U.S. Episode # 89:


Pikachu’s Jukebox:2BA Master

Who’s That Pokemon? Who is it?

The episode starts out with the gang riding Lapras (Where have we seen this before?). Suddenly a fast wave is coming from behind, Ash can’t seem to figure out what it is. As it passes by Tracy seems to have seen a Nurse Joy and a Chansey rush by on a kayak. Tracy also points out her arms seemed to be a good 2 centimeters wider and shoulders a good 1 and a half centimeters wider. In other words, a broader Joy. Ash and Misty cant believe a Joy can go that fast, they question Tracy. Tracy just yells that of course he is sure. He is a Pokemon Watcher! Ash gives Lapras the command to catch up with Nurse Joy and Lapras is off.

When they arrive on the island they are surprised to find no Nurse Joy or Chansey. Before they can do anything else a jumbo Magikarp splashes on to the island. Tracy say “It is 3 meters long which is almost 10 feet.” “Wow” are the gasps of Ash and Misty. “No matter how big, the only thing a Magikarp can do is splash.” Ash points out. They all realize they must get the Magikarp back into the water before it runs out of air, but they cant!  The Magikarp is out of control and cant get near it. Out comes Nurse Joy.  “Told you so” is what Tracy seemed to see. The Nurse Joy which we already know is more athletic than other Joys also seems much tanner. If only Brock were still around... Nurse Joy fixes the problem. She calms down Magikarp instantly. She gives the Magikarp some Calcium tablets and hurls the huge Magikarp back into the water. Magikarp blushes and heads off. Nurse Joy checks out Lapras. Lapras is very healthy and should be perfect if it had a little rest in its pokeball. Ash agrees, but not before Nurse Joy gives Lapras some tablets.

Nurse Joy explains she travels from island to island on the Orange Islands caring for Pokemon on Islands too small for Pokemon Centers. She starts a story about when she was a little girl she found an injured Magikarp. Joy took it home with her and put it in a tank. She cared for it until it was healed and released it. Ash asks if it was the same Magikarp they saw today and Nurse Joy answered yes. Nurse Joy asks what they all do.  Tracy says he is a Pokemon Watcher, Misty answers she just wants to be a great water type pokemon trainer and Ash, of course, says he is going to become a Pokemon Master. Afterwards our masters stomach groans. “Not again.” Misty dreadfully says. Nurse Joy laughs, “It looks like Ash is eating healthy!” Nurse Joy, knowing Ash is hungry offers them something to eat. And with great manners, they all stuff their faces, well, at least Ash, I’m pretty sure.

After the meal Nurse Joy says she is going out to heal some more pokemon.  She gives them kayaks to follow her. Ash and Misty share one and Tracy gets his own. Nurse Joy tells them to keep up. Misty questions how they when they are going a tenth as fast! Nurse Joy is now well beyond what they can see. Soon enough they find Nurse Joy and Chanseys kayak, but they cant find them. Suddenly, the back of a round pink pokemon comes out of the water, they all think it is Chansey. Know any other round, pink pokemon?  JIGGLYPUFF! They run away from Jigglypuff where they find Nurse Joy and Chansey. They ask what she was doing. Nurse Joy says she just treated a Cloyster. Ash questions how she treated a pokemon under water. “Wanna see?” Nurse Joy asks. And soon Ash and Tracy are in their trunks/boxers and following Nurse Joy to a Shellder. Nurse Joy give Shellder a simple shot and is better. Suddenly Ash is running out of air and when he swims up he is grabbed by a Dewgong. Oh-No!

Saved by the commercial and back at Nurse Joy’s home. Well, probably Nurse Joy saved him. Nurse Joy tells Ash Dewgong was just playing and meant no harm. Now Nurse Joy says she must go help some sick baby Seal on an island. But before she could leave we our taken to Team Rocket on the Magikarp submarine, who are thrilled to find Pikachu and a Chansey. They cast a net above everyone, Ash bets he knows that it is Team Rockets. Who’s Team Rocket? Nurse Joy asks. And out of the Magikarp submarine comes...  Prepare for Trouble Ahoy!

And Make it Double Joy!

To Protect the World from Devastation

To Unite All People with in our nation

To Denounce the Evil of Truth and Love

To Extend Our Reach to the Stars Above



Team Rocket Blast Off at the Speed of Light!

Surrender Now or Prepare to Fight!

Meowth that’s Right!

Nurse Joy starts crying, because she can’t help the baby Seel and imagines what terrible things would happen to them. Nurse Joy wishes for something to stop them, and surely enough, Magikarp comes out. The Magikarp from before, which happens to be about the same size as the submarine. It tries to tackle it, but Magikarp is not strong enough to knock down the mechanical Magikarp. What’s this, Magikarp is glowing white, this can only mean one thing! GYARADOS! And with a swipe of it’s tail, “Looks Like Team Rockets Blasting Off Again!” Oh-no! Gyarados is charging for Nurse Joy and the gang, what to do? PET IT! Gyarados is much more powerful and still has the same personality as Magikarp.

No time is to waste, they all head off to the baby Seal where Nurse Joy takes care of them. Well, it’s time to say good-bye. Wait a second! Nurse Joy remembers Ash wants to become a Pokemon Master, she tells Ash that a Gym is in Naval Island. So off they all with a new destination, Naval Island.  10 of 10! Wow, what a Nurse Joy! Magikarp vs. Magikarp was great and our first friendly Gyarados. It has been a Joy!

Marc Dolgow


Subject: The Joy of Pokémon.......................

At first Tracey thinks he sees a motor boat but it really is a Nurse Joy.

Ash, and Misty doesn’t think it was Joy. They land on an Island and a Magikarp comes out of the water which is about 3 meters long! Joy comes out of the water and gives Magikarp some calcium. Next she lifts up the Magikarp and throughs it in the water. The three (ash,misty,tracey) look in shock.  They start doing some helping and traveling with nurse joy while on t.v. the song “together forever” is playing. Then Nurse Joy tells our three stars (you know who) how she saved a Magikarp when she was little and how that same Magikarp saved her. “Is the one you just helped the same Magikarp?” Misty asked. Nurse Joy replyed “Yes it was, and we’ve been friends ever scince!” Then nurse Joy goes under water. The three wonder where she is. She comes out of the water and goes down under again, but this time with Tracey and Ash.  Ash runs out of air and a seel plays with him. Later they all are in a place that Joy took them to. NUrse Joy goes out when a Hurricane is about to come in. The three decide to go. A wave tips their boat over and nurse Joy tells them to take out their water pokémon. They send out Squirtle, Marril, and Staryu. Oh yeah- Like always Psyduck pops out of it’s pokeball. “Psyduck why did you come out if you don’t even know how to swim?” I bet you know who said that. Soon Later Team rocket shoots a net out and traps the five (including Chansey and Nurse Joy). Nurse Joy thinks that was her Magikarp but Misty, and Ash explain that it is Team Rocket. Suddenly the REAL Magikarp came and saved them. Then it evolved into Gyarados. Gyarados let’s the five out of the net and Nurse Joy saved 10 baby seels! Magikarp saved the day!

The end

Growlithe Breeder


Subject: The Joy of Pokémon

It starts off like usual on Lapras. All the sudden Misty sees a splashing

and wonders what it is. They think its a motor boat. Then a kayak with Nurse Joy goes by. They follow it to an island. When they get there they are talking and a giant Magikarp jumped out of the water. Nurse Joy comes and gives it some calcium tablets. Then she picks it up and throws it back in the water. While they introduce themselves, Ash’s stomach growls. They go back to a clinic run by Nurse Joy. She looks at Lapras and gives it some vitamins. Then she takes Ash, Misty, And Tracy in kayaks to show them how she treats sick Pokémon. Whan they are treating a sick Shellder, a Dewgong grabs Ash and he almost dies. Then the commercial comes. When they get back a big wind picks up. Nurse Joy says she has to go help some baby Seels. Ash, Misty, and Tracy follow her and the kayaks get tipped. They send out the water Pokémon and go to a small island. When they get there Team Rocket comes in the Magikarp sub. They send out a net and it lands over everyone.  Nurse Joy starts crying because she knows the Seel will die. Then the Magikarp that Nurse Joy helped comes up and attacks the sub. It keeps attacking until it evolves to Gyarados. Then it makes Team Rocket blast off.

They go to the island and save the Seel. Nurse Joy tells Ash about the Gym

on Navel Island. Then they head for Navel Island on Lapras.
I would give it five out of five stars.

- Eric


From: Barry Traill

the joy of pokemon- a review by magikarp2001 at the start we find ash and co. on another orange island, when suddenly a huge magikarp jumps out of the water and lands right next to them. it is so agitated and distressed that they cannot get close to it to try and push it in the water again.  nurse joy and her chansey then turn up- the magikarp is very relaxed around her, and she manages to get it back in the river easily.  the next 15 minutes of the story is just nurse joy helping other pokemon, which gets very boring quickly- we find that the magikarp was the first pokemon that she helped, and is why she decided to dedicate her life to helping other pokemon.  team rocket soon arrive on the scene in their magikarp sub, and manage to capture everyone in their nets- nurse joy becomes distressed as she needs to help some baby seal on the other side of the island.  The magikarp comes back and tries to knock over team rockets sub, but it is not strong enough.  all is not lost however, magikarp suddenly evolves into gyrados and blasts off team rocket easily.  this story was pretty boring, but it was nice to see gyrados back on the scene.


#93 THE JOY OF POKEMON Ash, Misty and Tracy are sailing peacefully along on
the back of Ashs Lapras. Suddenly, a kayak shoots past them. On board are a
Chansey and a very buff Nurse Joy. The three youths decide to follow and come
to a desert island. Footprints in the sand lead them to a little lagoon
where have Nurse Joy and the Chansey gone? Out of the lagoon flies a giant
Magikarp which nearly flattens them. The young travelers want to help it, but
re afraid that the flailing creature will hurt them. Nurse Joy and her
Chansey emerge from the water and give the Magikarp some tablets to make it
feel better. Then, much to the Ash and his friends surprise, the women lifts
the huge fish above her head and heaves it back in the water. Afterwards, she
invites her new acquaintances to her house for some lunch. While they are
eating, Nurse Joy explains that she does
nt work at a PokÃmon Center.
Instead, she services the islands too small for a center by traveling about
in her kayak. The work has made her very strong. Ash, Misty, and Tracy
volunteer to help her on her rounds, but soon find that they cant keep up
with the muscular woman. Nurse Joy informs them that she has to go to an
island to help a baby Seel. A big storm is brewing and Tracy tries to stop
her. Because of her sense duty, Nurse Joy decides that she must chance the
rough seas and takes off. The three friends foolishly jump in their kayaks
because they want the help her, but soon find themselves swamped by the big
waves. Now Nurse Joy must save them, instead of helping the Seel. As the
travelers recover on a small island, Jessie and James make an appearance so
that they can swipe Pikachu and Nurse Joy’s Chansey. They quickly capture the
group on the beach with a net. Fortunately for our heroes, Nurse Joy’s old
friend, the giant Magikarp arrives to save the day. But is this real Magikarp
a match for Team Rocket’s submarine Magikarp?

~Pokemaster Alex~