Hey it's Mark (a.k.a. Jester7) again and I decided to do another top ten list. This top ten list is for my opinions on the top ten most underrated/underestimated marvel heroclix.


10) Boomerang (V) - A good figure with some useful abilities for 44 points. His first click has a 9 attack with Energy Explosion, 15 defense with Energy Shield/Deflection, 1 damage and Ranged Combat Expert, a range of 8 able to hit 3 targets, and only 6 for movement. Not too shabby. He only has 5 clicks of health and his best clicks are his first 2. This guy can really help your team do some damage from long range. His ability to hit 3 targets and his Energy Explosion can be very useful. He also sports the Masters of Evil team ability which could mean a lot of trouble for your opponents if you have more than one of these guys on your team.

9) Shield Sniper (V) - Very cheap piece but also very good. For only 18 points you can have a very respectable ranged attacker. An attack of 9 and range of 10 able to do 2 damage with Ranged Combat Expert for just 18 points! These guys can really work well for you by chipping away at your opponents pieces from far away. And the Shield team ability can help your other long range attackers do even more damage. I never underestimate this guy when I'm facing him.

8) Doctor Octopus (REV) - A really good piece who I don't see used much. All three of his versions can be excellent additions to your team. Their points range from 22 to 44 to 66 and I like all three. Willpower and Leap/Climb are a good combo for outdoor maps. He can move around the map away from your opponent and simply wait for the right moment to strike. And feel free to push him along the way because he won't take any damage from it with Willpower. His experienced version gains Leadership and Super Strength. And his veteran version gains Perplex. All versions are great figures who can help your force.

7) Quicksilver (E) - Only 24 for points for this Avenger who can move 13 spaces for free! Quicksilver's Flurry ability is great considering how cheap he is. His attack value isn't great but it can get the job done. If you happen to have some figures with Perplex in your force they can help increase Quicksilver's numbers. He has a defense of 16 with Energy Shield/Deflection to help him against those ranged attackers who might give him trouble while he tries to zoom in and attack. From his starting position, Quicksilver can do a possible 4 damage with his Flurry ability. That's not bad at all considering he costs only 24 points.

6) Whirlwind (V) - Whirlwind starts with Flurry and 3 for damage. A deadly combo which could end up doing 6 damage! However, his weakness is his attack value of only 8 to start. But if used properly you should be able to find a way around that and make him work for you. Hmmm . . . I don't know . . . maybe you could use PERPLEX!  ;)  He has excellent movement numbers and he has the Masters of Evil team ability. If you're thinking of putting more than one of these guys on your team it could easily spell trouble for your opponent. With multiple Whirlwinds attacking using only one action with that team ability you should be able to take down some tough customers. Use some flyers or figures with telekinesis to move these guys into position and you could be doing some major damage in no time.

5) Captain America (U) - Ok this guy is another personal favorite of mine who doesn't get much play. Just 35 points for Capt. America and he has got some very worthwhile abilities. He starts off with Leadership and Energy/Shield Deflection. And at 35 points he is one of the cheapest Leadership pieces around. His stats aren't that great but his abilities make up for it. Further down his dial OUT OF NOWHERE he gets 2 clicks of the Support ability which can really come in handy if your medics have been taken out. And for his last 2 clicks he gains Outwit. His loss of the Avenger ability and the lack of a ranged attack are what make him slightly weaker than his other versions. But at 35 points who could ask for more??

4) Blade (REV) - I like to think of Blade as a sort of "mini-Wolverine". His abilities are almost identical to Wolverine's except he lacks Regeneration later on in his dial. But for the cheap cost that Blade carries you can give your force a pretty solid attacker. He has Stealth, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Toughness, and Battle Fury folks. Use them to your advantage. If you need another good attacker but don't have many points left to work with then Blade is your man.

3) Kingpin (R) - Show me cheaper leadership!!!

2) Vulture (R) - Sure the experienced players know he is great, but I think we all thought this guy stunk when we first started playing the game. :) If you're new to the game you will probably take a look at Vulture and wish you never would have pulled him out of your booster pack because his stats are so pathetic. But flyers are some of the most important pieces that go in your force. The ability to carry your other figures is just plain necessary in my opinion. At 15 points rookie Vulture is the cheapest flyer in the game. Great piece to use to move other characters and save actions. Use him to carry your attackers (cough cough Nightcrawler cough) into battle and then carry them back home. Simple as that. :)

1) Controller (E or V) - Numero Uno! An all around great piece who I never see anyone use. The experienced version is 50 points and the Veteran is 69. Both are underrated and very playable. Controller has excellent attack values and versatile abilities. He starts off with Mind Control for the first 3 clicks with attack values ranging from 9-12 during those clicks. With those kind of numbers it should be easy to take control of somebody on your opponent's force and cause some frustration. Midway through his dial he becomes a real nice close combat attacker when he gains Super Strength and can do 3 damage. He has a couple of clicks of Toughness and each version has a single click of Regeneration which he can use to heal himself. I wouldn't recommend building an entire force around Controller but he can be a magnificent addition to any team.


Ok that's all folks! Hopefully no one will ever overlook these guys again! Peace out!