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HeroClix News, Tips, Comics, & More

By: DrStrange86 - Jim

Hey everyone, I am a big fan of making teams out of a lot of little guys who can do a lot. Used right, these little guys can dominate any big guns out there. Another great thing about these guys is that none of them are really hard to get, making team building a breeze.

I should also mention that I am not including any members of the pit crew in here (R Jean, R Black Panther, Destiny, Con Artist, Paramedic) because everyone knows how broken those one trick ponies are. This list is about attackers.

10. Cyclops V (DR) – What more can you say about a click that can do 3 damage from a 10 range for 40 points? Slap on nice attack values that start with a 10, some sporadic RCE, and some Psychic Blast at the end, and you have a piece that can stay very dangerous throughout the game.

9. Clarice Ferguson LE – Why is this little TK’er on the list? Well it’s simple; she is a TK’er who can also be a major hassle to your opponent. Besides that ever-useful ability, she also sports a full dial of phasing to help her move wherever she wants. She also sports a 6 range with 2 targets, giving her a nice chance to hit with her 9 attack for 2 damage. Her click of Super Senses gives her a chance to stay around a little longer, and her Energy Explosion works great with her 2 targets. Her attack drops quickly, and she only has the one click of Super Senses, but she is quite a bargain for 44 points.

8. Storm V (DR) – Why are the best pieces out of Danger Room the cheapest? For 40 points you get a lot: Stealth, RCE, very nice and consistent attack values, and a good taxi for all teams, especially X-Men. She also sports an 8 range along with a pretty nice defense for the entire dial. Just like the comics, she is a true team player who brings a lot of attack power.

7. Spymaster V – One of the best new attackers to come out in a while, all of these pieces are great, but the vet stands out above the rest. He has an 8 range with a very consistent attack and is dangerous for the entire dial. He is an amazing bargain for 29 points.

6. Scourge V – Most of the time, when you spend 21 points on a piece, you don’t get much. This is not the case here. An 11 attack for 2 damage with stealth and shape change all on the same click. His range of 6 is a little limiting, but your opponent is going to have a tough time getting to him. His defense is low (14 tops), and his life is short at only 4 clicks, but you get more than your moneys worth with him.

5. Havok V – The first of the overly ridiculous attackers. 44 points gives you a 10 attack and 4 damage. But wait, there’s more. You also get a healthy range of 8 with an 18 defense from range thanks to ESD. Once he takes some damage, he can either harass with pulse wave, or help his friends with the X-men team ability.

4. Mockingbird V – Wow, what a package for 34 points. A 19 defense (CR) and the ability to do 4 damage (CCE) for these points is amazing, simply amazing. Her attack values are also good and the fact that she is an avenger makes it even better. Slap on Alpha Flight for a better attack, or Thunderbolts to help her and any wildcards on the team. She is by far the best piece to come out of Sinister.

3. Blackfire R – This little girl has it all; running shot, an 8 range, a 9 attack, and 4 damage. The low defense is a problem, but the way to play her is to slap the Vendetta card on her, keep her in the back, then TK her out to finish off that Ares for some major points. Lucky Break also helps make sure she hits that crucial attack. For a base 48 points, she is an amazing piece, even though her Exp is the best of the three.

2. Bullseye (IC) V – All of them are good, but the Vet is the main attraction. An 11 attack, 18 defense (from range), 3 damage (RCE), and the ability to share it with a wildcard all for 43 points. Add in a 10 range with 2 targets and you are bound to hit something from very far away. Trickshot and Lockjaw are his best friends: carry, hide, and shoot.

1. Lockjaw V – Ah, the infamous one. What more can you say about Lockjaw that hasn’t been said before? He has ridiculous movement, a long dial, a transporter with phasing, and even toughness to make his long dial even longer. Let’s not forget the LAMP teams and trickshot abuse as well. All this and the vet tops out at only a measly 38 points?

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