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Top 10 Hypersonic Speed Heroclix

10. Quicksilver E -- Armor Wars
A high 13 speed for 62 points. Difficult to hit due to Super Senses and 17 defense. C= = an't forget the Avengers team switched to Alpha Flight to make his poor 9 attack to 10 (against ce= rtain clix).

9. Jesse Quick (any) -- Unleashed
Great candidate for Armor Piercing. Jesse is mainly a speedy taxi with 17 defense but= = she can hold her own when she needs to.

8. Shazam! LE -- Unleashed
Shazam is very expensive at 256 points but with all that power he may be worth it. Ag= = ain like all these clix, amazing speed that can get him out of battle in a rush. Might I add he do= es 5 clicks.

7. Kid Flash V -- Legacy
Mini Flash made the list due to his Perplex. His stats aren't the most powerful and hi= = s dial isn't the longest for 81 points, but the clix has Perplex and that's a bonus added to a sec= ondary attacker in my mind.

6. Nightcrawler U -- Clobberin' Time
The ever popular Nightcrawler. When you break it down he's really not that great (but = = good enough to be #6 here). 14 speed and 18 defense packed on one clix is extremely rare but the f= act that he does 2 damage spoils him as a first attacker. He's just an expensive secondary attacke= r that's hard to heal.

5. Amazo U -- Cosmic Justice
Amazo is the slowest clix on this list but he does have the best range of 10 w/2 arrow= = s. Impressive attack values all around the dial packed with Super Strength up front. If Amazo's RC= E is outwitted he can always dish out 5 clicks at close combat.

4. The Flash U -- Icons
Same thing as Nightcrawler except more points and worth the extra points. There is a l= = ong stretch in intimidation between 18 and 19 defense and Flash has that 19 defense. He's a Quaker= (not the oats) but after Quake just a trip back to the medic, which won't be a challenge with Wil= lpower.

3. KC Flash U -- Legacy
You don't see 15, 12, 20, 2 as a starting click very often. The Outwit nearly guarante= = es a 2 damage hit on anyone. Mid-dial Quake may surprise your opponents. You're never screwed with= Flash; after Quake is when you flee and with 12 speed and all-dial HSS there's a good chance you'= ll make it out alive.

2. Black Adam EV -- Unleashed
Super Strength and Hypersonic Speed is a great combo. His defense is a flaw since it's= = too low at the beginning and too high when you need to heal him. Other than that an incredible fo= rce worth playing.

#1. Superman V -- Icons
What can I say.. 13 speed + 10 range + 5 damage =3D intimidation. He may have such lit= = tle HSS on his dial to be #1 on this list, but 18 defense with Impervious means Supes won't have t= rouble staying full power. He was better before Wizkids changed HSS to range cut in half because t= hen he could reach somebody on his first move all by himself. Even close combat he can just spree = in a small battle and nail someone for 7 clicks. Amazing.

Notable mentions: Jolt V, Man of Steel, Supes Robot and Mary Marvel. Please no hate mail.


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