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Reader's Top 10 Heroclix
Top 10 most game changing Heroclix figures ever made - Owlman166

 Here's a list of what I think (IMHO) are by far the top ten most game changing characters in Heroclix history. 


What do you think? 



10) The Joker (REV) ~Icons 


Ah, the infamous LAMP combo. (Lockjaw + Armor Piercing + Mastermind + Poison) This trick is generally pulled off using this version of the deranged clown, and is one of the most dangerous combo's in the game. Joker's starting click contains Stealth, Poison, Mastermind, and Outwit, which means he really doesn't need AP all that much. This combo is as broken as broken can be, and as long as the crafty crime clown is properly supported, he remains a lethal threat on the field. 


9) Ghost Widow (LE) ~City of Villains 


The best support fig in the game. Has appeared on many a tournament team, and has provided crucial healing powers to her allies. And for only 54 points, she packs quite a punch with the Arachnos TA, (i.e. Mystics) and she has self healing in Regeneration.  An invaluable asset to any team that has turned the tide of tournaments more than once. 


8) KC Green Lantern (U) ~Legacy


The few. The proud. Did I mention the few? Weighing in at an undercosted 225 points, KC Green Lantern is one of the few ranged powerhouses who can still hold his own in todays tournament settings. With a 20 defense with Willpower, an attack of 12, a damage of 4 with RCE, plus RS combined with a 10 range, he retains a persistent threat, and must be dealt with accordingly. Remains one of the all time classics. 


7) KC Flash (U) ~Legacy


KC Flash, plus Armor Piercing, + ICWO, + Nanobots, + Protected = one of the most frustrating and devastating characters of all time. He was on 7 out of the top 10 Heroclix players in 2005. (Or was it 2006?) Back when the 10% feat rule didn't exist, players could finally breathe a sigh of relief when the dreaded Scarlet Speedster was retired from active tournament play. A starting click of 15 speed with HSS, a 12 attack, a 20 defense, and a damage of 2 with Outwit made (and still makes) KC Flash one of the most perilous and challenging figures in the game, and he forever changed Heroclix.  


6) Paramedic (REV) ~Xplosion 


Ok, let's get one thing straight. I hate medics. (Even though I will, on rare occasions, use one.) They don't belong on a Heroclix team, and they were the second worst addition to the game. How often do you see a medic in the midst of a Superhero/Super villain comic battle, anyway?... (crickets chirping)... I thought not. I have nothing against Support on regular heroes and villains (such as Ghost Widow), but only if it's comic accurate. Still, the medic is probably the #1 staple on any Heroclix team, if you think about it. Yes, medics help you win games, but you know what, it's not all about winning. It's about having fun, and I manage to do this without medics, (90% of the time) thank you very much. 


5) Con Artist (R) ~Xplosion


The absolute worst, most ridiculous, most disappointing, and most cheesy character ever created in the history of Heroclix...I give you... the hooker. Oh please. When do you ever see a hooker (or a group of hookers) help out a hero or villain, or stand behind him as his personal cheer leading squad? It's ####ing retarded! I absolutely hate and despise Con Artists! I have truthfully never used one, and I never will. (You shouldn't either, IMHO.) The only reason she makes this list is because she helps you win games, like the medic. 




4) Lockjaw (REV) ~Fantastic Forces


I believe Wizkids made a serious marketing error when they made Lockjaw an REV. They should have made him an LE, and made a ton more money off of him. That way, they could have kept his outrageous taxiing abilities under some control. By far the most abused taxi in the game, rarely do you find a tournament team without the lovable Lockjaw. He is only acceptable on an Inhumans themed team, people. Sigh... I rest my case...Moving on...


3) Ult. Thor (U) ~Ultimates


If you don't know who this ranged beast is, then you are obviously a beginner at Heroclix. This version of Goldilocks can junk just about any figure in the game with just 1 or 2 hits. When he first came out, Heroclix fans scrambled to acquire him. Thor is unbelievably broken, possessing a 10 speed with RS, 12 attack, and 4 straight clicks of 5 damage means this guy can really bring the pain. (He actually gets 2 more clicks of 5 damage on his last leg.) Thor is the idiot's guide to Heroclix. You really can't go wrong with him. Yes, his defense peaks at 16, but so what? In Heroclix, the best defense is a good offense. 'Nuff said...


2) Firelord (V) ~Infinity Challange


 Introducing Firelord, the second most famous (and broken) figure in the game (IMO), and the only figure to ever warrant banning from tournaments. (Cramcompany, "top ten...well 11 clix of all time" 2005) Costing a paltry 97 points, the Flaming Q-tip here (pun intended) can do 5 clicks of damage (RCE) with a 13 attack. Did you catch that? I know of characters in the 150-200 point range with attack and damage values way lower than his. The only problem with Mr. "Liar liar, pants on fire" is that his defense drops from an 18 to a 13 on his 4th click, which means that even a rookie shield medic can heal him with out much problem. It steadily drops from there, resulting in an 8 defense, the lowest in the game so far. No doubt about it, when ever Firelord's on the board, he's got a big red Bullseye on the back of his head. If your opponent's smart, he'll make a bee line right for him, so you better protect him, or you'll be the one singing "Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!" (Pun intended again.) 


1) Nightcrawler (U) ~Clobberin'Time


The first character to ever cost more than 50$ on E-bay, (WildWill-2003) and the first Marvel character to ever possess Hypersonic Speed. Back in the day, the fuzzy elf could be taxied up 8 squares with a 15-point R Vulture, run faster than you can say "Bob's your uncle", and shish-kabob your opponent's medic in the blink of an eye. *Evil Grin* Was also the first HSS character to ever have a 2 damage value. An awesome sculpt to boot, if I do say so myself. Nightcrawler appeared on countless Heroclix teams, and IMHO has probably been the most sought after Heroclix figure of all time.  


Questions? Comments? Agree? Disagree? I'm all ears. Email me at nightowl2943@bellsouth.net 


"Keep spinnin' dials, people!"


Owlman out. 



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