Subject: The top ten I Have.
10:Dr.Strange(E) The doc has it all Phasing,Incapacitate,Energy Sheld,RCE, and the ever popular TK.  For a easy 71 pts has 10 Range and attack for 4 clicks.  AMAZING!

9:Flash(V) The Flash has Hyper speed so he can keep pounding away for 1 click with a 11 Attack.  This may not hurt the Heavies but it takes out those pesky medics and Ninjas with ease.  With the ability to run up,Outwit, and then run back is good for 98 pts.

8:Cheetah(V)  She can run up 5 spaces and still do Blades,Claws,fangs in the same move.  I always use her in my DC team.  With a Defense of 16 comined with SS makes her hard to hit.

7:Blastar(V)  The big Beast Goes up to Stats of:10 Speed,12 attack, 19 Def and has 10 range for 4 clicks.  Need I say more!

6:Xavior(V)  With a Mind Control tha almost never misses The Prof. Has a  11 atk. and lends a 16 defense to everyone around him.   For only 83 points you can have the best mind in the game.  Comes with the X-Men ability so he can be healed by any X-Men or Medic.

5:Dr.Doom(E)  To me he is the best villian in the Marvel universe and the clix version shows it.  3 damage with perplex to make it 4, the 163 point Doom has the infamous Multi-Shot explosion with a 11 attack to make almost always hit.After a little pounding he gets Outwit and invulnerability.

4: Ironman(E)  161 points is worth to wield the iron beast.  The ability to do 5 clicks because of RCE with a 10 range is amazing.  Also has the dreaded Multi-Shot explosion Combonation.  Bow to your Iron King!!

3:Wonder Woman(V)  The best woman in the whole game has Charge,and can do 5 clicks of Pain. The 18 Defense and Impervious Combo! makes her one tough mutha to do damage to.  A 12 attack makes 5 clicks inevitable
2: Superman(LE)  This man of Steel is the Legendary All Worlds At War Version.  236 points of Pure Pain.  Superman has everything you need to take on a army: Hypersonic speed,Super Strenght,Imperv,and 3 clicks on his first click.  You know his good when he is known only as the best piece in the game by many.  But Ithink he will never beat....
1:Thanos(U) The son of a Titan has only one click of Death. Invulnerability for 9 of his 12 clicks with regeneration to end on.  with a attack of 15 he is King of the Universe!!!!!!!  A ten range tops off the 189 point Beast and 3/4. I ALWAYS use this powerful Creature of the Galaxy.