U.S. Episode # 90:

Navel Maneuvers 


So once again we see Tracy, Ash, Misty,and Pikachu riding Lapras to Navel Island for Ash to compete for is 2nd. Orange League Badge. At the island, they meet a man named Danny, who falls in love with Misty. They talk for a while until Ash finds the Navel Gym. When he finds out that the gym is at the top of the mountain, his hopes fall a little. Danny offers to climb to the top with Ash while Tracy and Misty ride the cable car. Trainers are not allowed to ride the car to the top or use Pokemon with thier abilties to clib the mountain or they will be disqualified. When they reach the top, Ash finds out that Danny is the gym leader! He explains to Ash that you must win 2 out-of 3 rounds to get his badge.

Round 1.  You must freeze a geyser the fastest to win. Danny calls out Nidoqueen while Ash calls out Lapras. At the same time, they yell ICE BEAM ATTACK!  Then Danny tells Nidoqueen to use full power to finish it off. Danny wins by 5 sec. Danny wins Round 1.

Round 2.  You must make an ice sled from a huge, thin bolder while using only 3 Pokemon. Danny uses Nidoqueen, Syther, and Machoke while Ash calls on Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and CHARIZARD! With a big maricale that Charizard obeyed, Ash wins round 2.

Round 3.  You have to beat Danny down the hill in the ice sled for the badge and 3 Pokemon can acompany you. Ash uses Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur whil Danny uses Syther, Electrode, and Geodude.

Then all of a sudden Team Rocket appears. They come and go in a flash as Ash and Danny beat them. Now back to the race. Ash wins the race and gets the badge as Misty cried for Dannyís loss.

*****star rating.             Kyle A. 


In this episode Ash and co are sailing towards Naval Island to get Ashís second Orange League badge.  They arive on the island and are soon joined by Dan.  He sweet talks Misty and she instantly falls in love with him.  They journey towards the doors of the Orange League Gym and arrive at the base of a giant mountain where they find a sign that says anyone who wants to compete for an Orange League badge must climb the mountain without using their pokemon.  Misty and Tracy take the cable car up and Dan and Ash climb up.  After reaching the top Dan reveals that he is the Gym Leader. 

To win the badge Ash must win two out of three competitions.  The first competition is to see who can freezing a geyser first.  Ash choooses Lapras and Dan chooses Nidoqueen.  Danís Nidoqueen beats Lapras at freezing the geyser by using Ice Beam. 

The next competition is to form a sled out of the ice from the geyser.  Ash chooses Bulbasaur, Pikachu and CHARIZARD and Dan chooses Scyther, Machoke and Nidoqueen.  At first Danís team is winning because Charizard wonít do anything, but then Ash angers Charizard so it uses flamethrower to create the sled, so Ash wins. 

 The final competition is a race downhill on the sleds.  Dan chooses Scyther, Electrode and Geodude, Ash chooses Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.  In the beginning Dan gets an early lead, but he lands in a hole dug by team rocket.  Ash stops to help him and they both fall in to a larger hole.  Team rocket steals Pikachu but they manage to save him by throwing Electrode into the Hot air balloon and having Electrode use explosion.  They continue the race.  Dan stays on the course, but Ash crashes into the forest where his sled gets smaller and smaller.  Near the finish line Dan thinks he won, but Ash comes flying out of the air and wins the race.  He recieves his second orange league badge.  They sail off the island into the sunset on Lapras. 





    We see our heroes riding on Lapras, when they spot the next island.
Tracey tells them that its Naval Island. As they arrive on the island they
see a guy riding on a boat towards them. He tells them that his name is Danny
and Ash, Misty, and Tracey introduce themselves. He exceptionally impressed
with Misty's looks.
    When they come to the entrance of the gym they are suprised to see a huge
mountain with a sign next to it. Tracey reads it and it says that all
trainers must climb the mountain in order to face the gym leader. It also
says that you may not use your pokemon while on the climb or else you'll be
disqualified, all people accompanying the trainer may use the ski lift.
Determined, Ash heads up the mountain with Pikachu and Danny. Along the way
they encounter Team Rocket who try to steal Pikachu, but to no avail. As
always they go "blasting off again."
    Danny, Ash, and Pikachu finally make it to the snowy mountain top. Danny
reveals himself as the Naval Island gym leader and so the battle begins.
    Danny explains the rules saying that you must win 2 out of the 3 tests in
order to win the sea ruby badge. The first contest is to see who can freeze a
geyser the fastest. Ash uses Lapras and Danny uses Nidoqueen. They both yell
icebeam at the same time. Danny's Nidoqueen is just too strong for Ash's
Lapras, Danny wins the first contest. Danny-1  Ash-0
    The next contest is going to see how fast you can make a block of ice
into an ice sled using 3 pokemon to help. Ash chooses Pikachu, Bulbasuar, and
Charizard. Danny uses Scyther, Machoke, and Nidoqueen.
    While Pikachu and Bulbasaur are working really hard, Charizard refuses to
help. Aiming for Ash, Charizard uses flamethrower and hits the block of ice.
It turns into a perfect form of a sled. Ash-1  Danny-1
    With the score tied, they head on to the next contest. This time you have
to go sledding down the mountain using the sled you carved and 3 pokemon can
accompany you. Ash chooses Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Danny chooses
Scyther, Electrode, and Geodude. The race is on!
    Half way down the mountain Team Rocket waits for Ash and Danny to fall
into one of their traps. The race is going smoothly when all of a sudden they
fall into a hole. Team Rocket takes Pikachu and puts it in a glass container.
Danny and Ash find a plank of wood and with all their weight they launch
Electrode into the blimp. It does explosion, and once again they go blasting
    With that taken care of, they decide to continue their race. Its just
about neck and neck when Ash's sled goes out of control, and they go sledding
down through the bushes. Just when Danny is about to win Ash comes out of no
where careening out of control into the lake winning him the match.
    Danny presents Ash with the Sea Ruby Badge. Tracey and Misty meet with
Ash at the end of the race. They congratulatee Ash, but Misty is kind of
depressed that Danny lost. Now with 2 Orange League Badges in Ash's hand,
they head to the next island towards their next adventure. 

The End - Pikagirl


Navel Maneuvers.                                  Pokemon Review

Ash and company are surfing on Lapras when the show begins. They land on an island with a giant volcano.A traveling Nurse Joy told them that this was Navel Island,and that there was a gym on the island.Tracey told Ash that the badge he would get if he defeated the Navel Gym leader was called a Sea Ruby Badge,because it was a seashell with a ruby stuck in it.They were looking for the gym,but they couldn't find it.Then they hear a boombox playing tropical music,and they look over to see a man on a sailboat pulling up to shore.Ash,Misty,and Tracey go over and say hi.The man introduces himself as Danny,a Pokemon trainer.He then walked over to Misty and said that he thought that she was very pretty.Misty started to blush and acted like she had a crush on him for the rest of the show.
     Just then they discover the entrance to the Navel Gym.It was a stone fence next to the mountain with a cable car and a small sign. The sign said that challengers had to climb the mountain,while onlookers could use the cable car.Ash and Danny start to climb the mountain,and Misty and Tracey get into the cable car.About five hundred feet up the mountain, Ash slips and is about to use Bulbasaur to pull him up,but Danny reminds him that he can't use Pokemon,so Ash manages to pull himself up.Then Team Rocket shot a toilet plunger at Pikachu,does their motto,and starts cooking fish.(weird,but true)Danny pulls the plunger off Pikachu and attaches it to a small boulder.Then he threw it at the balloon,and Team Rocket"Blasted off again".Ash and Danny ran into snow about two-thirds of the way up,And Pikachu started to freeze.Ash wrapped it up in his coat,and they finished the hundred or so feet to the top of the mouintain.Misty and Tracey are waiting for them at the Lodge.(By them I mean that Tracey was waiting for Ash and Misty was waiting for Danny)Tracey and Misty said that they had figured out who the gym leader was.It was Danny!
Danny said that that was right,and that matches were decided in three rounds.If Ash could win two out of three,he would get the Sea Ruby Badge.Then Danny said that the first round would be to see who could a geyser the fastest.Two geysers popped up and Tracey said that meant that they would have to start with Ice-attacks.Ash chose Lapras,Danny chose Nidoqueen.(Don't ask me)Nidoqueen and Lapras were even for a while,but then Nidoqueen got much stronger and it won.Then Danny said that the next test was to see who could carve the ice into a sled the fastest,with only three Pokemon.Ash chose Pikachu,Bulbasaur,and Charizard.Danny chose Machoke,Nidoqueen,and Scyther.Danny was doing MUCH better than Ash was,because Charizard was taking a nap.Ash was pulling on Charizard's tail, telling it to use Flamethrower.Charizard did Flamethrower at Ash,but it kept missing,and hit Ash's sled so that it melted into the correct form.
The next round was to use three Pokemon to race to the beach.Ash chose Pikachu,Bulbasaur,and Squirtle.Danny chose Scyther,Geodude,and Electrode.Danny took the early lead,but Team Rocket had dug a trap and Danny fell into it. Ash stopped,but he fell in,too.Team Rocket grabbed Pikachu,and started to float away,but Ash,Danny,and the Pokemon stared throwing snowballs at them.Then Ash catapulted Electrode at the balloon,knocking Pikachu out.Then Electrode used Explosion, blasting Team Rocket off again,again!Then the race started again, and Danny took the lead at the snow line. Ash was having trouble steering,and he rode into the woods.Danny thought that he had won, but taking the woods had been a shortcut, so Ash was ahead once he ran back onto the track,and he won!.

7/10 because the first half of the show got boring,but the second was pretty cool.
-Evan Owers zqfmgb1@hotmail.com




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