From: Eagan
Subject: Top 10 clix I have
Okay so I couldn't do just a top ten. So I did 15 and the order isn't nessasrily to my liking, but here they are. Sorry for the poor spelling
15:  Vulture E;R    Can you say cheap flyer. Both with an 8 speed he's the taxi that helps get the job done. And his experienced version gives you the syndicate ability. Not a clue why it was on 10 worst.
14: Aquaman R   So I just started using this peice lately, and he really helps get the job done. Leadership for a couple clix, super strength, 3 damage, and a 10 atack.  Pick up an oject and your doing 4 to 5 damage, not bad for only 27 points.
13: Any Robin, R Huntres  Okay so they suck, but with a wild card now you have stealth,and with Robin a smoke cloud to make use of it. And the max cost is 22 points.
12:Typhloyd Mary V   I don't use her much myself, but 21 points, 9 attack and blades she can do damage that even Superman will feel the next morning.
11: Invisible girl R   I used to use her alot, but I no longer like grouping my teams(Energy Explosion will put Quite a hurt on you), still 18 defense is prety good, with energy sheild and hindering terain a 21 deffence will make people cringe.
10: Live Wire R    speed, legion ability, and only 22 point. A fine taxi that can potentialy move for free, help outwit, or transfer a higher attack.
9: Steel R    Possibly only this low on the list because of it's apearence on somone's worst list. Hello!!, cheapest Supes Ally out there, rookie shaq is the man. With an E Ultron or Klaw it'll put a hurtin on your friends stealth teem.
8: Saturn Girl R;E   Mind control, a modest attack, and perplex, sure her damage is zero, but who cares it's all about the mind control. Oh yeah did I mention her best feature wild card team ability.
7: Avalanch R   only 19 points and you got a barrier that doesnt cost an action.
6:Electra U  No not that insanly priced one fom explosion.  11 attack with blades and stealth for 36 points I'll take it. I know some of you are thinking rookie taskmaster or veteran Silver samerai(phasing not stealth), and yo might be on to somthing, but I'm a sucker for a hot girl in a skimpy ninja outfit.
5:MadHatter E or Puppet Master V  We're talkin pretty much the same concept, cheap continuos mindcontrol with a boosted attack based on team ability. Yes you have more options with puppet master, but somtimes he just don't fit.
4: Firelord V any version is great, but the veteran is the only one I got. Anyone who doesn't like his drop in deffence doesn't like to heal. A word of warning though, mindcontrol is a b!#ch. He'll put a serious hurtin' on your own team(5 clix with ranged) and he's not over a hundred points so the mindcontroler doesn't even take damage. But an 18 deffense,13 attack, 12 speed, possible 5 damage at range(even after pushed once) and only 2 KO slots he's one bad mofo.
3: Whirlwind E  If yor using E Ultron and one or two perplexers he's deadly, if you're using three or four, he's catasrtophic He could take out even the likes of Thor or Thanos within one round, and he's only 32 points.
2 Boomerang E  what do you get with an experienced boomerang, E Ultron and enhancement or sheild peices? Complete and total destruction of anr group based team,that's what. Okay so I may be exagerating, but not by much. Remember I said I don't group my teams anymore, this is why. Almost my whole team got destroyed with this combo, and even invisible girl can be hit with 13 attack.  Boomerang has two ranged attacks with energy explosion,and an 8 or 10 range, I can't remember. Not too shaby at all for only 34 points. Plus he's got the syndicate ability.
1:  ULTRON E   Of course, I only mentioned him like five times. First, he looks intimidating. Second(and more importantly) he's a wildcard. Third he has an attack of a wopping 13. Fourth, 2 ranged attacks with energy explosion, and a ten range. Fifth he's got an 18 defense with invulnerability.  Allow me to elaborate, If you put a supes ally on the team he's doing damage to those in stealth. If you put an anti supes ally on the team he's outwiting, batman ally he's got stealth, If you have a syndicate the syndicates attack just shot through the roof, if a Fantastic 4 member dies you get health, and a JSA(rookie black cannery) or defender has the possibility of sharing that 18 defense.  But the best is the two explosions with that 13 attack, thow in a rookie psylock and you're in buisness. I'm sure there's better combos that i can't think of for him as well, But he's definately one of my favorite peices to use.
Sorry to all those who are upset that I didn't mention Destiny, Taskmaster, ConArtist, Paramedic, Rookie Black Panther, Veteran Bullseye, And probably the most regretably unmentioned Ror E Controller who deserves to be in there, I didn't think of it at the time and I'm not going back now. Hope this list is appreciated by all the geeks like me.