Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 4:21 AM
Subject: Heroclix Top 10 DC Wishlist


This was sent approximately a month after the release of Legacy:


10. The Human Bomb. A member of the Freedom Fighters, he wore a radiation suit and

could make things explode, so; Energy Xplosion, maybe Quake?


9. The Creeper. Sort of a cross between a good-guy Joker and a superball. He could

surprise even powerful villains; lots of Leap/Climb, some Perplex...


8. Tomorrow Woman. From Grant Morrison's run on JLA; she'd have flight and Telekinesis

for sure, and I'd say Toughness...and one stylin' retro-hip uniform.


7. Captain Comet. His brain got too smart and he left Earth. Really. A super-strong

comet-powered telepath; we got Charge, Super Senses, possible TK, Exploit Weakness...

all you suckas out there clamoring for Cannonball better recognize.


6. Lady Quark. From L.E.G.I.O.N. Tall woman w/short white hair, an attitude, and vast

quantum energy control at her disposal. Super Strength, Running Shot, RCE, Inv.


5. The Spectre. He doesn't have to be too powerful; a Mystics team ability and

judicious placement of powers could keep this click playable...far better to break him

(in the sense that the character is nigh omnipotent) than to break...


4. Orion. The son and archenemy of Darkseid would have to have at least one click of

RCE to represent his Astro-Force, and start with Impervious, but then; whaddya do -

CCE, or high damage value with Battle Fury? Hm.


3. Valor. (I prefer Mon-El)The most famous if not the most powerful Daxamite. Powers

to rival Superman. Man, at least an LE version w/the blue cape/red tunic oldschool suit!


2. Triumph. An obscure archival DC hero brought back as a villain in Grant Morrison's

JLA, he was a powerhouse with all sorts of unusual abilities for a bruiser; Probability

Control, Flurry, Hypersonic Speed and Super Senses come to mind.


1. Mister Miracle. This click's dial is going to be as colorful as his costume, here we go:

Outwit, Probability Control, Super Senses, Energy Explosion, Smoke Cloud, Perplex,

Incapacitate, Flurry, Willpower and Toughness, I would argue for. I would listen to

arguments for Hypersonic Speed and Exploit Weakness.


Keep clicking,