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Pokemon Card Game Tips & Strategy

This page has moved. 
Click here to go to the updated version of the Tips page.

Pojo's IQ gets a Laurel & Hardy handshake, as well as a cool medal, from Mike Boozer of WOTC at the 2000 East Coast Super Trainer Showdown

Tip Submittal Guidelines:

An Example of what we are looking for in a TCG Tip or Strategy Article

If you want to submit Pokemon TCG Strategies Article, you should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Your name and title of your article should be listed in the subject line of your email.

  2. Provide your name & e-mail address at the bottom of your report, so other readers can contact you.

  3. Do not use all capital letters in your report. Yes, we know sometimes you need to put a word, or even an entire sentence in all caps to signify it being important, but if you entire report is all caps, it will be discarded.

  4. No swearing.

  5. If you write in about a strategy that you disagree with, include a reference to the card and a date in the subject line of your email. Example: "Re: Porygon 5/12/03" You may comment on the strategy, however, NO bashing people! Bash the strategy if you like, but we will not post bashes on authors.

  6. Don't be surprised if it takes a while to get your strategy posted. We get a lot of mail we have to go through. If you wrote a decent and helpful strategy and followed the rest of the above guidelines ... don't worry we'll get it posted.

  7. Submit your idea to Pojo.

    We have always been thankful for each and every submittal we have received!!

Note: These submissions are editorials and may not reflects the views of The PoJo.  ;-)


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