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Reader's Top 10 Heroclix
Top 10 HeroClix Powers - Owlman166

Here, in my opinion, is a list of the top ten most useful powers in Heroclix:


10. Psychic Blast/Exploit Weakness


They're both really the same thing, just one's close and one is ranged. The ability to ignore Impervious and Invulnerability Is very useful.


9. Running Shot/Charge


Do I really have to explain why these are so good?


8. Incapacitate (With multiple targets)


This power can really come in handy, if you think about it. Take (U) Professor X from Fantastic Forces; He has a 12 range with 3 targets, plus an 11 attack with Incapacitate! Just think of the potential...


7. Impervious


This power has saved me numerous times; Super Senses + Invulnerability= pain in the butt. Unless, of course, your opponent has Outwit.

In which case, you should have Fortitude. Moving on...


6. Mastermind


This is my second favorite power. Let's say big, bad Superman smacks my Unique Professor X with a heavy object for 7 clicks of damage.

bzzz...wrong! I simply mastermind the damage off to a 5 point bystander. Cool, huh?


5. Stealth


Translation: I can shoot you, but you can't shoot me. Or, worse yet, I can Outwit your powers/abilities turn after turn. In my oppinion, there is nothing more annoying than a stealthed outwitter. Nuff' said.


4. Hypersonic Speed


Move, attack, and move again. That's basically it. Talk about annoying! Hypersonic Speed + Super Strengh is one of the most dealy combo's in the game, Second only, in my oppinion, to Flurry/BCF. (Potential: Critical Hit + 6 damage plus knock back = 8 damage; Even worse if your opponent is up against a wall! You can attack AGAIN!) My personal favorite combo, by the way, is Stealth, Poison, (or Smoke Cloud), Mastermind, and Outwit. WITH Fortitude.


3. Probability Control


Simply put, I can re-roll a dice roll on my turn, and one dice roll on my opponents turn. An invaluable asset to almost any team. My rolls generally suck about 3/4 of the time, so this abilit is especially handy to me.


2. Perplex


For a free action, add +1 to any stat (Including range) once per turn. This could be substituted for numero uno, because of its potential. Perplex can give you that little extra umphf you need to hit/damage your opponent. This should be a staple on every team. Hands down.


#1...Force Blast! (Just kidding!)


#1 is Outwit


By far, my favorite power in all of Heroclixdom, and the only other power that every good player needs on a Heroclix team. That Impervious giving you some problems? Outwit it. How about that Special power(s) your opponent keeps using to hamper your strategy? Cancel it. KC Green Lantern about to use Willpower to zap you for 6 clicks? O-U-T-W-I-T. The possibilities are nearly endless. The only problems are if your opponent is stealthed, has the Power Cosmic TA/Quintessence, or has Fortitude. Other than that, your pretty much good to go.


Honorable mentions: Poison, Mind Control, Pulse Wave, Willpower, Barrier, and Force Blast. (Yes, Force Blast. Believe it or not, this power can really come in handy every now and then. It just doesn't belong on high point powerhouse's like Superman.)


Owlman166 out. My email address is bercawje@my.palmbeachstate.edu Sorry I forgot to add this to my Old Fashioned 400 Point team.


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