EPISODE 109 - Enter the Dragonite


If you read my last report on the ďHello, PummeloĒ episode, it said that the episode ended with Gengarís Night Shade and Laprasí Ice Beam hitting each other ďwith explosive results!Ē (how the narrator describes it).  This episode starts right after that one.

Well, after the smoke clears, Ashís Lapras is toast, but so is Drakeís Gengar! Both Pokemon are out, and Ash loses his first Pokemon round, but Drakeís down to 3. Thereís a field change, the field is now all sand.  Drakeís next Pokemon is Venusaur, and Ash picks Tauros.

Ash wants Tauros to use Fissure, but the sand absorbs the impact, and Tauros is stuck. Venusaur prepares for a solar beam, and Tauros is helpless. The solarbeam fires, and instead of knocking out Tauros, it gets him out of the sand. Venusaur tries Body Slam, and Ash orders Tauros to stand there. The sand absorbs the impact, and Tauros sends Venusaur flying, ending the round.

Drake is now down to 2 Pokemon. He chooses Electabuzz, and Ash recalls Tauros in favor of Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is quickly beaten with Thunder Punch, so Ash is down to 4 Pokemon (and heíll need them!).

Ash sends out Charizard, and after surviving a Thunder Punch, finishes off Electabuzz with Seismic Toss.

The crowd is stunned, and Team Rocket looks on, commenting on how well Ash is doing. But they, as well as everyone in the stadium, knows whatís coming next.

Drake sends out his last Pokemon, Dragonite. Ash elects to keep Charizard in the match.

Charizard uses flame thrower, but itís quickly doused by a Dragonite Water Gun, and soaks Charizard. Charizard is really getting angry now.  Charizard is ordered to Fly, and thatís just what he does. Dragonite takes off after him, and catches Char with ease.

Both exchange shots at each other, but Dragonite grabs Charizard by the neck, and uses Slam. Charizard is thought to be out, but it gets back up. Ash orders it to use Dragon Rage, and Drake orders Dragonite to use Dragon Rage. Both hit their mark, and they stand there staring at each other, until Charizard falls.

With Ashís best (argumentitive) gone, he elects to send out Squirtle. TR is ready to make their move, but Jesse wants to watch one more round.

Squirtle tries a Hydro Pump, but Dragonite slams Squirtle away with itís tail. Dragonite uses Thunder, and Squirtle tries to hide in itís Shell, but to no avail, itís fried. Another round to Dragonite.

Team Rocket now makes their move. After reciting their motto and putting Dragonite in a net, Dragonite extends itís wings, and breaks the net out, then flies straight through the balloon, sending Team Rocket away.

With the battle resuming, Ash sends out Tauros to try itís luck. Tauros tries take down, but that tail smacks the bull back. A short battle ensues, with Tauros having no chance. Itís all up to Pikachu.

Pikachu tries Agility, but is smacked away by the tail of Dragonite. He struggles to get up, and then tries Thunder. Dragonite barely feels it.  Dragonite tries Hyper Beam, and Pikachu jumps out of the way just in time by springing on itís tail, landing on Dragoniteís head. Heís grabbing Dragoniteís anntena like things on itís head, and Dragonite canít shake it. Pikachu uses a massive Thunder attack, and Dragonite is finally taken down. Ash gets the trophy, and a spot in the hall of fame.





Enter The Dragonite
Episode 109
by Josh Nickerson

As the dust clears, it is revealed that both Gengar and Lapras have been knocked out! A short time out is called as the trainers recall their Pokemon and the feild is changed. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in the stands, watching Ashís performance and for Dragoniteís appearance. They plan to let Ash wear Dragonite down, then steal it while itís weak. The new field, a desert field is put into place and the battle resumes.  Drake sends out his Venusaur and Ash tries Tauros again. Tauros uses Fissure, but the sand absorbs the shock of the attack and Tauros gets its hooves stuck in the sand! Venusaur prepares to use Solar Beam and Ash tries to stop the attack before it can begin. Tauros sends Venusaur soaring into the air with a Horn Attack, but Venusaur fires the beam at Tauros! The beam hits near Tauros, but the sand absorbs the attack and frees Tauros from the sand! Venusaur and Tauros exhange blows until Venusaur eventually goes down. Drake sends out his next Pokemon, Electabuzz! Ash lets Tauros rest and sends in Bulbasaur, figuring Grass has an advantage over Electric. Bulbasaur seems to be doing well, but Electabuzz is at such a high level, it manages to knock out Bulbasaur with a single ThunderPunch! Ash decides to go with his highest level Pokemon, Charizard! Charizard and Electabuzz fight it out with powerful attacks. Charizard grabs Electabuzz and knocks it out with a Seismic Toss. Drake his down to his last Pokemon! But he has saved the best for last, the legendary Dragonite! Charizard begins with Flamethrower, but Dragonite uses Water Gun. They both soar up into the air and fight it out, but Dragonite grabs Charizard by the neck and slams Charizard into the ground. Charizard refuses to give up and they both use Dragon Rage against each other, but in the end, Charizard faints! However, the battle has worn down Dragonite, and Ash knows he has a chance as he calls out Squirtle. Dragonite uses Thunderbolt, and weakens Squirtle, then follows up with a Body Slam. Squirtle tries to use Bubble Beam, but Dragonite gets through it and knocks out Squirtle. Dragonite is getting more worn out though. But before Ash can use his next Pokemon, Team Rocket shows up and tries to steal Dragonite. Dragonite easily breaks free from the net and pops Team Rocketís balloon sending them blasting off again. With Team Rocket gone, the battle resumes with Ash using Tauros! Dragonite slams Tauros, but the soft sand absorbs the blow!  Tauros sends Dragonite flying, and Dragonite answers back with Thunder, knocking Tauros out! Itís down to Pikachu now, who is ready to battle!  Dragonite slams Pikachu with its tail then uses Hyper Beam! Pikachu escapes the beam buy using itís tail as a sprin and leaping over the beam! Pikachu lands on Dragoniteís head and holds on for dear life!  Dragonite tries to get it off but Pikachu is latched on tight! Pikachu uses Thunder and fills the stadium with electricity! They are both exhaused and still standing as they stare each other down. Finally, Dragonite goes down, exhaused! Ash has won the competition! He thanks his Pokemon as Drake recalls his Dragonite. Drake presents Ash and his Pokemon the Orange League trophy. Drake tells Ash he is a great Pokemon trainer, but Ash says only beacuse he has great Pokemon! As the episode ends, we see Ash placed in the Orange League Hall of Fame!


Episode # 109 -Part 2 of Ash's battle w/ Drake
Enter the Dragonite

The smoke of Lapras's and Gengar's combined attacks clears, and both Pokemon
are knocked out. The pokemon are returned, and we see Team Rocket in the
stands, talking about their plan to get Dragonite. They will let Ash weaken
it in battle first, and then steal it.
    Since three of Drake's pokemon have been knocked out, it's time for a
field change. This time the field is a dry, sandy desert.
Drake chooses Venusaur for his 4th pokemon, and Ash chooses Tauros. (No
Charizard?!) Drake tells Venusaur to use Solar Beam. Ash hopes to stop it
before Venusaur has gathered all its energy, and tells Tauros to use Take
down, but it's hooves get stuck in the sand. Instead, Venusaur gets stuck on
Tauros's horns, and is flung into the air, but it turns around and fires its
solar beam. This manages to get Tauros unstuck, and it uses Take Down to KO
    Next Drake calls out Electabuzz, and Ash chooses Bulbasaur. Electabuzz
uses Thundershock, and Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf, which hurts Electabuzz, but
not enough. It uses Thunderpunch and manages to KO Bulbasaur.
    Ash calls out Charizard (A half flying pokemon vs. electric type? Hmm...)
and the announcer mentions that it is the only fully evolved pokemon on Ash's
team. Charizard uses Flamethrower, and Electabuzz uses Thunderpunch, then
Thunder, seriously hurting Charizard. Charizard manages to snap out of it and
uses Ember, then Flys and grabs Electabuzz, preparing for Seismic Toss, which
KOs Electabuzz.

Who's that Pokemon? Tentacruel

Drake is down to his last Pokemon. He calls out Dragonite.  Charizard uses
Flamethrower, but Dragonite uses Water Gun and seriously injures Charizard. 
Dragonite then uses Ice Beam, but Charizard flys away. Dragonite follows him
into the air and hits Charizard. Charizard tries to use Seismic Toss but
Dragonite is too fast, and Dragonite instead grabs Charizard and Slams him
into the ground. Charizard gets up and both use Dragon Rage, which Knocks out
    Ash calls out Squirtle, who uses Hydropump. Dragonite hits Squirtle with
Water Gun, then Thunderbolt. Squirtle rises, and Dragonite tries to use Body
Slam, but is pushed back by Squirtle's Bubble. Dragonite lands, pivots on one
foot and thwacks Squirtle with its tail, knocking it out.
    Team Rocket breaks in, riding in the Meowth balloon, and throws a net on
Dragonite. They say their motto and tell Ash he was helping them this time.
Drake tells Dragonite, "You know what to do" and Dragonite opens his wings,
snapping the net. He hits the balloon and Team Rocket blasts off again.
    Ash calls out Tauros next, who uses Take Down. Drake tells Dragonite to
Fly, and then Body Slam. Dragonite does so, and then uses Thunder, and Tauros
too is knocked out.
    Ash's only pokemon is Pikachu. Pikachu uses Agility, and Dragonite slams
Pikachu with its tail. Pikachu is on the ground, and Drake tells Dragonite to
use Hyper Beam. Pikachu uses his tail to spring above the attack and grabs
onto Dragonite's head. He uses Thunder, and jumps off. Dragonite stares at
him for a long time, and finally falls to the ground. Ash wins the Trophy,
and it shows his picture in the Hall of Fame, with his pokemon around him,
and behind the picture, a slab with his and his pokemon's hand/footprints

I give this episode 4 out of 5 stars for it's predictability, (of course Ash
will win) and for Dragonite using so many moves! Aren't pokemon only supposed
to know 4? it used 9 different techniques! Of course Ash also used bad
elemental types (i.e. Tauros vs. Venusaur instead of Charizard) but that's
not the first time he's done that. The animation is very nice, especially the
battle scenes.

At the end of the episode there's a commercial that says Ash will be in the
Johto League starting October 14th. (A day before Gold and Silver come
out...how convenient...)
~~Toby Aurora~~


ENTER THE DRAGINITE: It starts were the other one ended. The smoke clears and both lapras and gengar are down and out. they chane fields and start agian. Drake sends out venusuar, Ash sends out touros. venusuar charges for a solar beam. tauros trys to fissru but can't becase the field is made of sand. so tauros uses head but and send venasuar in the air. venasuar unleshes his solar beam but tauros doges. then venusaur uses vine whip. tauros uses take down and makes venasaur faints. Drake sends out electabuzz. ash with draws tauros and sends out bulbusar. elctabuzz uses thunder shock but bulb usaur is not effected. but then elctabuzz uses thunder punch and faints bulbusaur. ash with draws bulbusaur and sends out charizard. elctabuzz use thunder punch. charizard uses ember to counter. then charizard flys up and sismeic tosses electabuzz. That faints elctabuzz. Then Drake sends out draginte. charizard flamthrowerd and draginte water guned. charizard flys up and so does draginite. draginte uses slam. then both used dragon rage. charizard faints. then he sends out squitlrle. squrtle uses water gun draginite uses thunder bolt. then squirtle with draws and draginite thunders fainting squirtle. team rocket tries again tosteal draginite draginte destoys there blimp and they blast off. Then ash send out taros draginite does body slam but get stuck in tauros horns. tauros tosses draginte. then draginite faintes tauros when tauros used take down. then ash sends out pikachu. draginite used hyper beam but pikachu dogded using his tail. then pikachu grabed on his tail and thundered. then pikachu fell off. they boyhnwere brething hard but draginte fanted and ash went into the hall of fame and got thr trophy. - Sweeney