanks to Charge) with Ex. Weakness, and clocks the heavy hitter for 3-4 damage, and there's nothing they can do about it. It's very key that you have Protected on Karnak, or you risk him getting severely clobbered. 


3) Thor(U) Ultimates 186


What can I say? Goldilocks has a 10 speed with Running Shot, 12 AV, and 5 damage with a 10 range. Victory points win games. Thor gets victory points. Need I go on? Oh, he's anti-stealth, by the way. "Is that you, Batsy? Come out and play! Come on, now, don't be shy"...(WHACK!) "Aw, Batman looks so peaceful... He's taking a nice wittle nap."


 I don't care what anyone says, Thor can go toe-to-toe with any of the big dogs. 


2) Ghost Widow (LE) City of Villains 54


"Holy Victoria's Secret!" I'm sorry, but this chick is the hottest fem fatale (Did I spell that right?) in the game, when it comes to Heroclix. OK, let's start with 1. her point value: 54. Meaning she can fit snugly onto any team you can think of. Nice. 2. She's a taxi. Double nice. 3. She's got the Arachnos TA, which translates into Mystics for all you ignoramus's who don't know your team abilities. Wait...What!? I believe she is the cheapest Mystic in the game right now. Dang. 4. A 9 attack value. WITH SUPPORT. Say what!? That's right, Support. OK, she just became IMHO, the best support figure in the game, people. 5. She's got an 18 defense. (19 with the Loner feat card!) And, last but not least, she possess's Regeneration! She can heal herself!! There's just one, slight downside. She's only got 5 clicks of health. But hey, they had to give her something to balance out her uber-cheap Support/Mystic abilities. 

Ghost Widow, I love you...


Drum roll please...Numero Uno is...





1) Ares (U) Legacy 275 


Yeah, I'm a sucker for uber-powerful heavy hitters. What can I say? Don't ask me what I had to do to get him. The nick-name I dubbed him is Maximus Kingdom Comes. Starting stat's are 12, 14, 19, 5 with Phasing/Teleport, Super Strength, Impervious, and Outwit. Ares always shish-kabobs anyone foolish enough to challenge him. "Puny mortals!" He's got the Mystics TA (My favorite team ability!) 10 clicks of health, and an 8 range. Sometimes I'll use Fortitude, but other times I'll give him Shellhead, Protected, and Alias. It all depends. Make sure if you field him you've got TK, Barrier, and a good medic. (Ghost Widow, anyone?) There is no doubt about it, though: This guy is the King of all my Heroclix. 


There you have it. My top ten most dangerous figs I have. Now for some Honorable Mentions:


(U) Nick Fury (Sinister)


(V) Bullseye (Sinister)


(U) Mastermind (Mutations/Monsters)


(U) Bombastic Bagman (Web of Sp.) 


(E) Batman (Icons)


(V) Question (DC Origins)


(U) Iron Man (Ultimates) 


(U) Nightmare (Infinity Challenge) 


Email me @ bercawje@palmbeachstate.edu


"Keep spinning dials, people!" 


Owlman out.


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