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Tracey Gets Bugged 
Tracey is all excited because they have just landed on an island with all bug pokemon. Misty is afraid to go because of her fear of bugs and cowers on the beach. She follows them in and Ash see a bunch of Caterpie. Misty drags him away from them going by a bush where a big Pinsir jumps out at them and Misty runs screaming. Eventually they come upon an injured Scyther and Tracey puts it to sleep with his Venonat because it wonít voluntarily go with them. At the pokemon center the Joy there tells them that the Scyther could have only gotten these injuries from battling another Scyther and losing for control of the pack of scythers. After they lose they have to live by themselves for the rest of there lives or go back to challenge the leader again. 

The Scyther still very weak lies down on the stretcher with a broken spirit. Team Rocket appears seeing the flock of Scythers and runs for their lives. James and Meowth look at Jesse and exclaim that her hair isnít there! Jesseís hair had been slashed off by the scyther. Jesse is really mad and the only thing that keeps her from killing the Scyther is James remark of you donít want a crew cut! Jesse and James get a plan and shoot glue sticking the scythers to place. Traceyís Scyther hears the Scythers call out and flies however weak he is to go and help them. Ash, Tracey and Misty rush after him with nurse joy watching them leave to go help... Scyther lands and fress the Scythers from a net, but they are still covered in glue. 

Ash sends out Pikachu to help Scyther, but Scyther shakes his head at Pikachu and Tracey tells Ash Scyther wants the satisfaction of doing this himself. He attacks Team Rocket until exausted and is about to be hurt be one of their pokemon when the new leader of the Scyther group interscepts it. Together they defeat Team Rocket each running away with a mowhawk. The Scythers wash off the glue in a small pond and Tracey trying to assume Ashís pose recalls Scyther. Ash says heís all wrong and gives him tips on how to improve, by throwing your arm forward and stepping like this until the picture moves up signalling the end to another episode.- Link
Tracey Gets Bugged
As well as having one of the funniest moments Iíve ever seen, this is a grass Pokemon trainers dream, with appearances by Paras, Weedle, Caterpie, Beedrill, Pinsir, Metapod and Scyther. †Ash and co. land on an island inhabited by all types of bug Pokemon. Tracy sends out Venonat and Marrill to search for bug Pokemon. After several encounters, they come across an injured Scyther desperately needing attention. 

However it is too stubborn and wonít let Ash catch it. Tracy sends out Venonat to sleep powder, once asleep, Tracy captures it in a Pokeball and they rush it off to the nearest Pokemon Center.Meanwhile, TR have landed after their baloon was popped by a Beedrill. They land smack in the middle of a swarm of Scyther , who proceed to slash at them (hereís where the funny bit comes in), and actually cutting half of Jesseís hair off! †Back at the PC, it turns out that the injured Scyther was the swarm leader, however it had been challenged for leadership and lost. †TR, angered by Jesseís new hairdo, and seeking revenge, trap the whole Scyther swarm. Sensing this, the injured Scyther, not fully recovered, flys off to save them with Ash and co. in tow.Upon arrival, TRís motto changes to:Jesse: Prepare for trouble!

James: It used to be there but now itís stubble. †A battle then ensues, with Scyther clearing a Weezing smokescreen attacks, dodging an Arbok poison sting, defending a Victreebell razor leaf attack and defeating Likitung and Meowth. With the help of the rest of the swarm and a thundershock by Pikachu, TR are defeated, but not before Scyther gives the whole team a new haircut, Mohawks!!!!!Because of Traceys help and dedication, Scyther decides to stay with him, and Ash and co. have a new friend. †I thought this was the best episode of the new series, aswell as the funniest.
Not only is this the funniest epsisode they've come out with yet, but it's got good TR in it, a nice pokemon backround, and the only really freaky picture of Jessie they've ever drawn. I mean, she's supposed to look nasty, but honestly, she never does. Anyway, the story.

The "heros" all pop out on this really buggy island that's flooding with Metapod, Butterfry, and some real big nasties as well, like, well, I won't tell you yet. Misty is all freaked out and terrified by the bugs, but Tracy
and Ash drag her along anyways. In the trees, they find an almost dead Scyther in the trees, who is shaking and all beat up.

Tracy puts it in a Pokeball and rushes to the hospital. Nurse Joy goes and fixes him up and all, but Scy is still mad since it got all beat up. Joy xplains that he was the leader of a Scy swarm and was taken over by a younger
Scy. Now he could not re-join the swarm since he was defeated. Tracy is upset.
Meanwhile, TR is walking along and come across the swarm of Scy. They narrowly escape again but then James starts looking at Jessie really weird.† To Jessie's dismay, the Scy cut the back of her hair off. She decides to get revenge.

The trio go and blast some goup thing over the Scy and all the Scy arestuck.†
Ash & co, meanwhile, are apologizing to Scy for capturing him when Scy breaks out the window. They are all freaked out since Scy is sick and shouln't fight. They follow Scy.
When they arrive where Scy was going, they realize that he wasn't trying to battle the new leader. He was only trying to save his swarm. That's when they see TR.
When Ash and co all laught at Jessie's hair cut, she gets mad and the group says a new motto. Then they all battle.
TR is doing well until Scy gets out and crushes Arbok, Weezing,
Victreebell, and Likitung. Then he gives J&J mohawks and they run off.
Not bad, really. 3 stars.†
-Sarah and Laura
I thought this was the best episode ever--it's hysterical! They land on this island and a Beedrill flies by. Misty gets all freaked out and wants to stay on the beach. Ash tells Tracey that Misty's terrified of bug Pokemon and
Tracey teases her, then they drag her along. Ash sees a Caterpie and wants to catch it, but Misty pulls him away toward a bush that, according to Tracey, has something behind it. A Pinsir comes out and Misty freaks out and
runs. They run into an injured Scyther and Ash trys to catch it, but no luck. Tracey uses Venonat to put Scyther to sleep, then he captures it. They take it to the Pokemon Center. When inside, Tracey asks Professor Oak how to get Scyther to be nice to him. Team Rocket shows up, then a Beedrill pops their balloon and they're suddenly surrounded by Scythers. One Scyther literally cuts half of Jessie's hair off! This part was hysterical! Then Tracey gets all compassionate and makes Scyther feel better. After the commercial, Jessie finds out she got a haircut and they go and put the Scythers in a net. The injured Scyther flies off to save them and Tracey gets all worried and follows it. Ash and Misty follow him. Jessie taunts the Scythers and then the injured Scyther fights off Team Rocket's Pokemon, under Tracey's command. Afterward, Tracey imitates Ash and does the little capture-stance thing. Ash corrects Tracey and shows him how to do it the right way and the episode ends when Misty says, "Oh, boy, not another Ash."
- O'Donnell
This was a classic episode which i have seen 2 or 3 times.Our intrepid heroes find an island full of bug pokemon ( butterfree and venomoth were the only bug pokemon not seen).After an encounter with a pinsir Ash and co.
find an injured scyther .Tracey gets venonat to put scyther asleep and captures him.After a brief chat with Prok.Oak the group find the scyther has escaped so he can help his friends who are trapped by Team Rocket (earlier on the scyther gave Jessie a mohawk style haircut).After the group find scyther and Team Rocket , the bad guys send out all their pokemon to fight our heroes, Tracey uses his newly caught scyther to level all of Team
Rockets pokemon.The group of scyther give all of Team Rocket mohawk hairstyles.Scyther then decides to join Tracey.
"Tracey Gets Bugged!" The gang arrives on Merka Island and Tracey is psyced because it is full of bug types. He sends out Maril and Venonat who use their abilities and stumble apon an injured Syther. To help it tracey puts it to sleep with Venonat's Sleep Powder, captures it and takes it to a Pok'mon centre. Nurse Joy tells them that Syther was probably the leader of a Syther swarm and was challenged and beaten by a younger Syther, Tracey promises to help train Syther so it can go back to challenge the new leader. Team rocket stumble apon the Syther swarm and after a Syther cuts off Jessies' hair go back and catch them. Tracy's Syther senses his swarm in danger and stumbles off to help. With Tracy's battle advice, Syther fights off Team Rocket with the help of the new Syther leader. Syther wants to go with Tracey and Ash teaches Tracey how to do the correct "I caught..." stance. - Mohen
This one starts out with Ash and Co. standing on a beach. A Beedrill flies by and Misty freaks out. Later Marril and Venonat are searching around, warning the group if any Pokemon sneak up on them. A Pinser jumps out an scares the heck out of Misty. Then, they find a hurt Scyther. Ash trys to catch it, but it deflects the Poke Ball. Tracey puts it to sleep with Venonat, and captures it. They quickly rush it to a Pokemon Center. A swarm of Scyther attack Team Rocket, cutting off Jesse's hair! Now her hair is shorter than James hair! Tracey's Scyther is recovering in the Poke Center when it hears the swarm of Scyther it used to lead, scream. It jumps out of the bed, shatters the window, and flies away. Team Rocket is trying to capture all the Scyther. (nothing new here) 
When Ash and Co. arrive, they start laughing like the dickens at Jesse's lost hair. 
Jesse: "Prepare for trouble!"
James: "It used to be there, but now its stubble!"
Tracey's Scyther defeats all TR's Pokemon, eventually making Jesse's short hair a mohawk!
At the end of the show, the new leader of the Scyther swarm says good-bye to Tracey's Scyther.
- Trc1188


The episode starts out when Ash and co. are riding on Lapras. Ash lands on an island and Tracy sends out Marril and Venonat. Ash and Tracy are talking when Misty ducks down with a Beedrill just missing her. Tracy tells them that the island is famous for its bug pokemon. Ash and Tracy start looking for bug pokemon after they persuade Misty to come with them. Ash and Tracy see a group of Caterpie. Misty drags Ash into a bush and they run into a Pinser. 
They run away and see an injured Scyther. Ash tries to catch it but Scyther blocks the Pokeball. Pikachu is about to shock Scyther but Tracy sends out Venonat that does a Sleep Powder. Tracy catches the Scyther and they run to the Pokemon Center. Meanwhile Team Rocket are in their balloon looking for pokemon. The same Beedrill that scared Misty went up and popped their balloon. They land near a swarm of Scyther. The Scyther attack and Team 
Rocket gets away. But the leader of the swarm cut Jesse's hair so it looks like James. Ash and co. are talking to Nurse Joy and she says that the Scyther was weak because another Scyther attacked it during a battle for leadership. Meanwhile Jesse and James are planning to stop the Scyther swarm. They fire a bunch of goo on them and then fire a net. The recovering Scyther senses something and breaks out of the Pokecenter. Ash and co. follow the Scyther to Team Rocket. J&J send out their four pokemon to battle. Scyther beats Meowth easily. Wheezing uses Smoke Screen but Scyther blows it away with Sword Dance. Arbok uses Poison Sting but the leader Scyther jumps in the middle. J&J get out the sticky gun but Pikachu shocks it away. The Scyther beats the four Pokemon with one Slash attack. The Scyther decides to stay with Tracy. The episode ends with Ash trying to teach Tracy to do his victory stance right. - Ryan Southwell