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From: XJobenax@aol.com [mailto:XJobenax@aol.com]
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 8:55 PM

Subject: Top 3 Heroclix I use in a game-XJobenax

1 Veteran Darkseid (Icons) What do you get for only 181 points a mini Ares that's right a mini Ares! Of course the only thing that seperates the two is the flurry BCF combo and the Mystics team ability and the clicks till they're dead.But anyways it's time to check out his stats.Just starting he has 14 speed with Phasing, 10 attack with Super Strength, !7 defense with Impervious, 4 damage with Out, and to top it all off a 12 range! Now how to use him. Start off with moving Darkseid his whole 14 speed so he can get into the action easily.Then attack with the full 12 range while outwitting any annoyances you can find and if you have a object the more damage the better.Then if your opponent tries to attack you roll that die and if you don't get he's good but even if they hit you with their heavy hitter that just makes him go to his Psychic Blast click with a 5 damage.But he loses his impervious though while still keeping his 17 defense so if their heavy hitter is still alive he'll have to roll big or just use some perplex.If your opponent gets through his Psychic Blast click then he basically has your Darkseid down for the count unless you heal him which will become easy on his last click 14 speed with Phasing. Overall Darkseid's a great piece and will make any team shine.
2 Veteran Superman-(Icons) I think this Superman maybe the best incarnation of them all. A bit pricey for 251 points but worth every single one of them. To start off 13 speed plus Hypersonic Speed, 12 attack with Super Strength, 18 defense with Impervious, 5 damage, and 10 range with 1 bolt. Automatically that gives you someone your opponent will really have to think about how to just get through his first click. Especially knowing he has 5 damage that can be used with a heavy object to make it a 7.Plus his stats stay rock solid for 6 clicks. And that's saying they make it through his 3 clicks of Impervious and Hypersonic Speed. For an added dose of great stats and abilities he has Super Strength and a reducing power for each of his 11 click dial with his lowest stats being 8 speed, 7 attack, 14 defense and 3 damage. To top it all off he has the Superman Ally team ability to hit those pesky Stealth attackers.
3 Unique Despero-One of the best figures you can get in a Cosmic Justice pack, he is a versatile tank and the best part is he's a tank you can afford. To start off he has 12 speed with Leap/Climb, 12 attack with Psychic Blast, 17 defense with Impervious, 4 damage, and 8 range. That lets you do an automatic 4 damage with the attack to pull it off too. And if your opponent tries to attack you your backed up with 4 whole clicks of Impervious and if he does get hit he has a special surprise in store for them If he gets 1 click he goes from Psychic Blast to Super Strength and he makes this transformation all through his dial. He may get Toughness but still to be that versatile he'll make your opponent dizzy.Now if he does get hit a lot his trump card kicks in. You guessed it, 2 clicks of Regeneration to finish off a dial like this Despero is a must-have for any tourney winning collector.
Spencer Nelson at XJobenax@aol.com

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