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Top 10 Avenger Heroclix

-- All these Heroclix have the Avengers team ability.

-- Alpha Flight & Thunderbolts feat cards are mentioned several times so for poeple who don't know w= = hat they are, here:
Alpha Flight: Attack is +1 against one opposing character or team. (Same as Ultimate X Team)
Thunderbolts: Change team ability to any other except wildcard.

10. Vision U -- Infinity Challenge
With Phasing and Super Strength he's meant for close combat but has a high 10 range as= = an added bonus. Although his damage is two, slap on Incontact w/Oracle to up to three. Thunderbol= ts could give him Mystics team or instead try Alpha Flight to bring his high 11 attack to an unsto= ppable 12 (against certain clix).

9. War Machine E -- Armor Wars
Same strategy as Vision except War Machine is all range. Would've been higher is his = = ending defense was easier to heal.

8. Iron Man V -- Armor Wars
Much better attack than its first version. Iron Man is straight up just a big gun wit= = h the Avengers team ability. He can always do some good damage and has Outwit up front. Not to men= tion he's incredibly fast and stretches the board with 10 range. End of the dial is easy to heal.

7. Moon Knight E -- Critical Mass
Cheap secondary attacker that can do up to 4 damage (w/object). Includes high speed p= = acked with Stealth and later gains Leap/Climb to run back to medic. Use Alpha Flight to make that = attack a much better 10 (against certain clix).

6. Black Knight E -- Fantastic Forces
All Black Knight's are good but the experienced is worth it. Fast transporter with Ex= = ploit Weakness and Charge (which do work together). His 15 defense kept him from a top spot on thi= s list.

5. Quicksilver E -- Infinity Challenge
Medic harrasser. Sneak Quicksilver around the board and lock him up against your oppo= = nent's medics. Alpha Flight works best when attack is upgraded against a medic and flurry could gu= arantee 4 clicks. By then most medics have lost Support or died.

4. Hawkeye V -- Fantastic Forces
Great transporter that can dish it out himself. Thunderbolts to Mystics is afforda= = ble with Hawkeye or use Alpha Flight to give him an ultra high 12 attack (against certain clix.) B= etter yet use Alpha Flight and the transporter hypersonic speed. This way his attack is still a de= cent 10 and he can fly around the board.

3. Black Panter R -- Infinity Challenge
Stealthy Black Panther can Outwit from a bush like other Heroclix but the differrence= = here is that he's the cheapest outwitter out there. And why not use Alpha Flight; it costs zero p= oints.

2. Mockingbird E -- Sinister
Game-changing clix for only 27 points. Keep her grounded and close combat to make her= = defense 18 (w/Combat Reflexes). Leap/Climb means no breakaway and CCE means 4 clicks in one hit! = Yet another Heroclix candidated for Alpha Flight. The lousy 9 attack becomes a decent 10 (against = certain clix).

1. Wasp E - Universe Starter Set
Best taxi out there. For 24 points (including Thunderbolts cost) you get a taxi with = = a high 17 defense that can carry up to 8 Heroclix w/Green Lantern team. It can up a friendly chara= cter's attack (Hydra/Police), enhance damage (SHIELD), bring Ultimates team to all your wildcards,= share its defense with a wildcard (Defenders/JSA) and so much more. The ultimate taxi that's also= an excellent support piece.

There you have it. Notable mentions include Mockingbird V, Songbird REV, Wasp U & Ant-Man. Please no= = hate mail.



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