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Reader's Top 10 Heroclix

My top 15 most deadly characters I have

By Josh Bercaw email me at jlbercaw@yahoo.com


15. V Cyclops (X-men DR.) 40 p.


Costing only 40 points, this fig can nail an opponent from 10 squares away, has a 17 DV from range, and hits for 3 Damage. What’s not to like?


14. V Storm (X-men DR) 40 p.


Stealth + 2 Damage value w/RCE + 10 AV = I can shoot you for 4 damage but you can’t shoot me! ‘Nuff said.


13. V Silver Samurai (X-Plosion) Phasing + BCF is a deadly combo. Move him 10 spaces, and (hopefully) attack next turn. If your opponent focus’s on a 40 point figure for a few turns, then your doing pretty well, I’d say.


12. V Lockjaw (Fantastic Forces) 38 p.


14 speed. Phasing/Teleport. 8 clix of life. Can taxi your heavy hitter into battle. Need I go on?


11. U Mystique (Armor Wars) 52 p.


She is one bad blue chick, I tell ya. She’s got stealth/Shape Change + PB on her first click, and if she does wind up taking damage, she gains 2 damage w/RCE! (with willpower, I might add.) She is not to be underestimated.


10. V Metamorpho (Collateral Damage)


His first click is not all that impressive, but push him, and he can be devastating, not to mention the Outsiders TA. He gains Plasticity/Poison/and 4 damage value. Great secondary attacker.


9. V Shade (Unleashed) 73 p.


He’s got the Mystics TA, Stealth, Outwit, Regeneration, and TK. An all around great support piece. My friends virtually kill themselves trying to take out Shade, since I can regenerate most of the time. (Snicker)


8. V Taskmaster (X-Plosion) 75 p.


All I can say is wow. Stealth + 12 AV w/BCF + Perplex! This guy is the best 3 bucks I ever spent at my local comic shop. He’s even got the MOD TA. Team him up with Shade… Brrr, I just got the chills…


7. U Owlman (Collateral Damage) 87 p.


I’ve seen this dude win 2nd place at a tournament, and it’s no wonder. He has the CSA TA, 8 clix of life, and can do some serious damage. I recommend putting nanobots on him, if you have it.


6. The Flash (Icons) 99 p.


I like to perplex his DV up to 20, then dash in and use Quake next turn. My friends groan whenever I break him out. There is nothing like knocking back 3 or 4 fig’s with Quake. (Except for maybe outwitting all of an opponents powers.)


5. Gorgon (Mutations and Monsters) 110 p.


Give him a heavy object, charge into the fray (literally) and watch him go to town! A great heavy hitter for the cost, I also recommend using Quake, if given the opportunity.


4. U Black Bolt (Sinister) 166 p.


My personnel favorite superhero, BB is a ranged powerhouse! If you have Nova Blast, use it. You’ll probably win the game. ‘Nuff said.


3. U Karnak (Supernova) 79 p.


I can’t tell you how many figs’ I have slain with this dude. His AV and damage value are brutal!! My friend Jeremy used to have V Thor from Supernova, and used to kick my butt every single time with him. However, I finally beat him with Karnak. (Black Bolt helped a little, too.) I highly recommend Karnak for tournament teams.


2. U Zoom (Arkham Asylum) 130 p.


Zoom can zoom in, attack twice, and runaway. My kinda guy. Oh, he’s got an 11 AV. And Super Senses. And Probability Control. And a 17 DV for 3 clicks. The only reason this clix is not broken is that his damage is only 2. But he does gain 3 damage and Impervious mid-dial, which is awesome.


And finally, my #1 issss……………….


Drum roll, please………………………….


EMPEROR JOKER! (Justice League) U 199 p.


At 199 points, he takes a chunk out of your force, but I have won 3 games with him! He’s just a monster! Check out his dial on the Heroclix website. You’ll see what I mean.


Well, there you have it. My top 15 most deadly Figs.

You can email me at jlbercaw@yahoo.com

(Please, no hate mail.)

A clix a day keeps the gloom away…

Till next, folks!


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