U.S. Episode 86

Shell Shock!

This episode starts when Ash and Co. go to an island. When the got there they found out about a Kabuto fossil. There where many archeologists there. They were all going to an island to find more Kabuto fossils. Then Ash and Co.all volentered to go to that island. After they got on the island they were digging around when suddenly some rocks fell over them. Luckily the other archeologists used a Machoke to move the boulders.Then Pikachu sees somthing moving in the bushes. Ash sees it to he chases after it. He finally cathes up and sees itís an old man.Ash asks him why he was trying to get rid of them.  The old man tells them that if they disturb the island ,the island will sink.  The archeoligists didnít belive him so they continued digging until they found a kabuto fossil in a cave. Then they found more and more in the cave and relised the entire cave was made of Kabuto fossils and then Team Rocket came from above and stole all the Kabuto fossils. As Team Rocket flew up ,the moon (I forgot to say it was night when they entered) shined on the Kabuto fossil and the Kabuto were alive !!! One Kabuto went up and poped Team Rocketís Balloon and ďIít lookís like Team Rocketís blasting off again!!!Ē Suddenly the island starts to sink beacause the Kabuto fossils were the base of the island !!! Everyone runs into the woods and they make boats out of the trees they all send out there water pokemon and tied them to the boat and when the water came they floated and the pokemon swam . As for the kabuto they were swimming ( probably to another island )

- JPoveda47


By: Weezin11

The show starts off with Ash, Misty and Tracey riding Lapras to yet another tropical adventure. Itís a beautiful day in the islands. Everybody is happy. Tracey mentions that becasue the sea is so warm that they will be able to see the water pokemon. Suddenly a motorboat rushes by pushing Lapras over. The boat rushes to an island and they decide to follow them.

Lapras gets to the beach and they all get off. Ash returns Lapras. They find a reporter on the beach talking into a camera about the Legend of Kabuto and the archaeological team that is searching for the Kabutos fiossilized remains. Ash tells Misty and Tracey that they should follow them and see what is happening. The reprter goes to the base camp of the archaeologists and starts recording again about a Kabuto fossil found on the beach. THis fossil was said to have come out of its resting place on the island and is a major find for makind. Ash receives more information about Kabuto with the help of Dexter.

The reporter blabs on about the fossil than asks if she can see the director of theoperation. The director steps out of the tent. It is Nurse Joy.

Ash, Misty and Tracey are very surprised. Murse Joy talks about how the kabuto is extinct and it is beleived that the oil from their shells makes a good medicine and may even make peopel live forever. Nurse Joy says it isnít true but the oil is a medical breakthrough.

Ash and Tracey walk up to nurse joy and ask if they can volunterr for the expidition. They walk into the camera and Ash says heíll bring Proffeser Oak a Kabuto fossil and Tracey asks if Oak remembers him. Misty walks up to them yellingh saying that they are embarrasing her and themselves.

team rocket is in their little Magikarp submarine lookibg for pikachu through their parascope. James wines saying that if they dont find the Pikachuh that they should start to look for somewhere to eat.

Back at the campsite everyone is starting off for the expidition. Ash yell ssome stupid little phrase like ďKabuto, you better watch out!Ē. There are a few Pokemon that are helping with the expidition. There are two machoke holding packs and supplies, two growlithes sniffing for the fossils and a Rhydon to help dig Ďem up. Tea Rocket are walking on a path right below the expidition. James whines aaabout his big heavy back pack. Up in the expedition a growlithe starts to bark at a boulder but Nurse Joys says its just a boulder and to walk on. Suddenly the boulder starts to roll down.

We see the dark shape of a guy who pushed it. Everyone runs down the trail. Ahs tells Joy to use the Machoke to stop the boulder. She does so and the bould eris thrown over the edge. The boulder smashes Team Rocket.

The reporter is talking about the miacle that has happened. Pikachu starts to look like he seeís something (or someone). Ash looks around and sees nothing. They all get to this hidden bay and the repoter blabs on about what was happening.

Everyone is on the bay. They all are digging, Ash whines about how he never knew digging could be so hard but itís worth it at the end. Tracey says the should examine every rock, We seeks the Machoke and Rhydon digging furiously. Suddenly boulders start to roll down the hill from every side.

Nurse Joy tells everyonje to run. The reporter is talking about the boulders coming down. The reporter is standing still. Nurse Joy tells Rhydon to Horn Drill all of the boulders that are coming towards them. The bolders stop and the reporter again blabs about the miracle that just happened. Misty starts to say that a Hit Man is coming after them. Pikachu sees something and starts t run after. Ash yells at Pikachu to stop then he sees the shadow of a man. Ash starts to chase the man with Pikachu. Ash catches up to the man and tackles him. Ash finds out that he was the one that had been throwing boulders at everyone. Ahs askes the man what he wants and the man replies ďYou have to leave the island!Ē Everyone else from the excavation catch up and they all start to get mad at the man. The man says he was protecting them he wanted to get them off the island before something horrible would happen. Misty starts yelling at the man and the reporter talks about the man. The man takes the microphone to tell the story. He blabs about a prphecy like: When the scavengers come the moon will glow and angry red and the land will vanish and be swallowed by the sea. Nurse Joy szys that they arenít invaders just archaeologists. The men tell sher to get off the island. Misty says that HE is disturbing the island.

Suddenly a digger runs up and yells that he found a Kabvuto fossil.

Everyone rushes off to the digging site including the werid man. Everyone looks ina cave and sees the Kabuto fossil. Tracey loks around and then he finds out that the WHOLE CAVE IS MADE OF KABUTO FOSSILS! The reporter talks about the discovery and her ratings are gonna go sky high. A digger asks another digger to get Rhydon but the man say no.

Suddenly (thereís a lot of suddenlys in this episode arenít there?) there isa big explosion and there is smoke everywhere. Itís Team Rocket (duh!)

The sing their littl emotto. The reporter blabs on again and Meowth says that the Kabuto fossils would be greatdoorsteps in the Bossí mansion. The man tells thenm they canít and then he tells them the prophecy. Team Rocket laugh at the man and light a bomb. The throw the bomb at the man. He passes the bomb on until Ash gets iit and he throws it at a wall. The bomb explodes and Team Rocket run away with all the fossils.As the leave the toast for their first victory. meowth says even the red moon wont stop us!

As the red moonlight shines through the cave the Kabuto fossils start to move. Everyone is freaked out. Then all the fossils come alive. The Kabutocrawl all over and Nurse Joy says this is impossible. The man yells out to everyone to run for it.

The Kabuto are attacking tam Rocket too, They Kabuto pop their balloon and Team Rocket goes blasting off again.Everyone is out of the cave and Joy tells everyone that they have to leave. The workers asks why and then see the Kabuto crawling into the ocean. The island is rumbling and they find out that the island was built around the fossils.

The run for the boat but its way too far away. The run to the forest and start making a raft. The sea rools in through the forest when the raft is finished. the island is starting to sink. Everyone gets on the raft and Ash and Misty send out Lapras, Goldeen, Squirtle and Staryu. Ash throws ropes at the pokemon and tell them to pull the raft out to sea. As they leave trees and such are falling everywhere Thwey finally get out to see and watch the island sink.

Tracey says the Kabuto lay dormant until the red moon came out Nurse Joy says the Kabuto oil really does make the Kabuto live forever. She says that the world mustínt find out about the Kabuto and everyojne agrees with her.  They all watch the Kabuto swim of finto the distance.


Ash,Misty and Tracey(the new guy)are on Lapras when a bunch of boats are speeding up to an island ,so they check it out .There a bunch of T.V reporters and archeologists are taking films of recently discovered kabuto fossils and wanna interview nurse joy ,the person who was there when discovered...and Team Rocket is spying on them with there new Magicarp-Sub.so then nursejoy,Ash,misty,Tracey,a bunch of Archeologists ,Growlithe,Rhydon,Machoke go find the place it was discovered(they actually dont know where it came from it washed up on the beach)So they go and end up ina path blocked ny a giant boulder and the growlithes start barking,they know somethings comeing and sussenly the boulder starts rolling down the path!!!!then just on time the machokes crush it to pebbles.so of they go again,until they come to a valley and the begin searcing for some fossils..and congrats they find another then...more giant bolders come sliding down a hill,then the rydons crush it with there horns then Pikachu sees a man and goes chaceing him(or it)and so does ash.after ash dashes at him and chathes him,and its an old man,and tells then to leave the island at onec and tells them a phopecy ďThe land will be swalloed by the sea,tht moon will glow red and anger the sleeping kabutosĒbut then trecey comes telling them they discovered onother fossil so they go in a cave.while they look for more there another discovered ,then another the whole cave is made of kabuto fossils then BOOM!!the cave is caveing in to reveal Team Rocket and they say the moddo ,and take all the fossils and the moon is glowing red and there runing for there life!!!the entire island is kabuto fossils and the glowing moon wakes up thr kabuto and start chacing everyone.High above the sky in Team Rockets ballon the kabuto is attacking them and one kabuto bites the ballon and it bursts.Ash,Misty ,tracet and the arceologists areout of the cave with the old man.the phopecy was right now the sea is swallwing the island!!the head for tyhe boat but its on the other side of the island so the must build a raft (which is what they do)with the help of the pokemon, and get on there way out of the island.nurse joy tells then it will be better if the world doesnít know about this ,and for team rocket its the same ;drifting to sea.

- Nuclear Donkey