EPISODE 107 - The Stun Spore Detour


Note: The new Pokemon episodes in America are out of order and won’t be in the same order as the Japanese episodes. now to the review!

This episode is one of my favorites! Tracey and Ash get sick from stun spore. Misty takes care of them. She finds out that a cure for that stun spore sickness thing is salvao weed (i think thats how you spell salvao) from Ash’s pokedex. Jessie got the same sickness as Ash and tracey. Its funny seeing Jessie trying to act dramatic and Meowth and james just think she’s being freaky. But james and meowth find out that Salvao weed can make her feel better. James and Meowth find Salvao weed from Poliwag’s tail. They scare it trying to grab it. The poliwag runs to Misty. Misty tries to protect it from James and Meowth and they have a pokemon battle. James’s pokemon loses. Meowth battles Psyduck but Psyduck gets a headache. Meowth loses.  Misty asks Poliwag nicely where she can get Salvao weed. Poliwag shows her to a bunch of Salvao weed. James and Meowth try to steal Salvao weed from Misty but none of the traps worked. (suprise suprise) Finally James dresses up as a woman and Meowth dresses up as a baby in a stroller. James, in a stupid woman’s voice, says that her baby was sick and that she needs Salvao weed.  Dumb Meowth accidentally speaks and Misty finds out that the woman and the baby were James and Meowth. James and Meowth do the motto. Meowth says Jessie’s lines. They explain that their friend, Jessie, is sick and they’re going to do everything they can to make her feel better again and they demand the Salvao weed from Misty but Poliwag uses water gun which bangs james and Meowth to a tree. When james and Meowth crawl back to Misty they don’t find her but they find a pile of Salvao weed on the ground. They are touched because they tried a lot of things on Misty but she still helps them out.  Misty explains to Poliwag that even though they tried to play a lot of tricks on her they were only doing it to help Jessie get better. Misty boils the weed and gives it to Ash and Tracey. Ash and Tracey feel better again and are thankful to Misty. Meanwhile Meowth and James are boiling Salvao weed and Jessie impatiently wants them to hurry up. When Jessie gets better again she says that she wants to try and capture Pikachu because she thinks that Ash and Tracey are still sick. But meowth and james don’t want to. (knowing how misty helped them) They run over to Ash Co’s cottage place thing and jessie battles them with Arbok. She complains to Meowth and james because they’re not helping her. Jessie easily loses to Pikachu and she and Arbok get electricuted to a crisp. Meowth and james carry her off. Ash and Tracey thank Misty again and Misty keeps Poliwag.


I give this episode 5 stars! *****

It was very funny! One of my favorite episodes of all time!



The Stun Spore Detour

by Josh Nickerson


Stopping on a small island to train, Ash and Pikachu are soaked by huge waves by the beach, and decide to head back to camp. Finding Tracy observing a Vileplume, Ash walks towards him but trips on a rock. He falls onto Tracy and they both fall into the Vileplume’s opening in its head, breathing in its Stun Spore. They both come down with Stun Spore Fever, and have to depend on Misty and Pikachu to care for them. As Misty tends to the sick boys, Tracy tells Misty to look in Ash’s Pokedex for a cure. She does, and finds that by boiling sasparila weed in water, the brew will cure the fever. She sets out to find some as Pikachu stays behind. Meanwhile, Jessie has fallen under the symptoms of the Stun Spore Fever too, though she appears to be over-dramatizing the whole thing, acting as if she’s on her deathbed. James remembers when he caught the fever as a boy, his grandfather used sasparila weed to cure it. He and Meowth go out to find the weed as well, if only to stop Jessie from complaining. As they wade through a shallow creek, they spot a Poliwag with a piece of sasparila stuck to its tail! James tries to catch it using Victreebel, but the Poliwag manages to escape and it runs away. Meanwhile, Misty is walking down the riverband when she runs into the Poliwag! The Poliwag hides behind Misty, just as James and Meowth crash out of the brush. They demand Misty hand over the Poliwag, but she drives them away with her Pokemon. The grateful Poliwag helps Misty find some sasparila weed at the bottom of the pond. Misty thanks Poliwag and begins to head back to the cabin, but Poliwag still wants to play. She invites Poliwag to come back with her to meet her friends, and Poliwag happily comes along. James and Meowth try to capture Misty by placing food, make-up, and clothes along the path, but she doesn’t stop because Ash and Tracy are waiting for her. James and Meowth are baffled that Misty didn’t stop of all the girly things they set out for her. Finally, they dress up as an old lady and a baby, but Misty soon sees past their disguse. James and Meowth tell Misty they are going to steal the weeds so they can cure Jessie, but Poliwag attacks them and sends them falling down a cliff. When James and Meowth climb back up, they find that Misty has left them a pile of sasparila weed! They gather it up and walk back to their hut, grateful for Misty’s help, even after all they did to her.  Misty returns back to the cabin, boils up the weeds and gives the broth to the boys. Soon they feel much better, as does Jessie, who immediatly determines that Misty was collecting the weeds by herself because the other two were sick with the fever. She sets of to capture Pikachu while Ash is still weak, but James and Meowth are hesitant to fight Misty so soon after she helped them. Team Rocket arrives at the cabin and Arbok attacks the kids, but Ash is back in full form. He sends Pikachu to give Arbok and Jessie a Thunderbolt. Jessie and Arbok faint, and James and Meowth gather them up, while shouting thanks to Misty as they run off.  Ash thinks Team Rocket just gets weirder and weirder. Ash and Tracy thank Misty, but she says the thanks should go to Poliwag, who decides to go along with Misty! Misty has caught a new Pokemon (finally)!


3rd Review

This episode is weird and Tracey and Ash end up in a freak accident The episode starts with Ash and Pikachu out on the beach of some island. Ash is training for the orange legue (also I don’t think he can train without another pokemon) So then Ash decides to go back, after he gets splashed by waved. He runs off. Back at camp Tracey was studying a giant Vileplume. He said they had giant petals! Just then Ash came in and triped over a rock pushing Tracey and both of their heads got stuck on Vileplume’s head and Vileplume used Stun spore. (Told you it was freaky!) Pikachu runs off to find Misty. He finds her and starts making some weird moves. 

Misty follows Pikachu and she see’s Ash and Tracey in pain. Then they go into some weird house that was probably abandoned. Tracey tells Misty to search trough the Poke-dex and look up Vileplume. The poke-dex said that they needed something called salvaio weed. It also said that it is usually around a place where Poliwag live. Misty goes off to find the salvaio weed. Meanwhile in another house that looks like the first one, Jessie is on the floor with a blanket.  She was also stun spored. James remebers when he was young he smelled stun spore and his Grandpa gave him some salvaio weed and he felt better. James and Meowth go off to find the salvaio weed for Jessie. James and Meowth go to a pond near by and then a Poliwag appears! He has some salvaio weed on his tail. Meowth grabs Poliwag but it gets away. On the other side of the pond Misty is searching for the salvaio weed. Poliwag suddenly comes up to Misty.  (I don’t know where the salvaio weed on his tail went. Maybe it got stuck on a bush.) Then James and Meowth appeared and they wanted to catch Poliwag (They’re still Team Rocket.) James sent out Victrebell and Misty sent Goldeen. Goldeen dived into the lake. Victreebell was going to dive in but Goldeen used Horn attack and then Fury. 

James returns Victrebell and sends out Weezing. Misty sends out Staryu. Weezing uses smog and Staryu spins around and clears the air. Staryu uses tackle and uses double edge. Then Meowth goes and Misty sends out Psyduck. Meowth bites Psyduck and then Psyduck uses confusion. James and Meowth get thrown into a bush. Misty asks Poliwag if she can have some salvaio weed. Poliwag dives under water and gets some salvaio weed. Misty goes down to the bottom of the pond and gets the salvaio weed. She gets some!!!! She brings it but then James and Meowth are in the road. James is disguised as a lady and Meowth as a baby. James says his “baby” smelled stun spore and he needed the salvaio weed for him. Meowth thought that was a sad story and blew their cover. James said he needed it for Jessie but then Poliwag uses water gun and pushes them off into a bush.  

Misty and Poliwag leave and then James and Meowth come out of the bush they see some salvaio weed and guess Misty felt sorry for them. Misty gave Ash and Tracey the salvaio weed and James and Meowth give Jessie the salvaio weed.  They told her that Misty gave it to them so Jessie thought that Ash and Tracey must be sick so she thought that since they’re sick they can’t protect Pikachu. Jessie battles Pikachu and it electricutes her. Then Team Rocket picks her up and they run off. Poliwag decides to join Misty. Now they are sailing towards the orange legue. Will Ash win the league cup? We’ll just have to wait till next time! I give this a 4/5. The story was intresting but I wanted to see more of Jessie and Pikachu!

Who’s that Pokemon?

It’s Dragonair!

-  JPoveda47


4th Review

The Stun Spore Detour

After the battle with the final orange league gym leader Ash and Pikachu are on the beach. Ash is saying how they are going to win the orange league competition when all of a sudden a huge wave comes up and gets Ash and Pikachu soaking wet. Meanwhile Tracey is study a Vileplume when Ash comes up the road. Tracey comments to Ash that he’s never seen a Vileplume as pretty as the one he’s watching right now. Well then Ash trips and they fall in the Vileplume’s center. (their heads do) Vileplume shoots out Stun Spore and they breathe it in. Misty comes up and sees them like that. Well then the screen goes to TR and Jesse is sick because she breathed in Vileplume’s stun spore, but she isn’t THAT sick. James remembers his grandfather boiling some chocal weed and it cured him instantly. Well James and Meowth go off. Then it shows a cabin and Ash and Tracey are lying in blankets. They are shaking. And they are very sick and can hardly move and talk. Ash calls out weakly to Misty but he doesn’t finish his sentence. Misty puts her hand on Ash’s forehead and thinks she needs to bring their fever down somehow. Well she looks in Ash pokedex (after a weak comment from Tracey) and searches for the chocal weed.  TR spots a poliwag they battle and lose cause it runs off and sees Misty.  Misty defends Poliwag and asks it if it can find chorcal weed. It does, and Misty grabs a a lot of it. Well then Tr sets booby traps, but when that doesn’t work the pretend to be a mom and a baby. That doesn’ work either and they have another battle. Misty wins again(not surprisingly) and sets off to the cabin and leaves some chorcal weed knowing Tr is trying to help Jesse.  James is like Misty is so nice and stuff like that. Well they all boil chorcal weed and Jesse is saying hurry up, hurry up, while ash and tracey are just sitting there waiting.  Well after they get well, Jesse thinks the twerps are still sick but she goes to battle and loses. Meowth and James don’t want to help her this time though. Well the poliwag(who went with Misty the whole time) joins her. Well then Ash and co win and they go off on Laparas.

I give this a 4 stars out of five because Misty captures a poliwag and it’s about her again and it’s a classic pokemon episode which shows the power of friendship in it.



    It starts of with Ash and Pikachu by the shore he's talking about how far
he came and is on fire. Then a wave cools those two off! Ash runs off to ask
Tracey for some practice. Tracey was observing a huge Vileplume. Then Ash
trips on a rock and both Ash and Tracey fell in Vileplume's flower. Ash tells
Pikachu in a weak voice to get Misty. Pikachu looks for Misty and shows her
is impression of Ash. Misty figures something has happened. She finds out
that they breathed in Stun spore.

    In another part of the Island Jesse also breathed in Stun spore and is
acting really dramatic and acts likes she's on her death bed. James remembers
when he was a young lad he breathed stun spore and his grandpa boiled some
Salvaio weed and immediately felt 100% better. Jesse (Who wasn't terrible
sick) demanded James and Meowth to get her that weed.

    Back in another cabin Misty is taking care of the boys. She doesn't have
any potion and the nearest center is on another island. Tracey tells her in a
weak voice to look in the pokedex and looks up Vileplums and cures. She finds
out that boiled Salvaio weed can cure stun spore. They could be found in
ponds were Poliwag live. She tells Pikachu to take care of the boys while she
looks for Salvaio weed.

    James and Meowth are looking for the weed and find a Poliwag with the
weed stuck on it's tail. They try to get it and the Poliwag is running away.
Misty encounters the Poliwag, James, and Meowth. Tr demands the Poliwag but
the Poliwag tells Misty it doesn't want to go so Misty defends Poliwag. James
calls Victribel and Misty calls Goldeen. Victribel uses razor leaf but
Goldeen beats it with tackel and fury. Then it was Weazing Vrs. Staryou. They
both used tackle then Weazing used smog but Staryou fought back with double
edge and won. Then Phyduck took on Meowth then Phyduck got a headach and you
know what happens. Misty defeated Tr.Meowth comes up with a plan to catch her.

    Misty asks Poliwag where she can find some Salvaio weed. Poliwag leads
her to  the bottom of the pond where she got more than enough Salvaio weed
but Poliwag wanted to play so She invited it to come meet her friends. As
they walk down the road Misty Telling Poliwag the pokemon it was going to
meet. Then they saw an expensive tea set in the middle of the road and they
ignore it. Misty almost fell for the make up but she realized they boys were
waiting for her. She past a lot of other things. Then James and Meowth come
out and start talking to each other and say how she didn't fall for what any
girl would have wanted. Espeacialy that they put things that Jesse would fall
for so the disguise as a mother and a baby and tell Misty that the baby
breathed Stun Spore and she needed Salvaio weed to cure it. Meowth blows the
cover by crying and talking. They recieted the motto and told her that they
were getting the weed to cure Jesse and they weren't leaving without it.
Poliwag deafeted them with a water gun attack. When James and Meowth climed
up the cliff the fell off of, ther was a pile of Salvaio weed that Misty left
them. They were touched by her genorosity and say how lucky the twerps or Ash
and Tracey are to have such a kind hearted girl for a friend. Misty tells
Poliwag and Togepi that it was fair to leave them some because they were only
helping Jesse.

    Then Misty makes the beverage for the guys.They're grateful to her. James
also gives Jesse the beverage and feels 100% better. James and Meowth tell
her that it was Misty's fault she's better. Jesse asumes Ash is sick and is a
good time to capture Pikachu. Jesse battles Ash who is also 100% better.
James and Meowth don't want to battle after what Misty has done for them.
Jesse losses of course then James and Meowth carry Jesse and Arbok away while
yelling Thanks again. Ash thinks they're getting wierder and weirder. Ash and
Tracey thank Misty But Misty says it's Poliwag that needs to be thanked.
Tracey says it was a team effort. Ash thankes Misty for being nice to him
when he was ill but Misty turns into normal mode and tells him don't get used
to it. Poliwag decided to stay with Misty.

This was one of my absolute fav cause Misty is the heroine and it shows the
power of friendship.I rate 5 stars!*****
who's that Pokemon? Dragonair! -  Cagel2k


Subject: The stun spore detour!

 When Ash is training for the Pokemon league, he is splashed by a giant
wave. He sees Tracey sketching a rather large Vileplume and goes over to
check it out. He trips on a rock and Tracey and Ash dive head first into
the small hole in the middle of Vileplumes bloosoms. They breathe in
Stun Spore and find Misty. The two take shelter in a small cabin as the
Pokedex informs Misty that a small weed found in pond where Vileplume
and Poliwag live can be boiled to cure Stun Spore. She goes in search of
it and Pikachu stays behind.
 Jessie in another, slighly run-down cabin has the unpleasentness of
breathing in the same spore Tracey and Ash did. (BIG! COINSEDENCE!)
James and Meowth are searching for it in bad costumes when they find a
Poliwag. James remembers that his grandfather used a Poliwag to cure him
when he had Stun Spore allergies. They try to battle Poliwag but it runs
away and finds Misty. James and Meowth find it and the two battle.
 Goldeen beats Victreebell, Staryu beats Weezing, and PSYDUCK! defeats
Meowth!?! Misty finds the weed and gather more then enough. James and
Meowth set traps to stop her but Misty doesn't fall for it. James, as
we've seen before, put's his acting abilities to the test and dresses
like a mother carrying a carrige with a baby (meowth) in it. James wins
Misty's sympathy but Meowth gives away the secret by speaking. James and
Meowth are beaten and fall into the water, either way, Misty feels sorry
for them and gives them some of the roots. Misty's returns w/ Poliwag
and Ash and Tracey are better. Jessie is also well and when she hears
that only one of the "tweprs" was looking for the EXACT same weed she
realized they must have been stun spored too. She attacks with Arbok but
James and Meowth are to gratuitous to fight after Misty helped them.
Jessie is defeated easily by Pikachu and James and Meowth carry her off.
Misty is thanked but tells the guys that it was Poliwag who helped out
the most. Poliwag wants to stay and play with Misty so Misty captures
* Misty captures Poliwag
* Jessie doesn't say the Team Rocket motto for the first time!



Episode  - "The Stun Spore Detour"

Ash and company are resting and playing in a flowery garden, as Tracey
draws a Vileplume he's just seen. He says it has the biggest flowers
he's ever seen. Ash comes to have a look, and stumbles on a rock,
knocking him and Tracey right into the Vlieplume's head. They're hit
with a burst of stun spore, and the Vileplume runs away. Ash and Tracey
slide over to Misty (they can't walk), and Misty starts to take care of
their fevers (somehow they got fever out of all of this). Misty looks
for a stun spore antidote, but finds only bandaids.

Tracey tells her to look in the pokedex for a special leaf that, when
boiled, cures stun spore. Dexter also says that Poliwags are often
living by these leaves.

Meanwhile, Jesse is also infected with the stun spore, after falling in
the Vileplume's head. James and Meowth are stumped on what to do, but
James remembers when his "dear grandpapa" was ill with stun spore, they
went to look for this leaf (I think it's called euricis, I can't quite
spell it), and James grandfather was cured. Meowth and James set out to
get some leaves.

Misty also leaves, putting Pikachu in charge of taking care of Ash and
Tracey while Misty goes to find some of that plant.

James and Meowth, however, have just spotted a Poliwag, and on it's tail
is some of the plant. James sends Victreebel out, and Poliwag runs away
after dodging some attacks. It finds Misty, and hides as the bumbling
duo follows the Poliwag. Poliwag water guns the duo away, for now.

Poliwag helps Misty find a bunch of this plant, and both Poliwag and
Misty head back to the cabin. Along the way, numerous items like makeup,
dresses, and other things like that are along the road, hiding traps
made by James and Meowth (my personal favorite characters). Misty is
tempted, but leaves them, knowing that she needs to help Ash and Tracey.
Onto plan B.

James dresses up as a southern lady, asking that her baby (Meowth all
wrapped up in a stroller), get some of that plant, since the baby hasn't
moved for a few days. Meowth talks and screws the whole thing up, so
they're forced to fight for the plant, after Meowth takes Jesse's part
in the "TR Motto". A battle ensues. James' Victreebel is no match for
Goldeen's horn, and Staryu makes short work of Weezing. Meowth steps
into the fray, and Misty sends out Psyduck?

Psyduck's headache is gettting really bad, and a disable/confusion combo
sends James and Meowth flying. They emerge from the bushes to find Misty
has left some of the plant there for them. They say Misty isn't so bad
after all.

Poliwag and Misty show up at the cabin, and Ash and Tracey are better
after drinking some of the boiled plant. Jesse is also better, but very
ungrateful, and says this is the perfect time to capture Pikachu, while
Ash is sick.

As Ash and Tracey express their gratitude, Arbok comes sailing through
the cabin wall, breaking out the other side. Pikachu obliterates Arbok,
and James and Meowth refuse to fight the girl who helped make Jesse
better. Team Rocket "is blasting off again".

The gang sails off on Lapras to help train for the Orange League.