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Nicks Top Ten Powers


10. Ranged Combat Expert-My second favorite in the game. It may not be the best, but adding two to your damage when using Ranged attacks is truly amazing. I never play a game without someone with Ranged Combat Expert.


9.Perplex-Now we come to perplex. One of the better powers. Perplex can add or subtract one from any stat including range. Man if I had one more range, Perplex it. Perplex is really useful. Say you want a extra attack, perplex it. Perplex is one of the most versatile powers in heroclix. And that's why its number nine on my list.


8. Super Senses- I just love super senses. Being able to dodge an attack with a roll of a six or five is just amazing. I havae dodged so many huge attacks with this. Its one of my favorite powers. But there's also a downside unlike impervious if you don't roll a five or six you take all of the damage from the attack.


7. Willpower-Willpower is one of the better powers in heroclix. Being able to attack twice in a row without pushing is pretty good. Just think of someone with flurry. They could attack four times in two turns without pushing themselves.


6.Running Shot-I like this power more than charge because you can hit furthur away. Being able to move and attack is truly unique. Only two powers in the game allow you to do this, charge and running shot. I always hate it when they give someone with running shot ranged combat expert it really annoys me. Why couldn't they make there damage go up by two and not have ranged combat expert. Thats the only bad thing about running shot.


5.Support-I love support. It's just so good. Being able to heal a character is just awesome. Just keep someone with support away from the battle and once someone gets hurt. Send them to be healed and send them back out after you heal them.


4.Impervious-Not only can you dodge all the damage the worst you can do is reduce the damage by two. Impervious has to be the best defensive power in the game. The only thing bad about it is when someone outwits it. Then you get really mad, because you are wide open to attacks.


3.Stealth-I just love stealth. It would have been two on my list but the ultimates team ability came out. But still it rocks, as long as your in hindring terrain you can't be hit by ranged combat attacks. What more can you ask for.


2.Probability Control-So you just rolled a one for Blades/Claws/Fangs, probability control it. You just rolled a six. So you rolled a four for super senses, probability control it. Probability control gives you a second chance to any dice roll. It has to be the second best power in the game


and number 1 is


1.Outwit-You may think your unstoppable, then bam your impervious is gone and your wide open to attacks. So you just got regeneration. Then they outwit it, so you can't regenerate. Outwit has to be the best power out there. It can stop primary attackers very easily.


Honorable Mentions go to: Hypersonic speed, Invulnerbility, Regeneration, Mind Control, Charge,  Blades/Claws/Fangs, and Psychic Blast. All of these are great powers but I prefer other powers.


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Article By: Nicholas Wright