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Orange Islands League

These are reviews of the episodes from the Orange Islands League.

- Ash catches a Pokémon
- Misty catches a Pokémon
- Tracey catches a Pokémon
- Jesse catches a Pokémon
- James catches a Pokémon
  - A Pokémon is released, traded or given away
  - A Pokémon returns, is traded or given back
- A Pokémon evolves in this episode
       If a badge appears next to a title, the badge is obtained in that        episode

    82.  A Scare in the Air!
    83.  Pokeball Peril
 84.  The Lost Lapras
85.  Fit to be Tide
    86.  Pikachu Revolts
    87.  The Crystal Onix
    88.  In The Pink
    89.  Shell Shock
    90.  Stage Fight!
    91.  Bye Bye Psyduck
    92.  The Joy of Pokemon
93.  Navel Maneuvers
94.  Snack Attack
    95.  A Shipfull of Shivers
    96.  Meowth Rules
97.  Tracy Gets Bugged
    98.  A Way Off Day Off!
    99.  The Mandarin Island Miss Match
    100. Wherefore, Art Though, Pokemon?
    101. Get Along Little Pokemon
    102. Mystery Menace
103. Misty Meets her Match
    104. Bound for Trouble
    105. Charizard Chills
    106. The Pokemon Water War
    107. Pokemon Food Fight
108. Pokemon Double Trouble
    109. The Wacky Watcher
110. The Stun Spore Detour
    111. Hello Pummello
    112. Enter the Dragonite
  113. Viva las Lapras
    114. The Underground Round Up
    115. A Tents Situation
    116. The Rivalry Revival

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